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Q&A: Is Clarity Required?

Here’s a question from a fellow creator who wants to know how much clarity is required to create what you want: I’ve heard conflicting things about what it takes to manifest what you want. Some law of attraction teachers say you must first be crystal clear about what you want before you can manifest it. Others […]

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  • May 6, 2016

Targeting Your True Desire

Over the years I’ve met conscious creators who unleashed their manifesting skills on a false desire … Like trying to manifest weight loss when what they really wanted was love. Or working on attracting clients, when their true aspiration is to quit. Or creating blog traffic when what they really wanted was to feel their […]

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  • September 1, 2015

Q&A: How to Discover True Heart's Desire?

Today’s Note from the Universe read: You simply cannot know what will make others happy. But you can always know for yourself. Which was a little ironic considering the number of conversations I’ve had with fellow creators this week about their challenges to know what they really truly want. One of Bashar’s main messages is […]

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  • November 21, 2013

Clarity Not Required

I presented at Denise’s Virtual Vitality event today, but forgot to tell my reality tv show story, so here it is: This week’s episode of  “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”  was where the 11 year old girl and her father get stuck in sub-zero temperatures on a snowmobile trip. They had both said how important it was to spend time […]

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  • February 26, 2011

Q&A: Focus on One or Multiple Desires?

Great question came in from a new friend I wanted to ask you all to weigh in on. (Plus it seems a timely one as many of us have multiple desires we’re launching for the new year.) Here’s the question as it was emailed to me: is it better to focus on manifesting one thing in […]

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  • January 5, 2011

Q&A: How to Live Real Life While Manifesting the Dream?

This question I meant for us to cover on yesterday’s Q&A call at Good Vibe U, but figured it’s a also a perfect one for the community here.  An LOA savvy creator asks this question: Question: Is it confusing to the Universe or even contradictory to have a dream, but still go about daily life […]

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  • March 18, 2010

How to Amp Up Belief

We know the two keys to successful manifesting are desire and belief.  When these two elements are present, you’re home free to getting what you want! For most of us, desire comes pretty easily and it’s our belief that could usually use some work. Doubt is kryptonite to miracles and dreams come true.  Belief, on the […]

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  • September 21, 2009