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Crystals and the Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered whether crystals can help with your law of attraction success?

For those of us who love everything woo-woo, here’s all you need to know about incorporating the earth’s gemstones to enhance manifesting magic:

(ok, maybe not all, but it’s a start!)

What Are Crystals?

Are they just pretty rocks, or do they convey creative magic?

Like everything on the planet, crystals have consciousness. They formed in the earth over time (some are over 4 billion years old!) and each type of gemstone has its own particular energetic frequency.

Many believe crystals aid in earth’s evolution and raise our consciousness. Judy Hall writes that “crystals are the earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution.” (I like that thought!)

The vibrational energy of the crystal is what a conscious creator is working with when they include gemstones in their manifesting work.

How Gemstones Aid Manifesting

Crystals have been called a “magic technology” since they serve as transmitters, receivers, and magnifiers of energy.

Some creators like to program their desires into a crystal and let it do the attraction work of manifesting 3D results.

Others use crystals to help clear themselves of negative energies in order to enhance vibrational alignment.

Teal Swan shares that a crystal’s energy patterns are incorruptible, which is why we entrain energetically to it when working with them. (Like a tuning fork, of sorts.)

I play with them because it’s fun and I like it. 🙂
How To Work With Crystals

What Stones To Use

All of them, I say! All of them!

Okay, if you’re not a crystal addict like me, you can actually be selective about which ones to play with to expand your results with law of attraction.

You’ll find lots of sites and books outlining in great detail the specialized purpose of various crystals.

Those guides will tell you which crystals to use for what; i.e. rose quartz for manifesting love, citrine for abundance, merlinite for mystical experiences, etc.

I did that for years but now prefer to let the crystals guide the way. (Sort of like putting the dream interpretation book aside and finding my own answers.) Or you can let your intuition tell you based on what you feel drawn toward.

Working with crystals is a great time to practice trusting your inner guidance.

How To Use Crystals (Programming & Cleansing)

I used to be mystified about how to engage the magic of crystals until learning we don’t actually have to do anything … crystals know what to do for you. They show up in your life for a reason, and don’t need your direction.

Just let them do their magic!

I like that approach, although just this week (at the summer solstice full moon) I used a couple of pyrite crystals in an intention ritual for financial success and within 24 hours received a surprise financial windfall in the thousands.

So trust your guidance on what approach feels best to you.

If you’re going to program a crystal with an intention, it’s basically a matter of focusing your desired outcome or intention onto the crystal and letting it do the attraction as your universal agent. Learn more here if you want to go that route.
Manifesting with Crystals

I have two twin septarian geodes (estimated 70 million years old!) in the kitchen. One is programmed/named “For Fun” and the other

“ForEver” that remind me every time I pass by to lighten up and not rush through life.

They serve as energetic assistants to be present and have a good time. Great friends to have, right?!

You can play with crystals in all sorts of ways:

  • Placed under your pillow or bed
  • In a healing grid
  • Worn as jewelry
  • Carried in your pocket
  • Stored in your purse or car
  • To charge your water
  • In meditation
  • For space clearing
  • Programmed with intentions for specific manifestations

– or however else you feel inspired to engage them.

Those who work with gemstones regularly will tell you that most of them do require a regular energetic cleanse. Whether in moonlight, sunlight, water, smudging, salt, etc. you’ll want to research your crystal to make sure you don’t damage it via your cleaning method. (Says the girl who learned that the hard way.)

Crystals can help you heal, clear internal negativity, support your spiritual growth, aid in psychic or physical protection, open you to new ideas and insights, even help plants and gardens thrive.

But it’s important to remember that you are the conscious creator, so don’t hand off your power to crystals. (Or any tool, for that matter.)

Gemstones can be incredibly delightful partners in your expansion, but it’s best to think of them as aids rather than replacements for the power we have as manifestors.

Above all, my experience with crystals is that they’re super fun and exceptionally intriguing. So of course those good vibes just bring more good things. 🙂

If you’ve got tips, stories or resources to share, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

  • June 23, 2016

Manifesting Love with Rose Quartz Crystals

This guest post is from Alexandria Barker, who has a gift for combining the magic of crystals with the power of law of attraction. Here she shares how to use crystals to attract love and more:
crystals and law of attraction by Alexandria Barker

Love is one thing we can all use more of – good to know you can become a magnet to love, with a little help from the Law of Attraction and crystals!

By combining the power of crystals with your focus and intention, you can create the kind of relationships you truly desire.

Rose quartz is my favorite stone for love. Not only does it encourage self love, it helps draw new love to you, or deepen existing relationships.

A piece of rose quartz under your bed will attract new love or renew existing love relationships, depending on your intention. You can also place a piece in the relationship corner of your home, the farthest right rear corner from the front door.

It’s also a great idea to wear rose quartz as a pendant – especially a heart shaped one – so your heart chakra is continually bathed with the beautiful energy of this loving stone. Speaking of bathing, you can place a few rose quartz stones in your bath and literally submerge yourself in this loving gentle energy.

Rose quartz is also my favorite stone for healing and balancing the heart chakra. It’s considered to be the most important stone for both the physical heart and the heart chakra.

The heart chakra, located at the center of your chest, is the chakra of love, compassion, devotion and generosity. A healthy heart chakra enables you to love deeply. It fills you with gratitude for the opportunity to live life and the desire to give back. The more open your heart chakra is, the greater your capacity for love.

Rose quartz is the crystal of peace and unconditional love. It opens the heart, teaching the true meaning of love, and brings deep healing and self love.

This lovely pink stone has a calming, reassuring quality that also makes it ideal to use for traumas or crisis.

From a law of attraction perspective, rose quartz is a great stone to work with because it promotes self love. This is very important, because without self acceptance you won’t have much success attracting the things you really want — you won’t think you deserve them!

It’s also a wonderful stone to hold while doing your affirmations. Carry or wear it throughout your day to remind you of your intentions.
rose quartz manifesting

Before you begin working with your rose quartz, it’s important to take time to cleanse it of any negative energy. No matter where you obtained your stone, you have no way of knowing the degree of negative energy it may have absorbed from the time it was mined to the time you bought it. However, cleansing and purifying your stone is easy to do.

Simply hold the stone in your left (receiving) hand and cover it with your right hand. Imagine the space you’re in being filled with white healing light from the Universe. Ask that the rose quartz be cleansed with universal love and universal light.

When you feel this is complete, it’s time to really get to know your stone. When holding it in the palm of your hand, ask to be connected with it’s highest energy. Ask it to work with you for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned, for whatever purpose you choose ( such as attracting self-love, a new mate, or renewed love with your present partner).

Once you connect with one piece of rose quartz this way, you will automatically have the same connection with all rose quartz you come into contact with (though they will still need to be cleansed and purified.)
Alexandria Barker

Is it any wonder it’s my favorite stone for love? Try these tips and your love life will soar – starting with your love of self.  (GVU members can access Alexandria’s call on healing chakras with crystals here.)

You can get to know another powerful all around crystal on this post about the healing stone of amethyst.
Alexandria Barker is a Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher as well as an LOA Coach, Author and Speaker.

  • November 18, 2012