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Re-Making History

Re-Making History: How To Change the PastConscious creators are taught that if we can imagine it, we can have it.
No qualifications. No exceptions.
If you can imagine it, you can have it.
That’s a bold promise for those of us with good imaginations.
Which is why when I hear Abraham say something like, “You can’t change what’s done,” I want to chime in and say, “Well, technically … we could.”
Because we can.
And it’s not even just that can …
We are.
In fact, researchers have been doing it in the labs and in studies for years.
This is a real thing.
But there is a trick to it, as my inbox will attest.
Lately I’ve received a handful of emails from fellow creators desperate to change something in their past, wanting to know how to successfully achieve that change.
I’ve written on this subject before, so read those posts for general instructions on past-changing.
But here are a few helpful tips and caveats for aspiring revisionists who might feel stymied in their success:
1. Don’t Need It
The first thing to know is that the more you need something to be different before you can feel better, the less likely you are to achieve it.
Desire is a powerful force, but when it’s tinged with attachment or neediness, it creates the opposite effect.
So the first thing to know about how to change the past is to learn how to not need it.
Seems kind of rude, right? The person who most wants it is the furthest away from creating it?
But I didn’t make this system up. I’m just sharing best practices.
And that is to make some good peace with your present version of the past.
If you can find a way to be okay with what’s already gone down, it gives you a cleaner slate for re-visioning magic.
2. Don’t Try Too Hard.
Re-making your history works best when you use a light touch. It doesn’t require huge effort or intense focus.
In fact, in one of the studies where they asked normal everyday people to alter the computer output that had already been printed, the girl who was most successful at doing so was the one who sat down and ate a green apple while reading a magazine.
Not the guy who placed his fingers to his temple and intensely willed the numbers to change. It was the girl who didn’t try too hard.
It’s worth remembering the power of a light touch! Changing your past is only hard if you think it is.
3. Let Go of The Past You’ve Known
You have to be willing to continue engaging your new past, even when it looks like nothing’s changed. Otherwise you’re just letting present reality carry you further along the same path.
Your imagination is the key here. Because in the beginning, that’s all you have for plugging in to your alternate version of history.
Dismiss whatever present evidence doesn’t line up with your new choice, and continue knowing your preferred version.
It’s a lot like regular manifesting, just doing it in a different time zone, really.
Final Tip:
The last thing I want to suggest is that whatever judgments we’re making about the past and how it’s affecting our future, it might be worth changing our minds rather than changing the past.
Although technically that is the same thing. You can’t do one without the other.
If you’re believing that something from your past prevents you from having what you want now, it might just be easier to drop that belief.
Universe knows how to give you what you want, no matter where you stand now. All you have to do is be willing to believe that and receive it. Changing your past probably isn’t really even necessary to have what you really want.
So while it can be fun to consciously navigate between different parallel realities and experience alternate pasts in each one, it might be even more beneficial to just see things differently rather than change what you think happened.
Regardless, seeing things differently is crazy cool magic!
Hope this is helpful for those who have felt frustrated in engaging this particular manifesting power. If you have any tips to share, or questions to ask, please post here.

  • September 27, 2016