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When You Give Your Word

What does it mean when you give your word?

Does it mean it’s a done deal? Something that could be taken to the bank?

Or does it remain to be seen?

Like when you say you’ll help that friend move … will you be there? Or is it just as likely you’ll find reason to skip it?

When you say you’ll be at the restaurant at 7, do people start wondering if something happened to you when you’re not there at 7:03? Or is that just how you roll, and everyone knows to expect you later?

I don’t mean to be an integrity nazi here, but this is something worth paying to especially for conscious creators.

Because we can’t expect that our spoken word means anything in our manifesting practice if our day-in day-out word isn’t powerful as well.
So …

  • when I say that I’ll look for that resource you asked about, and I do …
  • when I answer “not super fab” when you ask how I am on a bad day …
  • when I say I’d be delighted to connect and I mean it …

… that teaches me as well as Universe that my word means something.

Which comes in really handy when I next say something like, “I am a brilliant coach in high demand.” Or “The more I goof off, the more money I make.” Or “My relationships just get better and better.”

You feel me on this?

We can’t take our word lightly in one area and then expect it to be powerful in another.

Which is why it’s worth meaning what you say – training yourself that when you give your word, it means something. Something happens when you speak.

That’s a nice setup for manifesting success. 🙂

I’ve got a few things to say about the subject in the latest podcast episode here, if you’d like to take a listen.

  • January 8, 2017

The Real Life Daily Practice

Law of Attraction & Conscious Creation in the Real World - Daily PracticeHere are my latest stories of using law of attraction in the real world of daily life:
My Masters of Creation Circle includes a private call-in day with members every other Thursday, which is one of my favorite things to do. All day long is just one fabulous conversation with one amazing creator after another.
So when I woke up this Thursday morning to no phone and no internet, I was not pleased.
I had a lot of swear words for Comcast, who took the blame for spoiling my good time yet again.
I tried all the things you’re supposed to do (unplug, reset, etc.), but nothing worked. And since I don’t use a cell I had no connection to contact Comcast.
Which was good for them, because I had nothing but swear words for the situation.
But I would not be deterred, so I jumped in the shower with intentions of working from the local wifi coffee shop. While racing to get ready I thought of all the reasons I was so fed up with Comcast, and all the things I wanted to tell them, and all the things I would do to be rid of them forever.
It was impressive litany of angry, highly-charged thoughts.
Which is not how I usually shower.
The realization came that if I thought things would work out at the coffee shop with this vibration, I had another thing coming. Because no way could something good happen in that foul a mood.
I knew my work: switch the vibe. Find the better feeling thoughts …
Is it the end of the world that you don’t have internet or phone, Jeannette? Well, probably not. The world will probably still turn.
Is it even Comcast’s fault that this is happening, when you’re the one running such a crappy vibe? Well, there is no doubt they are terrible (I have evidence!), but I am indeed the one who aligned with such a rotten provider. (Yeah, making friends with Comcast in that red hot moment wasn’t happening.)
Ok, despite that, girlfriend, can you imagine this day going smoothly? Can you imagine being pleased with how things unfold?
Yeah, I can imagine that. I can imagine being happy in some form or fashion. Things often work out that way for me.
And I could feel my vibe start to soften.
I tried on my favorite thought: “I can accept this.” But I asked it instead of said it: “Can I accept this?”
Yes, I can accept that my day might not go as planned. I can accept that people might wonder what happened to me and that I might not get to talk to anyone today. I’ll live, and they probably won’t lose sleep over it.
With that, the rough edges were gone. I was more peaceful, more calm, more pleased even.
And when I got out of the shower, lo and behold, phone and internet worked just fine without any intervention or effort on my part.
Chalk up one for deliberate vibration management. 🙂
The next day my foster momma cat took a serious turn for the worse. So much so that we went to the emergency vet at two in the morning.

Before we went, I asked higher power to help me know what to do. When I phoned the emergency vet and the hottest vet tech in the entire world answered, I knew that was Universe’s way of saying “come hither.” Like Neo’s “follow the white rabbit.” hehe

After the exam, blood work and x-rays, they felt she should stay in their care until the radiologist and the ophthalmologist were consulted. I got an estimate for a very expensive surgery and they used words like “alarming” and other words I won’t repeat that were 100% in line with my worry vibe.
Because that’s exactly what I’d been flowing since the day she arrived as a starving refugee from a hoarder house who gave birth to eight kittens the next day: worried. I didn’t know how she’d have enough milk to feed everyone. Eight is a stretch even for a healthy cat, and she was far from that.
I was nervous about syringe feeding newborns; I was nervous about failing my duties as a foster mom. I didn’t want to create more problems than already existed.
That vibration continued until I realized – holy sh*t – mom can’t be well until I know the vibration of “healthy and thriving” instead of “worried and nervous.”
While mom was at the emergency vet I practiced feeling relieved. Pleased. Satisfied that all was going well. I released attachment to outcomes, making some semblance of peace with whatever might unfold. I found the thoughts that felt better. I asked GVU OutSourcerers for help with the good vibe.
But mostly I practiced feeling relieved and pleased with mom’s progress and the kitties’ state of being.
And things have just gotten better from there. In fact, they keep getting better the more I remember to practice the vibes that serve me instead of the ones that don’t.

Although truthfully, we know even contrast serves, since that’s what launches the “even better” party to start with.

My point being – it’s one thing to know this stuff, and it’s another to put it to work on a daily basis in real life.
This manifesting routine isn’t just for the big dreams and far out goals. It’s for crafting our preferred life in the daily moments as they unfold.
It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are if you don’t put it to work in real life. Here’s to leveraging all we’ve learned about the art of conscious creation.
I’d love to hear how you’re practicing today, too …

  • December 5, 2015