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Let's Hear It for the Buggers!

Perfect Client List for Attracting ClientsOne of the ways I attract fabulous clients is by keeping a perfect client list, which has morphed over the years as I’ve gained clarity about who I love to work with.
Whenever a “don’t want” experience unfolds, that’s my cue to revisit the list to ensure my attention is squarely focused on what I do want. (So I don’t start attracting more clients who cancel at the last minute, don’t like my coaching style, etc.)
If I don’t already have an entry on the list representing what I prefer, it gets updated to include it.
Which means that while the list started as a pretty simple thing (with a couple of entries about how they find me, are delighted to pay my full rates, happy to start work, etc.), over time the “don’t want” experiences have upgraded this perfect client list to a thing of beauty.
It includes some really nice detail about who exactly my best clients are.
This focusing tool that guides my vibration (and thus my business) into ideal territory is worth more than I can properly describe. It’s a powerful thing for filling my business with perfect peeps.
And other than those first few traits I came up with on my own, every line on that list was delivered by “one of the buggers,” as Abe calls them … Some experience or person I did not enjoy for one reason or another.
I don’t think you can really create a fabulous list like that from scratch. Contrast is what brings that level of clarity.
That’s why I get it when Abe says we should thank those who show us what we don’t want, because without them life doesn’t get as fabulous as it can be.

A while ago I had a client experience that I didn’t love. Per my focusing habit, after grumbling about it for a minute, I turned attention to my perfect client list. (Just to make sure I’m pointed where I want to go. Don’t need any more of this crap.)
Lo and behold, this particular aspect wasn’t on the list.
It wasn’t on the list!!
I could hardly believe it, but this called for an update! I can’t even remember the last time my list got an upgrade!
It was kind of amazing to realize that this person was directly responsible for helping my business get even better.

That’s when I really got what Abe means when they say, “Thank your buggers.”
I mean, when was the last time someone gave me a new line for my list?!
She gave me a new line! She gave me stronger clarity! What a gift, and what a hero!
I share this for those of us who sometimes forget the value of those “don’t want” experiences. Whoever helps us better understand what we want, they deserve a round of applause for giving us that clarity.
So instead of grumbling about how they did us wrong, let’s celebrate the role they played in expanding our lives even further. That means you, ex-husbands, politicians, and inconsiderate drivers. You are helping pave the way – in big ways and small – to our even better experience.
That is, as long as we remember to turn our attention to what we do want, however we accomplish that.
Bring it on, Universe! We conscious creators know what to do with the buggers!

  • October 16, 2015

When It's Time to Manifest Clients

How to Manifest ClientsIs it time to get some clients?
Conscious creators know the traditional advice business owners get for acquiring customers isn’t necessarily the most effective approach.
Instead of leading with action-based strategies (like tweaking sales pages, networking for leads, adjusting prices, launching promotions, etc.) that doesn’t account for energy or focus, deliberate creators look to a vibrational strategy.
Because getting customers isn’t about having the best website, most attractive rates, best testimonials  or most extensive experience.
(Technically you could be doing all of those things and still be vibrating “no clients” instead of “clients.”)
Getting clients is done by activating the vibration of clients.
Which puts every entrepreneur on a level playing field, no matter the status of your business or sales process. (Well, the advantage goes to those who know how to work the vibe.)
So how do we do that?
First of all, we stop focusing on not having clients. The more we fret and worry about not having enough customers, the more we repel potential business.
Second, we think the thoughts and see the images and feel the feelings of having clients. Whether you fantasize, journal, affirm, script, use a vision board, or even just notice someone else’s experience of getting clients – find a way to start seeing, thinking and feeling clients.
(In fact, here are a couple of vibration activations that might get your juices flowing: activate new clients; business success by Stella and sold out offers by me.)
You can create your own client attraction strategy by playing with your favorite processes for activating the client vibration.
I’ve done it a variety of ways over the years, and found all of it works as long as it shifts your attention from “needing clients” to “loving my new clients.”
What we vibrate is what we get. So when you find a way to tune into “tons of perfect clients showing up in droves” (or whatever you choose to create) that’s what becomes true.
The quickest path to getting clients is that you don’t wait for them to appear before you start seeing, thinking, feeling and enjoying them.
If you’d like extra help in manifesting clients, check out my Perfect Client Creator home study course here.

  • August 4, 2014

Not Intended for All Audiences

Ready for a breath of fresh air?  Enjoy this most excellent guest post from my good friend and colleague, Frank Butterfield …
Frank ButterfieldPicture it: The year is 2013 and the place is a Starbucks in northwest New Jersey.
After a fabulous weekend in Vermont with amazing friends alongside beautiful Lake Champlain under a canopy of golden autumn leaves, I’m zipping my way down the east coast towards Key West.
Why?  I don’t know.  It just feels better to do so.
I have my Earl Gray tea and am watching the NYC-bound commuters come in and get their morning fuel, enjoying the sight of so many handsome gentlemen, and enjoying the fact that my day has three calls scheduled and a drive down to Baltimore and anything else I care to add to the mix.
I’m reading my Facebook and a friend (an awesome coach) posts a question about clients and marketing and I write that I’ve noticed that the less I reach for clients, the better things go.
Then, BAM!
I get called out.  I am told that the way I run my business is ruining other people’s lives.
This awesome coach (he really is) is now the wing that some nestlings have found and now that they are on the right track with his program and his approach, they are sure to find flight and become the very majestic eagles they have always been destined to become.
This kicks ass!  In a major way!
Only… my process (I have a process?) and the way I do business (I have a way of doing business?) have hurt these nestlings and they must be healed.  Or, to quote verbatim, “people are going broke doing business with you.”
Wow!  OK!
Now, I don’t know who these people are specifically.  And, I don’t know what I was doing or what they were doing that caused them to go broke (they went broke?).
If they had come to me and told me this, I would have said, among other things, “OMG! You need to find someplace else that feels better! Stat!”
But, instead I have a bit of a broadside followed by shame and confusion and guilt.  Which are mine, 100%.  I can temporarily pretend they aren’t, but they are.

On the practical side, I stayed true to myself by acknowledging how wonderful it is that these folks found him and his work.  I stand behind that 110% because I know it is absolutely true.

Now, today, after sitting with this, I’ve realized a few things.
Based on what this coach said, he isn’t really that familiar with my work, even though he claimed to be.
These people who found him have done the right thing for themselves, and that is what is most important since I truly want everyone to actually have what they actually want.
What this coach has done here is help me get more clarity than ever before about my work.
I don’t market my services like anyone else I know.  I just follow what feels better to me.
I don’t do business like anyone else I know.  I just follow what feels better to me.
What I offer is very unique and not a fit for everyone and that’s exactly right.
I also now get it that he is lumping me in with other people that I am assuming would be called “Law of Attraction folks.”
In other words, we’re the people who advocate that if you just throw it over to the Universe, you can sit on the couch all day and eat bon-bons and you’ll get everything you want.  You know — like they said in The Secret.
Except, of course, that’s not what my work is about at all.  Nor is that what any of these so-called “Law of Attraction folks” are saying or demonstrating either.
What he helped me realize is that I believe in what is coming through me because I walk that talk.  I live my life according to the ideas that are coming through when I am channeling my handsome non-physical friends.
And, in fact, I’m doing exactly what I have always wanted to do — in terms of how I create money, how I live my life, and all the good stuff that I am willing to allow.
Oh, and there’s the rub: all that I am willing to allow.
If you have dilly-dallied with these “Law of Attraction” concepts, you might not get that the real “work” is to continuously open up more and more to allow what you actually want.  And while stuff is part of what I want, I’m much more interested in awareness, experiences, and qualities in the different relationships I have.
I do get all sorts of stuff that I want because I ask for it.  But then I do have to actually ask for it and I do have to actually allow it.  And, if you understand this whole intentional and deliberate creation thing, then you know that this sounds laughably easy and is fundamentally simple in concept but is a lifetime of exploration (delicious exploration, I might add) in application.
My life is infinitely better than it has ever been that I can ever remember.  And, as good as it is, it will be getting better and better.
So, I’m deeply appreciating my friend the coach for what he brought forth in his dismissal and warning.  My work is not for everyone. That’s why I offer hours and hours of free samples of what it’s like so anyone interested will know if it is for them.  But, mostly I let the Universe sort that out for me.  And that’s working better and better, the more I let it happen.
What do you do when someone comes along and tells you that you are crazy for believing that you can intentionally create your life?
Find Frankie B and his non-physical friends at Communion of Light, where those hours of free samples will deliver delightful inspiration on a wide variety of helpful topics.  Big love, Frank!

  • October 9, 2013

Activate: New Clients

scripts for new clientsAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help manifest new clients!

Use it when you’re ready to call in new clients and customers to your business.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

(Share your favorite new client stories in the comments to give this vibration extra momentum!)

Enjoy the vibration of getting new clients:

You know what would be lovely right now?  A new client to work with!

Someone who’s excited to have found me, sees that I’m perfect for the job, and is thrilled to start work asap.

That would just be fabulous …

Someone who can’t believe how reasonable my fees are – and in fact, they even expand the scope of the project because they’re so happy to engage my services.

It’s so cool that we’re both so happy to have found each other!

It’s such a delight when someone new shows up …

  • A brand new person to play with!
  • A whole new project to have fun with!
  • Not to mention cash flow!

(woo hoo!  Yay for cash flow, too!)

I love how they found me – I didn’t have to go track them down – they came to me.  Excited to start!  A perfect fit for me!  Offering the kind of work I love doing most!

They’re going to be SO fun to work with!

It just makes my day when Universe shows me all over again that this dream I had for my business was a good idea.  I love seeing the proof that this is going to work.  It’s such a relief to let it be easy, too!

So many people told me differently – I LOVE proving them wrong!  Easy works!  Joy pays off!  Trusting is reliable!  All I have to do is remember to relax when I start stressing out; to only do whatever inspires me.  And clients will come.

I have the best client attraction plan ever: focus on what I want, then do what feels good.  And they come to me!!  Ready to start!  Agreeable to my fees!

Already pleased with their good luck to have found me.

Seriously, Universe as my booking agent?  It couldn’t get any better than this.

They’re a perfect match for my ideal client profile.  In fact, they’re even better than I imagined!  (Maybe because they’re real, that’s why it seems so much better than when I imagined this in my head.)

They’re ready to go, they fit perfectly into my schedule, we have great rapport, the terms are easily agreed to.  I can already feel we’ll do great things together.

I love my job.  I love getting new clients.  I love how well this is working out!
Universe, I’ll have more of this, please.  🙂

* * * * * * * *
Here’s my personal experience of attracting new clients.

In the very beginning of my practice, getting hired for the first time was kind of surreal.

On one hand, it was exactly like I’d imagined: a pleasant, agreeable, happy person emailing to ask about coaching, how much it cost, and when we might start. Just what I’d dreamed of!

On the other, it was a little trippy because it was REAL.  “This is not a drill” was sort of the feeling that had come over me.  This is happening!  This is real!  I am getting HIRED!!

I emailed her back – so excited, but trying to keep my cool.  As if this happens every day for me.

I realized, this is how it goes … just like they tell you it will.  This is just like I intended!  It’s happening!

And I totally did get hired!  We had a great time working together!

But my practice didn’t fill up overnight.  It was one here, another there.  Pretty soon it was pretty normal to have two or three clients on my roster.

And then it was five or six.

Still I’d be nervous that it wouldn’t continue.  But I’d shake off those anxious thoughts and remind myself “I’m a brilliant coach in high demand.”

And I kept doing what I knew to do: focus on what I wanted; follow inspiration.  Simple formula.
attracting new clients

And it kept working.  Over and over again, until my practice was full at ten clients.

Then it grew to 15.  Then inched up over 20.

I didn’t hit 25 before I realized this was too many clients 15 was way better.  I got it under control so I didn’t burn out.

And every time I had a new slot open up that I was ready to fill, I would lean back in my chair and say out loud, “Universe,

I’m ready for a perfect new client.”  And I’d feel that delightful feeling of what it feels like to get a new client.

Almost religiously, within 24-48 hours a new client would show up.  That’s how well I’d worked the new client vibration.

And that’s exactly what you’re doing by reading this post.  You’re feeling that feeling of confidence, and positive expectation.  Of satisfaction and trust.  Of enjoyment and delight in new clients.

That will take you far.  Enjoy your new clients!  🙂

  • August 23, 2012