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Q&A: Is Clarity Required?

How Much Clarity Is Required to Manifest What You WantHere’s a question from a fellow creator who wants to know how much clarity is required to create what you want:

I’ve heard conflicting things about what it takes to manifest what you want.
Some law of attraction teachers say you must first be crystal clear about what you want before you can manifest it.
Others say that the Universe already knows what you want and that all you have to do is become a match to it by getting happy now.
In your experience, do you find it necessary that someone be clear about what they want? (And if so, how much detail is required?)
Or does it also work if they just trust that something good will come even when they don’t necessarily know what that specifically is?

This one seemed worth tapping the group collective wisdom for, so what say you, wise ones … how much do you have to know about what you want in order to successfully manifest it?
Thanks in advance for sharing your insights and experience!

  • May 6, 2016

Clarity Not Required

I presented at Denise’s Virtual Vitality event today, but forgot to tell my reality tv show story, so here it is:
This week’s episode of  “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”  was where the 11 year old girl and her father get stuck in sub-zero temperatures on a snowmobile trip.
They had both said how important it was to spend time together. (He was a workaholic, so any time they got together was special and appreciated.)
Yet, as they were stranded and freezing in the snow together, I thought … this probably isn’t what they had in mind.
Technically, though, Universe delivered what they said they wanted: time together.
More likely what they really wanted was the feeling they had when together.
That’s the only reason we want anything, right? For how we think it’s going to make us feel.

Because if we got the thing we said we wanted but it turned out to suck – we would not feel like winners.

Like … the time I paid off all my debt and still didn’t feel free to live life as I wanted. That was my mistaken belief that being debt free would feel good. It doesn’t. Feeling good feels good.  ebt or no debt has nothing to do with that.
Or when I thought having a full coaching practice would be joy and bliss, but it was a surprising amount of work and stress. My job can’t dictate how I feel. Only I can.
Which is why I’ve been saying lately that you don’t need clarity about what you want in order to manifest it. At least, not clarity about the THING.
It is, though, very helpful to be clear about the feelings you want. We miss this point sometimes.
You just need to be able to feel it first – whatever you want. Find a way to feel now how you think you would feel then.
That’s what you really want.
And it’s also what works – when it comes to powerful manifesting.
Feel that way now, and not only will the material details fall into place, but you’ll have gotten what you really wanted all along.
(The feeling.)
Off my soapbox now and back to the next life lesson from the wonderful world of reality tv. (Coming up: Boston Rob is a master manifester!)  🙂

  • February 26, 2011