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7 Tells of a Conscious Creator

I’m not Mormon, but I was raised in the LDS church in Utah. That’s how I developed an ear for recognizing a church member just by the tone of their voice.

They could be talking about the weather, but you can hear it in their voice when they’ve been giving testimony on Sundays for years. I can’t explain how – it’s just something you recognize when you hear it.

Sort of like how you can spot a conscious creator in the crowd. Not from the tone of their voice necessarily, but there are other tells …

You know them, too, because I hear how excited you get when you run across a like-minded other out and about in the world.

Like that time I saw a copy of The Secret in the office of a home I was walking through with my realtor. I felt an instant affinity for the owner!

Or when a first date mentioned that he was “creating a great day,” my ears instantly perked up. (He’s one of my kind!)

And when I get a new friend request on facebook, it’s an instant confirmation whenever their cover photo includes a quote about appreciation or their book list has anything from Hay House.

Without seeing someone’s reading list, though, there are other ways to spot a conscious creator in the crowd.

Here are 7 “tells” of a conscious creator.

Or to put it in Jeff Foxworthy lingo, you might be a conscious creator if:

1. We take it as a compliment when someone calls us selfish.
Because we know that tending to our own happiness first is the only way we have anything good to offer. Alignment is where our manifesting power lies, and that means getting happy, not putting ourselves on the back burner.

2. We see it as a sign of success when others think we’ve lost our grip on reality.
We don’t get locked into “what is,” and we don’t take bad news too seriously. At our best moments, we refuse to be realistic. Or maybe better stated, we know expecting things to work out and dreaming big is realistic.

3. We refuse to buckle down when things get hard.
That’s the muggle way. When we recognize we’re in effort, we let go and reorient to fun and enjoyment, because we know unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings.

4. We ignore the experts in favor of inner guidance.
Doctors got nothin’ on us. Lawyers don’t have a clue what we’re capable of creating. Bosses, instructors, tech support – their input falls on deaf ears if our higher self doesn’t agree, because the best expert is always found within.

5. We know the value of a good time.
It’s not a wasted afternoon to goof off or an irresponsible choice to take a nap when the going gets rough. Conscious creators know nothing is more important than that we feel good. And we live it!

6. We know better than to try to figure it out.
Those in the manifesting-know let inspiration show the way. We know our higher self has a much better handle on how to get where we want to go, and that it calls us there through our joy. We know not to push it when it doesn’t feel right, even if we can’t explain why.

And that’s another thing …

7. We don’t have to explain ourselves.
“Because it feels better” is reason enough for us. Doesn’t matter if others don’t get it, or even if we ourselves don’t know why that’s so. We don’t need others to agree before we know what’s right for us, and we don’t require the world to support our stance on creating our own reality before we practice it. It’s okay to let everyone else have it their way, because they can’t impede our good time if we don’t let it.

And yes, we might not all be practicing all these things all the time.

But we’re getting better, aren’t we?! 🙂

  • August 12, 2018

Trump as Conscious Creator

It doesn’t roll off my tongue to call the U.S. president a “conscious” creator, but the truth is he’s one of the most effective examples of conscious creation we’ve seen in a while.

Known to be a student of positive thought, Donald Trump seems to have taken it to the extreme.

Here are just a few of the traits DJT has in common with other effective creators:

  • refuses to acknowledge facts that don’t support his preferred version of reality
  • willing to make his own rules (he plays outside the box)
  • follows his own counsel/guidance
  • doesn’t care too much what others think
  • very selective about his sources of input
  • skilled at spinning stories in ways that serve his purpose
  • holds high opinion of himself
  • does what he wants regardless of others’ expectations
  • knows how to turn attention away from what he doesn’t want (both his own attention and others’)
  • celebrates small wins like they were a big deal
  • engages affirmations to shift opinions and actions (“Drain the swamp”; “Lock her up”)

While I’m not the biggest fan of everything he’s creating, his skill as a creator is undeniable.

Just because we might not appreciate what a fellow creator does with his manifesting power doesn’t mean he’s not good at it.

More than anything, we can use it as inspiration to get on our own manifesting game as well as he’s playing his.

We each get to create what we want. We don’t have to agree with what everyone else is creating and there’s no reason one person’s success has to negate another’s.

Perhaps DJT can galvanize us to use our own creative powers as well as he uses his.

  • April 2, 2018

You Are More Powerful

Whether it’s the London Bridge event, or alien abduction stories, or corrupt government, or climate change, or zika/ebola outbreaks, or vaccine dangers, or impending layoffs at work, or increasing crime rates in your community –

– whatever you might be worried about –

conscious creators can take solace (and re-engage our power) by remembering that we are more powerful than whatever we might fear.

At least, when we remember not to succumb to fear.

There is no reason to be afraid.

(Other than the benefit of contrast, and we’ve had plenty already.)

That doesn’t mean those things aren’t “real” or “true.”

It just means we know too much to get sucked into giving up our power to it.

Or at least, when we’re in our right minds we know too much to give up our power.

That’s why it’s worth remembering that you are stronger than they are or it is. (Whatever the monster-of-the-moment might be.)

You flex that strength when you choose to empower what you prefer by thinking on that instead of its opposite.

Don’t let them scare you.

Yes, I spent the morning on this site. And yes, I read the news out of London last night.

(That’s some f*****-up sh*t.)

When I started to feel concern for the well-being of people and planet earth, I realized I was thinking like a muggle.

I know too much to do that routine, and so do you.

Our intent, our focus, our attention is more powerful than anything out there.

Think about it …

We have the ability to bring to life whatever we think about!

It’s the most amazing superpower you could imagine! And we all have it! Is that the coolest thing ever?!

Let’s not abdicate that power for any reason.

Other than maybe the scary adventure of living somewhere where we pretend we’re at risk – which is sometimes a fun game/illusion to play. For a minute.

But don’t let it get out of hand.

The moment you’re not having fun any more, and it’s starting to feel real or dire or threatening –

That’s a good time to remember that you’re calling the shots here.

Or at least you are when you don’t let fear get the best of you.

Look, I don’t know if this is true, but I occasionally remember it as inspiration to remember who I am:

I read in a book on aliens some time ago that not all beings in the Universe have our same creative power, and that others who want this power have abducted humans as a way to study it. (They really want that spark from the Creator!)

The problem being that they can’t get close to us when we’re in our power.

So they resort to fear tactics to disempower us. That’s when we’re vulnerable.

As in, they have been known to wear frightening masks in order to scare us out of our wits. Because when we’re in fear, we’re at their mercy.

Again, I’m not saying it’s true, because I know too much to know something that may or may not be helpful.

But I am saying it seems like good protocol in general across the board to not let anyone or anything scare us.

I think that advice is helpful no matter who or what we’re dealing with.

Love your neighbors, bless your food, send good thoughts to the planet.

Do what feels right and good (to you), and believe wholeheartedly in your well-being.

When you know that all is well here, it cannot be any other way.

One better feeling thought after another is all it takes to re-engage your creative power in support of what you prefer, whatever that may be.
They are not stronger or more powerful than you are.

You’ve got this, fellow creator.

  • June 4, 2017

What Does It Mean To Be a Conscious Creator?

conscious creatorWhat does it mean to be a conscious creator?

Here’s my take on the definition of one who consciously creates:
a conscious creator (noun) is

  1. one who creates their reality by purposely focusing attention in alignment to desires.
  2. one who practices vibration management for purposes of creating reality.
  3. one who deliberately chooses thoughts and/or takes action to enhance vibrational alignment.

The essence of what it means to be a conscious creator is that because we believe the world doesn’t happen to us, but rather that we create it ourselves based on our vibration, we harness our focus in a way that creates our preferred reality.

You could describe conscious creation as the process of proactively engaging thoughts that attract like energy. Meaning, we’re at choice, we’re doing it deliberately, and we lead the way based on the vibrations we activate.

Which means that the folks who know we create our own reality, but don’t actually engage that power, aren’t necessarily conscious creators.

Even though they know how it works, if they aren’t working it, they’re better described as default creators than conscious creators.
And for the folks who don’t know or believe that we create our reality, in law of attraction circles they’re often affectionately referred to as muggles.

Maybe a conscious creator has studied law of attraction principles; maybe they’ve always known and practiced it intuitively.

Maybe they are familiar with the words of vibration, alignment and law of attraction; maybe they don’t have a language for what they practice.

But what I’ve noticed more often than not is that it’s not so much that we are or aren’t a conscious creator, as much as it is sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes I conduct myself like a default creator, and sometimes I’m really good at deliberately harnessing my attention in a way that takes me where I want to go.

That’s my take, though.

Here’s to more often (and with more natural ease) using our creative power to our benefit. 🙂

  • January 9, 2016

The Conscious Creator Punch Card

Conscious Creator's Punch CardHave you ever wondered how committed a conscious creator you are?

Here are 10 signs you drank the Kool Aid and are all in.

Punch all ten and you are officially a full-fledged manifesting aficionado:
(And if some of these don’t make sense yet, don’t worry. You’ll get there.) 🙂

  1. Your vision board is up to date and on display.
  2. You own both What The Bleeps – the original and the rabbit hole.
  3. Your inbox contains over three years’ worth of saved TUT notes.
  4. You can accurately guess how old the Abe recording is based on Esther’s voice.
  5. You have a special pen just for pray rain journaling.
  6. You know what a muggle is.
  7. You’ve gifted copies of The Secret.
  8. Your bathroom mirror is framed in sticky note affirmations.
  9. You use the acronym LOA.
  10. You made it through all nine experiments in E-Squared.

If you said yes to all ten, then congrats – your conscious creator punch card is complete! 🙂

Obviously we’re just having fun here, which is another sign of a conscious creator (not taking things too seriously).

For real, though, a legit measure of whether you’re a conscious creator is simply whether you understand your power to create reality and you engage it.

Here’s to all of us doing exactly that! 

  • October 7, 2015