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The Power of Deciding

I often remind fellow creators how powerful it is when we make a no-nonsense no-more-foolin-around decision to have what we want. There’s just something magic about deciding.
And the Love & Magic Coach Cindie Chavez shared a story recently that spoke exactly to that magic. Here’s Cindie:
The Power of DecidingFor the past couple of years I have had my old car, Ednah, a 1996 Mercedes E-class, sitting in my carport – not running.
I owned her since she was just a baby and I had babied her and taken such good care of her and then at 160,000 miles she just started to have things go wrong and after pumping a lot of money into her I just decided it wasn’t worth putting anymore in.
I work from my home office so I rarely drive anyway, and I have my pick of the 2 other Mercedes in the driveway that are new and in great condition.
But … I just couldn’t bring myself to sell her. Every time I would decide to put an ad in Craig’s list or something I would resist it so hard, and then I would go find something else to do and avoid it again. I know that having a non-running car just sitting there is not good feng shui. But, it was Ednah. Sad
So … a couple of weeks ago I just realized how silly this was. I finally got to my point of no return and knew I had to let her go. So I said out loud, “Okay Universe. I need a buyer for Ednah. I’m ready to let her go now.”
The Handsome Sweetheart comes in (it’s a Friday afternoon and we have a standing lunch date) and says, “Are you hungry? Ready to go to lunch?” And I said, “Yes. But I have to get rid of Ednah. I want to put an ad in Craigslist before we go. I have to do it now and not put it off any longer. I just told the Universe I’m ready and to find me a buyer.”
He jumps up and says “OH!! This was on your car when I came home just now!”
It was a note.
It said “Hi, my name is xxxx xxxx, if you want to sell your car I’d like to buy it. Please call me xxx-xxxx.”
I called. The guy was so excited.
I told him that I had asked the Universe for a buyer. He said, “I’ve been driving by and looking at it for 2 years, and I finally got up the nerve to leave a note.”
Are you catching that? The day I let go is the day he “got up the nerve” to leave a note. Ha!
He came over. The car started. It needed a battery and an alternator and we knew that so we thought we’d have to tow it. So the guy test drives it, comes the next day and put new battery in, brought me cash and we signed it over to him last week.
Cindie ChavezIt was so easy peasy. I didn’t have to take out an ad. I didn’t have to leave my house. I didn’t have to hire a tow truck. Cash in, car out.
Thank you Universe!
Cindie Chavez traffics in love and magic with her coach clients every day. Find her and more of her personal magic online at CindieChavez.com.

  • March 11, 2016

When You Don't Know What To Do

when you don't know what to doSooner or later we get in one of those spots where we don’t know what to do

  • wondering which project takes priority
  • vacillating about whether to see the doctor or not
  • not sure whether to book the vacation or save the money
  • second guessing about whether to break up or give it another go.

We can drive ourselves nuts trying to figure out solutions to our quandaries.
That’s a good time to use this two-point sure fire formula for confused situations, big or small. Try this next time you don’t know what to do:
1. Remember the end result you want
What are you shooting for? Tune into what your happy ending looks like. (Satisfied clients; healthy body; relaxed & rejuvenated spirit; happily ever after romance, etc.)
Focusing on what you want makes it more likely that your next actions will take you there. This is a good time to let go of “hows” and open up to new ideas.
2. Give inspiration (spirit within) a chance to speak
Don’t try to figure it out from your limited physical mind – let spirit/source help out by allowing higher guidance to chime in. Clearing some space in the noise within allows miraculous insights or sometimes even immediate resolution to the challenges we face.
This process can be summed up simply as this: Refocus, then Relax.
The reason this works so well is because when we make a decision out of uncertainty, limitation or frustration, that vibration dictates the results we get. (Which won’t be fab.)
Taking a minute to shake off the kinky vibes and remember what we want, then partnering with guidance to get there does a world of good.
Bottom line: the vibration of the answer is different than the vibration of the question – so get out of question mode before you take action or expect good answers.
Focus is everything, and our actions aren’t as important as the energy fueling them!

  • August 14, 2013

Doesn't Matter What You Do

Doesn't Matter What You Do; Only How You FeelSometimes we get caught up in trying to decide what to do, analyzing which option is best.

  • Quit this job or stay put?
  • Stay in this relationship or get out?
  • Go ahead with this medical procedure or wait for another solution?
  • Spend this money now or save it for later?

It can be maddening when we don’t have strong guidance making it clear which is the best option.
That’s when I like to remember that it doesn’t matter what we do.
It only matters how we feel.
Because our world is unfolding according to our energy, not our action.
So even if I picked a “smart” action, if I continue doubting and second-guessing that action, that energy won’t lead to my highest success.
On the other hand, if I picked a ridiculous path that seems very unlikely to work out – if I feel confident and flow positive expectations about that decision, I’ll be better served than if I chose something out of fear or obligation.
It’s worth remembering next time you’re stuck in indecision wondering what the right thing to do is.

It’s also why it’s pointless to judge another’s action, since we don’t know what their vibration is around it.  As in, maybe Angelina Jolie found her highest relief in having an elective double mastectomy.  Whatever she feels best about is what works best for her.  The same is true for each of us, even when we land on different answers.

There is no such thing as “right thing to do.”  There is only “best way to feel.”
Which option makes it easier for you to feel good?  Go with that one.
And then LET it be the right decision.  Get on board with it and feel good about it, whichever you choose.
Because it’s those good vibes that make the difference.
It’s not what you do that counts; it’s how you feel.

  • May 17, 2013

Manifester's Path to Perfect Solutions

what to do when you can't decideIt’s close, but not quite?  Can’t decide whether to stay or go?
I’ve written before about how to handle indecision, but here’s another piece of law of attraction advice on the subject.
When you don’t know whether to say yes or take a pass, think about what benefit(s) you’re wanting from this experience or decision, and then get your attention on THAT.
So it goes like this:
1. Focus on the heart and the essence of what you want, and then …
2. Let go of trying to figure it out or decide.
With your attention squarely on the heart of what you want (not distracted by aspects or features that aren’t quite right), Universe will lay out your best path to it. Maybe it will be this thing (or person) you were looking at; maybe it’ll be something else altogether.  Something that’s an even better fit.

  • It could be a training program you’ve got your eye on, but you don’t want to travel across the country for it.
  • Or maybe it’s a house that’s perfect except for the asking price.
  • Or maybe a new client that would be nice to have, except the project isn’t exactly your cup of tea.
  • Or an employee that fits most of the requirements, but is missing a key one.

When you’re faced with a “close but not quite” situation, remember to get your attention on the heart of what you want, then relax and let Universe connect the dots to it.
It’s easy to get sidelined by focusing on the misaligned aspects of what’s in front of us, but when what you’re looking at isn’t exactly what you want, it’s time to redirect your attention in a way that lets Universe make it perfect.
Because we’re deliberate creators. We don’t have to compromise.
In fact, sometimes I put together a list of my favorite options from each alternative, then turn that list over to Universe to manifest in one solution.  It works!

* * * * * * * *

Having said that, it’s worth quoting Abraham when they suggested to a guy who couldn’t decide whether he should take on a day job or stick to his plan to be self employed as an artist.  Abe said:

you can always hold out for something better, because better is always coming.  But we don’t know why you wouldn’t choose whatever is more enjoyable along the way.

What this guy wanted was to be connected to fun-loving, vibrant people, working on exciting projects that allowed him to express his creativity.
Abraham suggested that his day job could be exactly that.  Taking it wouldn’t mean he wouldn’t eventually be living out the vision he had for his ultimate success, but that it could be a nice stepping stone along the way to it.
Food for thought if you’re having trouble deciding whether to plug in or pass.

* * * * * * * *

And if that doesn’t help, or you have to make a decision in this red hot spanking moment, try this tip I picked up from Boardwalk Empire the other night:
“Flip a coin, when it’s in the air you’ll know what side you’re hoping for.”
Easy peasy, huh?

  • January 6, 2012

Solution for Indecision

how to make the right choiceShould I stay or should I go?
That was my theme song for much of my Libra-ruled life.
But Abraham offers a permanent solution to indecisiveness which you may find helpful, too, on the next occasion you can’t decide which way to go.
Because get this – it turns out that it doesn’t matter what we do. It only matters how we feel.
Which means it doesn’t even matter what choice you go with. It only matters how you feel about it.
What a relief to remember that there are no wrong decisions! No matter what you choose, all that really counts is how you feel. (Because how you feel is what you vibrate – and you get whatever you vibrate.)
So decisions all of a sudden get much simpler: which one is easier to feel good about? Which choice can you best line up with?
No matter whether you choose to buy or sell, to commit or split. to stay or go … if you tend to your vibration by making it the right choice and purposely feeling good about it, you’re home free.  All paths lead to happy endings no matter which path you take, when you make it with happiness in your heart.
The next time you’re debating what the right choice is, remember that there’s no such thing.
What matters is how you feel about it.
This post is specifically for those of us who have tendencies or habits of constantly questioning our decisions. Because when you’re flowing that energy, no choices will serve us.
Make a decision, and then line up with it.
You can’t go wrong with that plan.
But the Clash still gets credit for a great song.

  • November 19, 2011