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Bashar on How to Change Beliefs

Bashar on How to Change BeliefsWhat if changing your beliefs was way easier than we thought?

That would be good news for deliberate creators, since we know the world unfolds according to what we believe, know, and expect.

(Which is why I wrote about how to change beliefs last year.)

Some of us manifesters spend a fair amount of time identifying and reworking our dominant thought patterns.

In fact, I’ve wanted an effective, fast and EASY way to change beliefs ever since I learned how important they are.

Because it’s normal to get caught up thinking it’s hard work and takes a long time to switch up old thoughts.

While psych-k seemed to hold great promise for instantly rewriting new beliefs, I don’t personally experience the process as super downstream.  (Plenty others love it, though, so check it out if you feel inspired.)

But I recently heard a different approach to this subject from Bashar that fits the fast, easy and effective criteria.
In this video clip a lovely young woman asks how to change beliefs and Bashar answers to this effect:

Your emotions are the key.

When you feel an “idea” you don’t prefer (like fear, self doubt, sorrow, sadness, etc.) the first thing is not to ignore or suppress it, but to feel it fully. Own it.

“Because you cannot change what you do not own.”  (Love that!)

So just recognize, acknowledge, and own it.

Then ask yourself this question:

What would I have to believe is true about my relationship to this situation in order to feel this way; to react like this?”

Your higher mind will help you find the beliefs that are generating that emotional experience.

Next, as soon as you identify the belief, it is gone.

“Because any belief, any definition that you consciously identify, that is out of alignment with your true self, when you identify it will automatically appear illogical and nonsensical.  It won’t make sense.  That’s how you know it’s out of alignment with your true self.”

So as soon as you identify the belief that’s out of alignment, it will automatically appear illogical to hold on to it, and in that second you will no longer have it.

Identification IS release!

Some say looking at what we “don’t want” isn’t a helpful practice (Abraham and Mike Dooley included), but despite that advice, I know many of us have had the experience that bringing something to light – just becoming aware of it – dissipates it!  It’s like the conscious light of day poofs it away.
Bashar on Changing Core Beliefs

Bashar also shares that believing in your ability to change beliefs is the key that unlocks you and allows you to create the reality you prefer.

(Which, again, we do by getting in touch with the belief that is creating our current reality and replacing it with the belief we prefer.  Thus generating the reality we want.)

If you’ve been making it hard work to change your dominant thought patterns, consider that it may be as easy as using your emotions to trace back to the source thought.  And that simply identifying that thought allows its release.

Let’s face it – if we believe it can be easy, then indeed it must be.  🙂

Would love to hear your experiences with your belief work, if you care to share …

  • July 7, 2012