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Taking It Off Autopilot

What would you do if you didn’t know what you were supposed to be doing?

Left to your own devices, where would you land?

If you didn’t know that you needed to shop for dinner, or that your sister wanted you to call, or that you should catch up on emails … what would you do if you didn’t know those things?

If you were working from a completely clean slate, what would you choose?

What’s calling you, that you aren’t hearing because you’re doing what you always do? (Or doing what’s expected, required, or planned.)

And how would you do it if you didn’t know how it was done?

If you didn’t know that this is how you make the money, or that this is how you vacation, how would you do it?

If you didn’t know how you exercise, or how you date, or how you love, what would it look like instead?

What if you forgot what you wanted?

If all of your old desires fell away, what new dreams would reveal themselves?

Sometimes they’re the same; sometimes not. Sometimes we hold on to desires that have expired, without noticing we grew out of them.

What music or people or things would you listen to if you didn’t know what you listened to? What would you read and what would you watch if you didn’t already know what you read and what you watch?

And what would you think if you didn’t know what to think?

If your mind were free to go wherever it could, where would you take it?

What are you not knowing because of what you already know?

If you didn’t know your ex was a jerk, or that school is boring, or that politics is pointless, what might you know instead?

What would you love if you were free to love all of it?

What does your spirit love that you haven’t said yes to?

Sometimes we get tripped up by old expectations, limiting beliefs, and the thoughts of others that we mistook for our own. We forget what’s true for us, what the possibilities are, and how to hear our own guidance about getting there.

These questions can liberate from life on autopilot.

The answers we explore can move us toward authentic desire and expanded possibility.

It can reconnect us to true inspiration and unparalled joy.

Sure, autopilot has its advantages and is perfectly appropriate at times. But sometimes what we know holds us back from what can be.

Taking life off autopilot gives us even more room to play.

  • February 10, 2018

When It Rains, It Pours

Not too long ago a love interest drove home the point that he was unhappy with me in some very specific ways.

That one hit hard.

Shortly after, a client expressed her displeasure with our work through an uncomfortable measure.

And then a colleague shared her frustration in how I was not handling things to her preference.

Now that I think about it, even my LOA Recon rave reviews seem a little thin lately.

If I weren’t LOA savvy, it would be easy to conclude I am astonishingly good at letting people down.

But I know what’s really afoot here … I just let the “they-don’t-like-me” vibe get a little out of hand. And when it rains, it pours. Because once a thing has momentum, it starts showing up everywhere.

In that first hit I adopted an unhelpful filter that’s coloring more and more interactions in life. It’s like wearing sunglasses that black out the positive and highlight the negative.

A savvy creator knows to put this sort of thing in check before it gets any more momentum.

I’m sharing the process in case you’ve also got an unenjoyable vibe gaining traction in your world, too …

1. I could shift attention to the love I am getting.

Which is easy to do, because I get way more accolades than gripes. Just takes a little commitment and discipline to refocus on the good.

2. I could let it be okay.

It’s a viable option to get comfortable with their discomfort, and not make it out to be a big bad deal. Not everyone is going to love you, Jeannette, and that’s okay.

Dropping resistance to what we don’t want is transformational!

3. I could check the originating source.

I know from experience that the more I approve of myself, the less likely I am to hear others’ disapproval.

(Although I love being able to practice loving myself even when others don’t. Which could be an indicator of an unconscious payoff, but my gut says that’s not it in this case.)

The first thing I did in each situation was make sure I’m okay with how I conduct myself. If I’m not good with it, it’s no mystery why I’d get that reflection from others.

So it could be that this feedback is a valuable indicator as to where I’ve fallen out of integrity with myself.

If there was anything to clean up, doing so could help turn this vibe around if I used it as a chance to create a new focus.

I know one thing for sure, I’m not in manifesting integrity with myself when I let this vibe go unchecked.

So my primary job is to not let this spiral be the boss of me. I can decide when I’ve had enough and put an end to it by changing my mind.

If you’ve got a pattern happening in life that you’re not a big fan of, it’s worth remembering you can turn it around, too.

All you have to do is be willing to shift your attention in a way that activates anything you like better.

There might be some feelings that want to be felt before you can dial off, but after that we know how this goes … we just activate the vibration of what we prefer.

So …

  • If it seems like the money keeps coming up short, that’s a good one to put to rest.
  • If you notice health challenges keep cropping up, this could be a good chance to decide something new.
  • If relationships seem to be endlessly difficult or unrewarding, I’d suggest activating something easier to enjoy.

We know that we get what we pay attention to. So if you’re not attending to something fabulous already, maybe join me in finding new thoughts, new images, better stories, positive evidence, or anything else that helps redirect focus.

Because we’re cool like that. We’re conscious creators. 🙂

  • January 28, 2018

We’ll See

I say it myself sometimes.

“We’ll see.”

Not consciously. Not on purpose. And certainly not when I’m on my best manifesting game.

Because when a conscious creator says, “We’ll see,” it can be like throwing our manifesting power to the wind, abdicating our focusing skills and letting things run on default.

Sure, sometimes running on default is fabulous! (When we have a high-vibrating default.)

Sometimes it’s a great way to release attachment and enhance alignment.

But sometimes it’s not that.

A friend was relaying his plans for an upcoming surgery, when he hadn’t even seen a doctor yet. Already he was planning for the inevitable unwanted surgery.

I asked if that one was worth re-thinking. While he still had room to believe in an alternate outcome.

I mean, maybe it’s easier than you think? I’ve seen guys walk out of the exam room when the doctor had an easy fix on the spot – painless, fast, affordable! It happens! I’ve seen it!

But he knew so well how this was going to go down that there didn’t seem to be any talking him out of it. He had experience with it in the past, yada this yada that – he was having his surgery.

My suggestion not to plan so hard for something he supposedly didn’t want didn’t really take. (We all have muggle friends we cut wide berths for, right?)

Anyway, after my spiel about re-thinking his certainty about surgery, he politely replied, “We’ll see.”

Which in that case meant just give it a minute and he’ll be proven right.

Sometimes conscious creators use this phrase to help shake off a negative expectation and invite a different possibility into manifestation.

But sometimes we use it as an abdication of our creative power. We say “we’ll see” as if we weren’t the ones calling the shots here. We are calling the shots here. Whether we’re conscious of that or not.

Those who aren’t LOA savvy can’t be called out on this, because they don’t realize their creative power.

But we can do better.

We can steer it even just a little bit into better territory by deciding, “I’m sure it’ll all work out,” or “Everything will be fine, one way or another.”

We can be willing to see something positive, something helpful, something desired – instead of letting it unfold without our conscious good intention.

The next time you hear yourself saying, “We’ll see,” check your vibration. What are you expecting? Is it what you want, or is it worth rethinking?

Let’s make sure we’re visioning a positive outcome. It isn’t that hard when we’ve been practicing believing in good things, right?

We can practice seeing what we prefer. Because we’re cool like that. 😉

  • January 23, 2018

In Order for a Happy New Year …

For anyone who’s happy to put 2017 behind them because it was such a challenging year, here’s a tip …

2018 will just be a repeat of 2017 until we change our vibe.

Until we change our focus and our feelings, it can only be more of the same.

Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean it’s a new future if we walk into it as the same person we’ve been.

So if you’re looking forward to big positive change in the new year, this is your cue to engage big positive

vibrations now. Because 2018 can only follow your vibrational lead. It can only give you what you bring to the party.

Sometimes the excitement and freshness of the new year is enough to give us a little boost in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long before we settle right back in the to same ol’ same ol’ energy we’re used to.

For some folks, the same old vibration is really good! For anyone who’d like things to get better, though, that’s our party to lead.

That’s one reason why it’s worth loving up on 2017 as we say goodbye to it. Just like the best way to get a new job (or car, or body, or relationship, or bank account) is to love the one you’ve got … it’s the same with the year.

So let’s show 2017 the love it deserves and celebrate all that went right and everything we loved about it. Let’s remember the highlights, and not give too much attention to the lowlights.

Another way to ensure 2018 is not just a repeat of what we’re used to is to practice feeling now how you’d (like to) feel then.

Whatever you hope 2018 brings, you can practice feeling those feelings and being that person now. You can choose to be delighted or appreciative or satisfied or successful before there’s any external “reason” to be. That’s not a bad way to start a new year!

However we do it, I say we bring our best conscious creation skills to 2018 to do it the justice it deserves, and to be in highest service to ourselves and our big dreams, too. 🙂

Here’s a new year’s toast to the privilege and the pleasure of being here now. May we all embrace and enjoy the best delights that life has to offer!
Cheers and happy new year, fellow creators!

  • December 31, 2017

Not Me (Watch Your Spotlight)

Fellow female creators, I love you dearly, and the depth of your suffering is incomprehensible.

And it is with the highest sense of compassion and support that I remind us that mass consciousness and momentum are powerful things.

When the energy gets rolling it can seem unavoidable. Inevitable even.

But it’s worth remembering that you are powerful, too.

So is your focus.

It is not worth letting mass momentum point you toward what you don’t want more of.

Just because (it seems like) everyone else is adding energy to what they don’t want (and what they think of as terribly wrong), doesn’t mean you have to, too.

Even if it’s true.

Even if it happened to you.

Even if you like to support your friends by letting them know they’re not alone.

Even if you think it’s important to spotlight the problem, in an effort to resolve it.

Actually, if you think problems get resolved by spotlighting them, you’re reading the wrong blog.

I love everyone dearly, but this blog is for conscious creators who know that our attention creates our reality.

With the most love and compassion in my heart, I am reminding us that if we don’t want more of it, we can shift focus to what we prefer.

If you can make a legitimate case for how it feels better to self-identify as a victim of sexual harassment for social media sport, then rock on with your bad self!

If not, check yourself and what you’re activating.

Spotlighting problems is not how we attract solutions.

I know you know this. It’s just a friendly public service reminder.

That is all.

Big love and happy manifesting!

PS – if you have no idea about the social media trend that this post is referencing, I say congrats and leave it there! 🙂

  • October 16, 2017
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