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How to Catch a Dog (& Anything Else You Want)

how to get what you wantHave you heard the colloquialism that a chased dog will always run? Owners of adventurous dogs have likely experienced the truth of that!

But it’s not just true for dogs. Chasing anything will send it running in the opposite direction!

That “graspy” chasing desperate type energy is not a super attractive vibe.

In fact, I just emailed a family member suggesting he make peace with impending divorce – because clinging to his marriage was making his wife want out all the more.

The saying about how a chased dog will always run reminded me of the trick that savvy dog owners use to get a dog on the run to return home.

You simply get in front of the dog so they can see you, then run in another direction.

They follow. They can’t help it. Even if they’ve fallen for it a hundred times before, they have to join the running pack leader. It’s what they do.

So instead of chasing stinkerhead Koda through the neighborhood when he sneaks out an open gate, I know my job is to get in front of him and start running. Neighbors might think I’m nuts as I run barefoot across lawns and down streets in a totally different trajectory than my dog, but that’s okay. This is no time to worry what neighbors think.

(Just like in LOA work.)

I get out in front, get his attention, and start running in a direction that leads us home. (Even a big circle works.)

I can run right into the garage or backyard or front door and he gleefully follows.

Unless I turn around to try to catch him. Which sends him in a different direction immediately.

Or if I lose speed, he loses interest. It’s got to be a full on sprint to keep him engaged!

I’ve learned not to look back to make sure he’s following, because a leader of the pack doesn’t wonder about that. I have to run with confidence that he’s right behind me.

And it works like a charm! (I’ve done this with enough dogs to know its reliability.)

This is very similar to engaging the energy of whatever in the world we want to come to us.

  1. Get out in front.
  2. Be someone they’re happy to follow.
  3. Show it a good time and it’ll join the party!

How does that work with men in the dating world? Have a good time with or without them. Let them follow your fun lead.

How does it work with money? Don’t make your happy life dependent on it showing up – get out, do your thing and money will find you.
The same with health, jobs, success, etc.

We lead with the energy that requires it to line up with us.

Joy, happiness, freedom – all those vibes work great for getting what we want to follow us home.

Or in the case of dogs, simple running will do.  😉

My invitation to you is to see where you’re “chasing” and start leading instead. You’ll like what happens next.  🙂

  • August 25, 2010