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Manifest the Future By Changing Your Past

Manifest the Future by Changing the PastDid you ever wish for a do-over?
Maybe a big moment that fell flat or a life-changing decision you wished you’d made differently? Or maybe there was a big fight or a traumatic accident you’d like to re-write.
Some folks might struggle with this concept, but conscious creators know we can gift ourselves with a different past when it serves.
Why might we do such a thing?
Perhaps we choose a different past because we can feel the lingering effects of it on present day life. Or we might choose a different past to set ourselves up for better success in manifesting what we want today.
I’m not talking about simply changing the way you think about or perceive what actually happened, although that practice in itself is valuable.
What I mean here is actually choosing a different past … which leads to a different reality in present day.
How is this possible?
Thomas Hertog said, “Quantum mechanics forbids a single history.”
In a multiverse where everything that could happen is happening (on some level that’s hard for me to grasp), and that it’s all happening right now (since linear time is an illusion), that gives us access to events that might otherwise be considered “already done.” We just plug into a different past in order to create a different present and future.
Science has been proving the malleable quality of the “past” for some time now, with a variety of mind-blowing experiments where past results are altered by present day participants.
MacGregor Campbell wrote, “According to quantum physics, there may be no consistent reality. Not only do we change the outcome of experiments by what we choose to measure, but we can alter those results after they’ve already happened.”
They’re doing it in the labs, and we can do it at home ourselves.
In fact, Cynthia Sue Larson says we’re already doing it, even though we might not realize it: “Each and every one of us can and does change the past, though we are seldom aware this is what is going on.”
William Allen concurs by writing that, “The past is always changing whether you notice it or not.”
So maybe it’s time to add this manifesting skill to our conscious creation repertoire?
We’re discussing this very topic today at Good Vibe University. (You don’t have to be a member to join the live calls!)
But for those who’d like a quick tutorial on how to choose an alternate past, here’s the skinny:

Simply choose the event you’d like to change, and re-imagine it differently.
Spend a few minutes each day experiencing this different event in your mind’s eye, and that’s it.

This works best when you are not attached to outcome or flowing strong negative emotion on the subject.
I’ve done it before with great success after just envisioning an alternate past one time only. (I just held a light and easy revision in mind and then let it go.) Within days I saw dramatic results on an entrenched five-year situation. (I’ll share on today’s call.)
In the meantime, if you’ve got stories or tips to share about changing your past, please do!

  • December 14, 2015

Make Change Out of Happiness

My colleague Cari Rauch shares this relevant wisdom at a time when many of us are setting intentions for change in the new year.  Enjoy this from Cari:
Cari Rauch: Make Change Out of HappinessOne of my biggest lessons I learned during life coach training was about making changes. When you are deciding to make a change in your life – make the change out of happiness, not in order to be happy.
When I first heard this I thought it was ridiculous since the only reason anyone makes a change is because they aren’t happy. I really couldn’t understand if I was happy why would I make any changes.
But this is the trap we all tend to fall into – once this change happens that is when my life will get better and then I will be happy. It’s common to believe that something outside of us going to make us happy.
Here are some of the classic ones:

  • When I lose the weight (usually attached to an amount), then I will be happy
  • When I find my soulmate or perfect partner, then I will be happy
  • When I find a great job, then I will be happy
  • When I make more money, then I will be happy
  • When I’m successful or made it, then I will be happy
  • When I retire and get to relax, then I will be happy

The list goes on and on. We are led to believe that it’s the certain body size/shape, the perfect job, more money, the right person – something external will make us happy. And if we can just make the change to achieve it, then we will finally be happy.
The truth is our thoughts are what makes us happy. We can choose to think thoughts that make us happy right now without the change (thing, person, job, etc) or we can choose to think thoughts that make us happy after the change has happened. Either way we always have the choice – we are the ones choosing to delay or not delay our happiness.
It still boggles my mind to make changes only when I’m already happy.  But I’ve discovered a compelling reason why we would want to do this …
It trains our minds to know that it’s not something outside of us or the “change” that makes us happy – it’s choosing our thoughts that allows us to manage our emotions.
The best part about that is you learn that you can be happy any time you want regardless of where you are. Making a change out of happiness leads to more happiness. And in the end this is ultimately what you are really after anyway – to feel happy.
Cari Rauch is a certified life and money coach passionate about helping unconventional chiks learn to live extraordinary lives. Find her online and sign up for her unconventional tips.

  • January 3, 2014

Kicked Up & Falling Together

falling apart or coming together?Sometimes the way we see things is really screwy.
Our perceptions can be dramatically negative when in truth our big dream is in process of coming true right under our nose.
I was reminded of this when things went seriously sideways with my ex-beau earlier this month.  We’d been peacefully co-habitating when it suddenly became much less peaceful.
I found myself in the position of having to do the very thing I’d been resisting for two years: moving.  (Can anyone say “what you resist persists”?)
With as many rescued dogs and cats as I care for, not to mention love for this house (that I’ve invested so much TLC in over the past 6 years), relocating was my absolute most undesirable outcome.
And it looked like now I had to do it.
I shed a lot of tears at the thought of leaving this place and forcing my four legged friends to endure a relocation.
Then I read Jeanna’s post about the sudden death of her brother.  She wrote:

I decided right then and there that this was going to be the worst day of my life.  I’ll cry rivers of tears forever. I couldn’t imagine waterskiing, cooking, eating, drinking, laughing and joking without him.
Well, luckily there were some whispers of hope popping into my brain waiting to be noticed.
What if this was the best thing that ever happened in my life?
What if I could use this experience to live more fully, peacefully, joyously, lightly and in the moment?
What if I could connect with my brother daily and have his bright perspective at my beck and call anytime I want?
What if I could accept this reality and stop resisting it?
What if I could look back at this time and say it was a positive turning point for me?

If Jeanna could drop her resistance to losing her brother, then surely I could open to a new perspective about what it meant to be moving.
What if it was like Frankie B suggested?  When I told him over breakfast that I was getting kicked out by my ex, he respectfully said he saw it differently.  He suggested I was getting kicked up, not kicked out.
Because this change had nothing but upside potential.
It seemed obvious once he said that.
And pretty soon it was easier to drop seeing the ex as the bad guy and rather as the best friend who was the catalyst for life getting even better.
Which it just keeps on doing.  Life just keeps getting better and better – as soon as I open to seeing it that way.
So even when it looks like things are going cowsh*t and your world is falling apart, it may be more likely the opposite is true: things might actually be falling together.
It’s becoming more clear to me every day that that’s exactly what’s happening for me now.
Every time it looks like things are really awful, I’m reminding myself that it’s that much better on the other side.  And that other side is practically within reach already.

Good Vibe U members are getting the details of what’s manifesting in my life right now and how I’m managing the process.  (They’re also offering a ton of support just like they do for everyone who posts!  Thank you, fellow creators!)
If you’ve been wanting a great deal to join the LOA party at GVU, our Scholarship Yourself plan is available again as we wrap up summer.  It’s $9/month instead of $27/month for as long as you want to keep it.  Get the $9 monthly deal on GVU’s enrollment form here.

In the meantime, please remember that when things seem awful, we’re probably just not seeing things clearly – and our happy ending is closer than it looks.  Sooner or later we will realize just how perfect life has been unfolding all along.

  • August 25, 2013

Leaps of Faith Overrated?

making a leap of faith with law of attractionDeliberate creators know they can create whatever they can align with (i.e. envision and believe in).
Sometimes that inspires us to consider wild “leaps of faith,” trusting that the net will appear when we manage our energy and truly believe in a happy ending.
It might look like quitting a job before we have another gig lined up.  Or buying a new house before the old one’s sold.  For some it might be investing our life savings in a pet project we hope will yield a return.
As a rising Capricorn, I tend to prefer the sure-footed path.

In fact, when I quit corporate world to start my own business I hung a beautiful painting of a goat leaping over a huge chasm to remind me that goats are good at this risk-taking stuff.

But I wish I’d heard Abraham’s words on this topic back then.
On the June 2011 Alaska cruise they advised a woman who felt the rug getting pulled out from under her in lots of ways -losing her home, her marriage, her job – but still trusting it a sign she was meant to move forward with new work as a healer.
Yet, the new clients weren’t showing up.   So the old stuff is on its way out, but there’s not a good whiff of the new stuff yet.
Anyone else might think this is time for a leap of faith.  You’ve got to just trust the net will appear.
But Abraham said that when you do the work to get aligned (i.e. get in the vortex), and then follow the inspiration you receive there, it never feels like a struggle.  It just feels like the next logical step.
Their suggested mantras and tips:

I believe the path will unfold before me.  But I’m not going to push anything.
Don’t get in a hurry, and then things will happen quickly.  Don’t try to make it happen and then it will happen effectively.  Don’t try to micromanage it, and it will unfold just right.
If you’re feeling unstable in your transition, it just means you haven’t done your vortex work.  And there’s no reason to have anything less than a stable transition.
Just slow it all down and say things to yourself like “I trust everything is always working out for me, and oh look – there’s evidence of it, and there’s evidence of it,” etc.
Where you’re going is a sure thing, so relax and have fun on your way to the sure thing.

Which just puts an even stronger spotlight on how important it is to feel good.
So if you’re in the middle of a major change, and nervous that the support or the clients or the money or whatever won’t be on the other side, this is your reminder to tend to your vibration.
Make a point of thinking thoughts that feel better and taking actions that feel good.  We don’t have to suffer or struggle our way to success – in fact, that’s an impossible journey anyway.
Stable transitions don’t make great material for movies or docu-dramas, but if you’ve got enough drama in your world already, know that it’s your choice how you manifest your next big change.

  • September 27, 2011

How to Change Beliefs

change your beliefsDeliberate creators know that life unfolds according to what we believe and expect.
So it becomes pretty helpful to be flexible in adopting beliefs that support what we want to create.
How do you change what you believe?
If you ask around, you’ll hear things like:

There are also a variety of personal development techniques designed to support changing beliefs including Byron Katie’s Work, the Option Method, Theta healing, Psych-K, subliminal or hypnotic programming, guided imagery/visualization, and many more.
Here’s my simple take on how to change a belief: practice the new thought.  It works.  It’s that uncomplicated!
Just pick the new thought that represents the belief you want, and invest some time in it.  The more you think it, the more you build that neural pathway in your brain, the more natural it becomes to entertain it, and pretty soon, with enough repetition, you’ve got a new belief on board.
But to elaborate a bit, I’d suggest the following four steps to accomplish that belief change.
1) know that you can and it’s easier than you think.
Some folks think that changing beliefs is hard.  Whatever wiggle room you have to suspect or entertain that it’s really easier than that, take advantage of it.  Changing your beliefs is easier to do when you don’t make it hard.  (And yes, you are in charge.)
Instead, think of beliefs as flexible, malleable, and totally within your realm of power to manage.  I like Abraham’s definition of beliefs for this purpose: “a belief is just an often repeated thought.”  Not such a big deal.  I can repeat a new thought.
2) choose your new belief.
An easy way to pick this one is to think about your manifested desire, and then ask what you would be believing in those circumstances.  (Example, when I was building a coaching practice: “I am a brilliant coach in high demand.”)  Some people like to baby step their way up the ladder of progressive beliefs.  Some like to make the big leap right to the big goal.  Go with whatever feels more energizing to you.
Once you know what you want your new belief to be, you’ll benefit from a two-fold practice:
3) look for the evidence that supports your new belief.
Since we get whatever we look for, we will start seeing the signs that what we want to believe is already “true.” And that makes it easier to make it an official “belief.”
4) practice your new belief.
That just means thinking the new thought regularly and consistently.  Yes, you could call this affirmations or brainwashing or subconscious programming.  All it means is you’re creating and strengthening different neural connections in your brain.  The more you practice them, the stronger they get, the easier they are to think, the more law of attraction shows up to “prove it,” and before you know it you’re home free with a new belief.
We sometimes get tripped up in embracing a new belief when real life contradicts it or when we have to take an action that’s not in accordance with it.
We’ll hit that in the next post.
In the meantime, here’s Abraham on the topic of changing your beliefs:

Would love to hear from you on this one, too, if you’ve got tips or ideas to share.  🙂

  • July 4, 2011

Energy Dynamics in Relationship

Last week I had a seemingly random thought about how it was time to call an old friend I hadn’t spoken to since last year.
So I dialed him up and asked how he was doing.
He was taken aback by my call, which he explained at dinner a couple nights later.
Apparently just a few hours before I rang, he’d been thinking of me.
In a not-so-nice way.
He had said to himself that he was done with this “one way friendship” where he has to make all the efforts to connect and I only respond occasionally to his messages.  He was fed up that I never took the initiative to reach out.
So it spooked him a little when I rang just a few hours after he mentally wrote me off.
He thought this was more evidence that women respond best when treated somewhat disdainfully, because they dismiss “nice guys” who do all the right things.
And he shared a bunch of examples from his own life and women he knew to prove his point:

  • Like, how when he shows up at the club not looking or smelling his best, women are all over him.  But when he cleans up nice, he doesn’t get any attention at all.
  • Or when he shows no interest in a girl, she’s practically pounding down his door.  But when he says and does all the right things, she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

I know there are dating experts out there teaching guys to “pick up chicks” by being somewhat condescending and withholding to women.  And getting results from it.
But I don’t think the proper conclusion here is that women need to be treated poorly in order to capture and maintain their interest.
The only reason anything changes is because the energy changed.  And there are lots of ways to create those energetic changes.
Like giving up your resistance about being the only one who calls – that’s one way to shift the energy.
(As proven last week, it gets results.)
Changing the story you tell is another way to shift the energy dynamics.
(Maybe instead of saying “She never calls,” it might behoove one desiring change to entertain a story that goes more like “She’s probably thinking about me even when I don’t know it” or even “She’s good about staying in touch.”)
Another way to shift the energy dynamics in the relationship is to … well, this is where I open it up for conversation with you.
How do you shift the energy when the relationship could use some tweaking?
Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • March 23, 2010

New Year's Message: Everything Is Changing

Loved this message Sylvia Nibley shared from Spirit so much that I’m sharing it here:  

Everything is changing.
And by everything we mean, EVERY assumption, every belief, every
system, every pattern.
The only thing unchanging is love, oneness, peace, the unity of all things.
But even your experience of all of these is changing radically.
The entry points into these experiences are changing.
Can you feel the love in fear?
Can you feel peace in chaos?
Every moment is inviting you into the new world.
As quickly as you are willing to be made new.
Your DNA is changing.
Your breath is changing.
The consciousness that encompasses ALL is changing.
The very core of life is changing – through you.
Change is touching every part of human consciousness from the micro to the macro.
Some of this change is visible (especially to those on the leading edge), but most is not yet.
Trust your own experience and don’t worry about how others are experiencing their awakening.
Even the way you change is changing.
So what would you cling to?
Don’t even seek to answer this question, but simply notice anything that would not be easily released if you were to wake up in a
totally new world.
Focus instead on what is emerging.
Imagine the new world.
We realize this is antithetical to the human pattern of being “past-referenced.”
We know that for millions of years, you have been building slowly and incrementally in an evolutionary curve and yes, we are proposing
that you now become referenced instead to the unknown.
We invite you to fully open to quantum change, to allow a shift as significant as moving from ocean to land. The first creature to do that successfully was surely risking death, and instead created the ability to breathe air.
Play with this possibility.
Ask “what if…” and see what emerges.
Root yourself in the Unknown, and you will find it is the richest soil.
– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Thank you, Sylvia (and Spirit) – and Happy New Year, everyone!

  • January 1, 2010