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7 Tips for How To Decide

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For anyone who’s ever been stuck in a cycle of indecision – not sure what to do, spinning wheels while considering every possible angle, trying to suss out the best option – this one’s for you.

Here are seven tips for making decisions the LOA way …

So when you’re ready for clarity and want to trust the choices you make, use any one of these tips to help you get exactly where you want to be.

  • June 3, 2016

When Good Decisions Go Bad

When Good Decisions Go BadEveryone’s experienced it … we say yes to something we’re really excited about, that seems like the answer to our prayers, but it turns out to be a bust.
Whether it’s a dream house turned money pit, or a new job that looked better on paper, or a financial investment that doesn’t pay off …
… it even happens so often in relationships that there’s a phrase for it: “the honeymoon’s over.”
Sometimes our amazing opportunity turns into a nightmare that makes us wonder what the hell we were thinking.
But it doesn’t need to be that way.
You can use law of attraction to get things back to good.
Because all that’s happening is we’re letting our focus slip from the amazing wondrous possibilities to dwelling on nitpicky problems which can only grow larger when that focus goes unchecked.
It’s happened to me more times than I care to admit – like when I laid out tens of thousands of dollars for a business mentor that fell flat. Or when I trusted a healer to do important bodywork that didn’t pan out. Or when … you know, I think I’ll stop listing examples.
Because that focus doesn’t help. And this all about how we focus.
Here’s the LOA magic we engage to get back to good: remind yourself (as many times as needed) why you chose this, why you believed it was a good idea in the first place, and dwelling on all the things you loved about it in the beginning.
And trusting that the outcome you intended is still unfolding.
You don’t have to write it off as a good decision gone bad or label it a misguided inspiration.
It’s only when we give up on thinking of it as a good thing that we create it a “mistake.”
If we keep the doors of possibility open, and our alignment in place (that brought it to us in the first place), we put ourselves right back on the path to happiness.

Having said that, there are times when the fabulous thing was only ever meant to be a temporary step along the way to something better. In that case, it’s good to let go and appreciate the role it played in our unfolding success.
And there are times when we really truly made less than aligned decisions from a kinky vibrational place.

But for those occasions when you wonder why your good thing isn’t turning out to be that, use your powers of focus to re-harness your attention in a way that allows it to take you somewhere good after all.
That can be more effective than concluding this action “didn’t work” or “was a waste of time/money.”
So the next time you spend a big chunk of money that you start to regret, or when you wonder if you should have stayed put in your old job, or when you start to see Mr. Right as Mr. What-Was-I-Thinking, remember to use your focusing powers to your benefit. 😉
It’s never too late to recover the good thing you chose.

  • January 28, 2016