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Q&A: Is Clarity Required?

How Much Clarity Is Required to Manifest What You WantHere’s a question from a fellow creator who wants to know how much clarity is required to create what you want:

I’ve heard conflicting things about what it takes to manifest what you want.
Some law of attraction teachers say you must first be crystal clear about what you want before you can manifest it.
Others say that the Universe already knows what you want and that all you have to do is become a match to it by getting happy now.
In your experience, do you find it necessary that someone be clear about what they want? (And if so, how much detail is required?)
Or does it also work if they just trust that something good will come even when they don’t necessarily know what that specifically is?

This one seemed worth tapping the group collective wisdom for, so what say you, wise ones … how much do you have to know about what you want in order to successfully manifest it?
Thanks in advance for sharing your insights and experience!

  • May 6, 2016

Targeting Your True Desire

Manifest Your True DesireOver the years I’ve met conscious creators who unleashed their manifesting skills on a false desire …

  • Like trying to manifest weight loss when what they really wanted was love.
  • Or working on attracting clients, when their true aspiration is to quit.
  • Or creating blog traffic when what they really wanted was to feel their work matters.

(That last one was my own misdirected manifesting project.)
I’ve written before about how we sometimes get focused on the “how” of what we want, rather than the true desire itself. But it’s worth repeating since this is an easy trick to fall for.
Here’s how to know if your current goal represents your true heart’s desire:
Pretend you got what you thought you wanted.
Now look for loopholes that could spoil it. So that even though Universe could technically say, “Hey, we delivered according to spec,” it isn’t actually your idea of a good time.
If you can think of a way that your intention could manifest but you don’t like it, then you haven’t found your true heart’s desire yet.
My suspicion is that if we’re shooting for anything other than happiness (or something in that neighborhood), our sights are a little off.

For example, when a client tells me she wants to get pregnant, I know very well that’s not what she’s really after. It’s not even that she wants to have a healthy baby, although that’s probably closer to the mark.
I know this is because I’ve helped clients manifest pregnancies, only to have a first row seat for their dissatisfaction or disappointment with the results.
They didn’t just want to have a baby.
They wanted to raise a healthy, happy child in a joyful experience of parenting. They wanted to feel complete and full. They wanted the experience of nurturing and shepherding another soul through the world. They wanted to feel a sense of “family,” or to feel like something important in the world would last beyond them – a sense of legacy, perhaps. Or something more than just “have a healthy baby.”

I’ve seen clients manifest windfalls of magnificent money only to realize that what they really wanted was freedom and joy, pure and simple. Because when they fall ill or discover a betrayal in a key relationship, that’s when they realize money wasn’t what they really wanted.
I’ve helped people lose weight only to be disappointed when it didn’t alter their relationships like they thought it would. They wanted respect, to be appreciated, and to feel desired. That’s a different thing than “losing weight.”
This is why Abe tells us the only reason we want anything is because we think we’ll feel better when we have it.
So if our true desire is to just feel better, why don’t we just focus on that?
Many conscious creators do.
And when “getting happy” is our top priority, lots of other delightful pieces fall into place to support and amplify that happiness.
What I’m saying is …
You think you want a thriving business? Or a committed lover? Or a bank account full of money?
That’s not it.

  • I thought having a thriving business would make me feel successful and at ease; finally able to relax and enjoy life. Didn’t happen – all I felt was pressure.
  • I thought having an attentive lover would be the best thing ever. But it felt smothering! (Stalkers aren’t cool.)
  • I thought becoming debt free would allow me to live how I wanted. (Money can’t give me what I haven’t learned myself.)
  • I thought losing weight would make me feel better about myself. It didn’t. All I wanted was to drop just five more pounds, because surely that would make the difference. (That’s when I had a glimpse of where anorexia comes from.)

So when someone tells me what they want to manifest, I ask how they’re enjoying life right here and now. Because that’s not only what we ultimately are shooting for, but it’s also what helps all that other cool stuff come to fruition.
If you’re wondering how to get happy, that’s what we’re focusing on this month at Good Vibe University. You’re invited to join the party and get full access to the entire Year of the Manifestor course as well as much more at this online gathering for conscious creators.

  • September 1, 2015

Q&A: How to Discover True Heart's Desire?

know your true heart's desireToday’s Note from the Universe read:

You simply cannot know what will make others happy.
But you can always know for yourself.

Which was a little ironic considering the number of conversations I’ve had with fellow creators this week about their challenges to know what they really truly want.
One of Bashar’s main messages is to “follow your highest excitement,” which some people find difficult to do when they have no idea what excites them.
(I know that sounds strange to those of you who are strongly plugged into your passion, but trust me, for some folks it’s frustratingly elusive.)
Since I’ve been exploring this topic lately in private sessions, I thought it’d be good for us to share tips here for others who may be wondering how to discover their true heart’s desire.
This is where you come in … how do you know (or learn) what you truly desire?
It’d be very helpful to hear your process or experience.  (Thanks in advance for sharing!)

  • November 21, 2013

Clarity Not Required

I presented at Denise’s Virtual Vitality event today, but forgot to tell my reality tv show story, so here it is:
This week’s episode of  “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”  was where the 11 year old girl and her father get stuck in sub-zero temperatures on a snowmobile trip.
They had both said how important it was to spend time together. (He was a workaholic, so any time they got together was special and appreciated.)
Yet, as they were stranded and freezing in the snow together, I thought … this probably isn’t what they had in mind.
Technically, though, Universe delivered what they said they wanted: time together.
More likely what they really wanted was the feeling they had when together.
That’s the only reason we want anything, right? For how we think it’s going to make us feel.

Because if we got the thing we said we wanted but it turned out to suck – we would not feel like winners.

Like … the time I paid off all my debt and still didn’t feel free to live life as I wanted. That was my mistaken belief that being debt free would feel good. It doesn’t. Feeling good feels good.  ebt or no debt has nothing to do with that.
Or when I thought having a full coaching practice would be joy and bliss, but it was a surprising amount of work and stress. My job can’t dictate how I feel. Only I can.
Which is why I’ve been saying lately that you don’t need clarity about what you want in order to manifest it. At least, not clarity about the THING.
It is, though, very helpful to be clear about the feelings you want. We miss this point sometimes.
You just need to be able to feel it first – whatever you want. Find a way to feel now how you think you would feel then.
That’s what you really want.
And it’s also what works – when it comes to powerful manifesting.
Feel that way now, and not only will the material details fall into place, but you’ll have gotten what you really wanted all along.
(The feeling.)
Off my soapbox now and back to the next life lesson from the wonderful world of reality tv. (Coming up: Boston Rob is a master manifester!)  🙂

  • February 26, 2011

Q&A: Focus on One or Multiple Desires?

Great question came in from a new friend I wanted to ask you all to weigh in on.
(Plus it seems a timely one as many of us have multiple desires we’re launching for the new year.)
Here’s the question as it was emailed to me:

is it better to focus on manifesting one thing in your life (like clearing all debt) or is it okay to include a lot of things that make you feel good (like health, well being, etc.) in your visualizing and affirmations?

My initial response was that either approach works, and I started to share my personal experience (because I have noticed a difference) but then realized I wanted to hear everyone else’s results, too.
What do you think?  Is it better to focus on one desire at a time or does it still work when you work on multiple desires at once?

  • January 5, 2011

Q&A: How to Live Real Life While Manifesting the Dream?

This question I meant for us to cover on yesterday’s Q&A call at Good Vibe U, but figured it’s a also a perfect one for the community here.  An LOA savvy creator asks this question:

Question: Is it confusing to the Universe or even contradictory to have a dream, but still go about daily life in the normal way?  Does going about your real life (in a positive state) overrule the bigger dream? 

Maybe the real question is how do you go about your “regular” life while you are waiting for the bigger dream to happen?

Who hasn’t wondered this one before, right? 
Like, if my dream is financial abundance, but I’m scraping together change for a grocery run, am I confusing Universe with contrary signals?
Or if my dream is to be healthy and fit, but I can barely stand up when I get out of bed, how does that work?
Or if I’m dreaming of self-employment, how do I go to my job every day?
Looking forward to your insightful responses!

  • March 18, 2010

How to Amp Up Belief

beliefWe know the two keys to successful manifesting are desire and belief.  When these two elements are present, you’re home free to getting what you want!

For most of us, desire comes pretty easily and it’s our belief that could usually use some work.

Doubt is kryptonite to miracles and dreams come true.  Belief, on the other hand, doesn’t just grease the wheels, it requires things to happen!

Which is why clients know that believing is key to receiving, and thus often wonder how to best believe that what they want will happen?

Because it’s a common question, I thought this was a good topic for our consideration.

Here are four of my favorite ways to amp up belief (and I’d love to hear yours next):

1. I’m a big fan of Abraham’s Amp It Up exercise where you write down what you want on the top of a sheet of paper, then underneath that list the reasons why you want it, and then on the backside write the reasons why you believe you can have it.

Abe says it doesn’t matter how many reasons you list, but you’re done once you start stretching to come up with another reason. That exercise puts a nice spotlight on both desire and belief, which makes it a powerful manifesting tool.

But there are other effective ways for amping up belief as well.

2. One is to keep a running tally of successful creations – an accounting where you track things purposefully manifested.  Writing down past “wins” is a great way to start the list, then adding even “little” things like rock star parking and green lights in traffic and fabulous waiters (you all practice that one, too, right?) – all those things go on the list as well.

We know that wherever our focus goes, more of the same follows, so using this tally method to deliberately get our attention on successful manifestations is an empowering habit.  (Shoot, even thinking of others’ stories is uplifting, isn’t it?!)

3. One of the easiest ways to increase belief is to tap into a powerful reminder, like The Intention Experiment or Quantum Success or The Answer or Infinite Possibilities or I know for many The Secret works, and for others plugging into a like-minded community like this one helps.

Surrounding ourselves with reinforcing material about how the world really works helps to undo old teachings about the necessity of working hard or taking massive action to succeed.

4. Another method I ask clients to play with when they’re not feeling their manifesting muscle is “practice projects.”

A practice project is where you choose a unique thing or experience to manifest (something you don’t have any “charge” on), then just hold it in mind briefly once or twice a day for a couple of days in a row – and then simply keep an easy eye out for its appearance.

(No figuring out “how” or worrying if it will or being attached to what/where/when.  Just nice simple holding pleasant thoughts of little things that would be pleasant to see unfold, and then let the Universe bring it to your feet.)

Once you do a couple of those in a row, you not only start to properly acknowledge your manifesting skills, but you also have a nice template of how you best get the job done.

In fact, last week I joined a client in a practice project of her choosing – $50 from out of the blue.  I added that my $50 would be a “pleasant surprise.”
We spent maybe 25 seconds each imagining a $50 surprise windfall before we wrapped up our call.

Three days later I wrote my client to admit that I hadn’t remembered to do our homework of holding it in mind over the following days.  But before I sent the note, I realized Universe had already delivered it!

It turns out the day after we initially chose our practice project of 50 pleasant surprise dollars, a check arrived from another client who had inadvertently paid $250 for our one time session, rather than my real rate of $200.  I wondered if she paid extra because we’d gone over time, or if there was a misunderstanding about the fee.  Regardless, I wrote to tell her I owed her $50.

Her email back cleared things up:

“HA! Are you having an issue accepting a tip? I see why the universe had me send you one!

🙂  Love Ya!”

I’m not positive, but I think that’s the first time that ever happened.  (PS – thanks for the tip, my friend!)
Which is my proof how easy it is to miss the delivery on a practice project!  (Don’t let this happen to you.  lol)

My point being that there are lots of easy ways for us to amp up our belief, and when we do, magic happens.

Your turn: what are ways you’ve found effective for increasing your belief about having what you want?

  • September 21, 2009