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When It's Time to Manifest Clients

How to Manifest ClientsIs it time to get some clients?
Conscious creators know the traditional advice business owners get for acquiring customers isn’t necessarily the most effective approach.
Instead of leading with action-based strategies (like tweaking sales pages, networking for leads, adjusting prices, launching promotions, etc.) that doesn’t account for energy or focus, deliberate creators look to a vibrational strategy.
Because getting customers isn’t about having the best website, most attractive rates, best testimonials  or most extensive experience.
(Technically you could be doing all of those things and still be vibrating “no clients” instead of “clients.”)
Getting clients is done by activating the vibration of clients.
Which puts every entrepreneur on a level playing field, no matter the status of your business or sales process. (Well, the advantage goes to those who know how to work the vibe.)
So how do we do that?
First of all, we stop focusing on not having clients. The more we fret and worry about not having enough customers, the more we repel potential business.
Second, we think the thoughts and see the images and feel the feelings of having clients. Whether you fantasize, journal, affirm, script, use a vision board, or even just notice someone else’s experience of getting clients – find a way to start seeing, thinking and feeling clients.
(In fact, here are a couple of vibration activations that might get your juices flowing: activate new clients; business success by Stella and sold out offers by me.)
You can create your own client attraction strategy by playing with your favorite processes for activating the client vibration.
I’ve done it a variety of ways over the years, and found all of it works as long as it shifts your attention from “needing clients” to “loving my new clients.”
What we vibrate is what we get. So when you find a way to tune into “tons of perfect clients showing up in droves” (or whatever you choose to create) that’s what becomes true.
The quickest path to getting clients is that you don’t wait for them to appear before you start seeing, thinking, feeling and enjoying them.
If you’d like extra help in manifesting clients, check out my Perfect Client Creator home study course here.

  • August 4, 2014