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LOA and Conor McGregor

We’ve got another treat in this guest post from my colleague and friend, Al “Namaste” Faustino. Enjoy his conscious creator insights on why the law of attraction seemed to fail UFC fighter Conor McGregor in last night’s Floyd Mayweather fight …


Around two years ago, I realized Conor McGregor was using the Law of Attraction to win fights.

wrote about it here.

However, as we saw last night, knowing about the Law of Attraction and understanding what actually makes it work are two different things.

Conor has developed razor sharp “telling the story like he wants it to play out” skills.

He’s also developed incredible visualization skills.

He actually had a giant mural painted in his gym of him knocking Mayweather out. If you didn’t see the mural, it’s amazing.

The problem is that as good as those two skills are for causing the Law of Attraction to work for you, neither of them are powerful enough to overcome lack of personal alignment.

A lot of people think that tools like visualizations, dream boards or affirmations are what cause the Law of Attraction to work.

The reality is those are all just tools for helping you get into alignment with a desire.

What is alignment? How does it work?

Alignment occurs when your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all aligned with a desire. When you’re in alignment, the Universe is clear on what you want and therefore easily delivers your desired results.

However, if you’re out of alignment in any one of the four areas, you’re sending out confusing signals to the Universe. In these cases, the Universe isn’t sure what you want so it does nothing until you get all four areas into alignment.

Before I understood this, my manifesting results were great but they weren’t consistent. After I figured this out, I began experiencing consistent (and even predictable) manifesting results.

So where was Conor out of alignment?

Only Conor can know this for certain. However, based on the pre-fight stuff I saw, here’s what I suspect …

Conor’s actions were in alignment with winning the fight. He did a ton of sparring and videotaped many of those sessions.

Then, he analyzed what he was doing right and how he could improve. His nutritionist even changed his diet to make him a better boxer. In mixed martial arts fights the more weight you have on you the better because you’ve got opponents on top of you.

In boxing though it’s all about speed. So his nutritionist adjusted his diet to help him with his speed when boxing fight with Floyd.

Conor’s words were also in alignment. I laughed when I saw the picture of Conor’s FU suit that he wore to a press conference in Toronto, Canada. Conor had a pinstripe suit tailor made just for the event.

What made the suit so special is that the pin stripes spelled out F*%K YOU. He was sending a message loud and clear to Mayweather of what was coming. (Here’s the now famous pinstripe suit if you haven’t seen it.)

Now, we come to the alignment areas that can’t be seen by others (feelings and thoughts). This is where I believe Conor allowed himself to get out of alignment (most likely without even realizing it) …

The infamous Floyd Mayweather is a beast in the ring. He’s never lost a fight. He’s widely considered to be the all time best defensive boxer in history of the sport.

He’s also the most accurate puncher, having the highest plus-minus ratio in boxing’s recorded history.

As good as Conor is (and Conor’s arguably the most famous MMA fighter of our time) the bottom line is boxing is not his specialty and he knew this.

Conor had to have been wrestling with some serious doubts about his chances of winning against Mayweather. These doubts would have required some in depth mental work to overcome. Addressing these doubts is NOT the same as overcoming them.

I’m certain that Conor worked on his internal game before the fight. But working on them is not enough.

To get into alignment you have to overcome those doubts, which you will know you’ve accomplished by how you feel. That’s the great thing about your feelings, they always tell you if you’re in alignment with a desire or not. If you consistently feel good when you think about your desire manifesting, you’re in alignment. If you sometimes feel good, and other times feel bad, you’re out of alignment and still have some work to do.
The good news for Conor is he still made at least 30 million dollars last night even though he lost the fight. And failures like this are often the very thing that make champions even greater.

Conor is an intense competitor. He’s going to review what happened last night. This is naturally going to cause him to ask questions about why the Law of Attraction failed him.

When you ask, the Universe answers, he’ll attract the information he needs to understand alignment as it relates to the Law of Attraction. And then, it’s game on! He’ll have the exact alignment information he needs to go on winning fights for years to come.

Article Clarification

If I had to do it again, I would have titled this article The Reason Conor McGregor Lost To Floyd Mayweather Is Because He Was Out Of Alignment And Didn’t Realize It.

The reason I would have titled the article differently is because I’ve been receiving feedback saying, “The Law of Attraction couldn’t possibly have failed Conor. It’s a universal law like gravity, it’s always working.” I thought the way I worded this article, it would be obvious that I agree with the feedback.

The only reason a desire ever fails to manifest is because a person is out of alignment, it’s always an alignment issue, never an LOA issue. Hopefully, this brief statement clears any further confusion regarding this issue.

Al “Namaste” Faustino first learned about manifesting from the Rosicrucians when he was eight years old. Initially skeptical, he tried it out and successfully manifested a little red radio. After that he was hooked. In the coming years he consciously created cash, trips, girlfriends etc. However, as good as his results were they weren’t always consistent. He couldn’t depend on manifesting skills to always create the results he wanted. Eventually, he got fed up of this and began an in depth study of manifesting results. This led him to learning about the in’s and out’s of alignment. After a lot of testing he developed his alignment checklist. He uses this checklist to align with his desires and is now experiencing consistent results. You can download the free checklist here. Or connect with him on facebook.


  • August 27, 2017

Conor McGregor Creates It Out Loud

Fighters Who Use Law of Attraction

photo credit en.wikipedia.org

“If you can see it, and you have the courage to speak it, it will happen.”
That’s what Conor McGregor said when asked how he predicted his Ultimate Fighting Championship win down to the minutest detail.
We’ve had manifesting inspiration from McGregor here at the blog before, and he continues to prove himself a powerful example of one who consciously turns dreams into reality using the power of mental focus.
Here McGregor is again about his December 12, 2015 win:
“A lot of times people believe in certain things, but they keep it to themselves, they don’t put it out there.
“[If] you truly believe and become vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become reality.”

We’ve explored contrasting teachings here before about whether to keep your intentions quiet or whether to declare them out loud for all to hear.
It’s clear what camp McGregor is in!
His results are a compelling argument for going public.
McGregor credits conscious creation again in this interview about his latest UFC Featherweight Championship win:
“I dreamt this so much, so clearly, so precisely, and so frequently that it has manifested itself into reality. It’s a dream come true.”

You have to know some serious magic is happening when Wikipedia reports this about you: “He is currently on a 15-fight win streak, 14 of which have not made it past the second round.”
We might choose to use our creative powers to other endeavors, but regardless of what we’re dreaming into reality, this guy is a manifesting inspiration on how well it works!

  • January 23, 2016