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How Are Your Casting Skills?

My cat needed to see a vet.
It wasn’t a huge deal, but I didn’t want to wait on it, either.
So we made a weekend appointment with the first available vet I could find, who happens to be someone I have in the past had slightly mixed feelings about. You are the Casting Director of Your Life
I mean, he’s really good at diagnosing and treating ailments, but his bedside manner leaves something to be desired. And sometimes he puts more focus on problems than solutions than I typically prefer.
And man, can he ring up a bill!
So here I am noticing I’m taking my cat to a guy that I’ve created to be kind of contrary. Yes, we’ll get good care, but it won’t be easy or fun.
Why would I create that?!
The same reason I created my finance team to be working in slow motion. Yes, they’ll get me the best rates and lowest fees, but it won’t be fast. And someone better stay on top of it or things will fall through the cracks. I know this from past experience.
Why would I make that up?!
In fact, why would any of us create less than fabulous people or events in our lives?
One reason is probably because we don’t realize that we are!
We think that’s just how they are. We didn’t make them ornery! We didn’t ask them to be incompetent. They just showed up that way!
Except conscious creators know better.
We know we’re making it all up. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
And we can do better when we decide to.
Which means all I have to do is realize I’m making my vet out to be less than fab and I can rethink him.
Once I see I’ve handicapped my finance team by expecting them to move slow, I can rethink that, too.
Bottom line: I can do a better job of casting the characters in my life.
Maybe I’m not the only one here who has room for improvement in their casting skills?

In my early days of coaching I asked my mentor coach, Jeanna Gabellini, how to handle clients who weren’t ready to hear that they create their entire world.
There was a long pause before she finally asked incredulously, “Why would you create them that way??”
Why indeed! That’s a really good question.
Why not instead create them as empowered and ready and savvy?! Why not create them as delighted, and open, and thriving?!

I got the hang of that with how I create clients, but I still have room for improvement for some of the other roles in my life.
Maybe you do, too?
If so, it’s a simple matter of recasting the roles we aren’t satisfied with.
So here’s to upgrading whatever parts matter to us that we haven’t already nailed.
You might enjoy the podcast episode that includes the story of how a guy turned his girlfriend from someone-who-said-no into someone-who-said-yes by simply changing his mind about her.
This is potent stuff when we apply our casting powers!
In fact, a little update after today’s vet visit: it went exceptionally well! Friendly, easy, solution-oriented, and the bill was downright reasonable. Yay for last minute recasting!

  • August 7, 2016