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The Advantage of Not Knowing

The power of not knowingSometimes I just don’t know.
And that’s a good thing.
I love not being too sure about something.
Because when I don’t know for sure, the door is still open to possibilities.
Once I know for sure, it’s practically a done deal.
Like maybe I don’t know what kind of president that guy would make. Maybe he’d surprise me?! Who knows?
(Trust me when I say that position is an improvement over my original thinking.)
Yay for making space that it could be better than initially imagined!
I remember back when I thought you could just put up a website and then get hired.
I didn’t know you were supposed to drive traffic and create funnels and make compelling offers.
I didn’t know any better, so when I expected that people would see my site and then hire me – they did. Thanks to huge desire and lots of naivete.
In fact, I wish I still knew that. The experts have schooled me since then, but man, it was so much better that first way.
I love the coach’s answer who was asked how she made six figures in her first year: “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to.”
She didn’t know everyone wasn’t doing that!
That’s a cool thing not to know – how hard it is to make money doing what you love.
I kind of like not knowing for sure what the UPS guy just delivered. Was it that replacement part for the vacuum, or might it be something else?
(Oh, I just opened it! It was a surprise gift! YAY!)
See how well that not knowing thing works out sometimes?
Because Universe is responding to what we know.
I like that I don’t know exactly how long my desktop computer is supposed to last. Seems to be doing pretty good! Even though I bet a professional would tell me I should have replaced it a long time ago.
Speaking of age, I’m delighted that I don’t know how old my dog is. When I have to guess I err on the side of really young. I’ve got a little magic math going there that I am totally not sorting out.
I like that I don’t know for sure whose call I missed while I was out …
Maybe it was an old love interest wondering what I was up to. Maybe it was a prospective client inquiring about beginning life-changing work together. Maybe it was someone calling with such good news that I can’t even conceive of it. Maybe!?
Isn’t that a fun door to leave open?

Granted, some things are worth knowing for sure.
Like that everything is always working out. And that our well-being is guaranteed. That’s a beautiful thing to be certain of.
And our worthiness. That’s good if that never comes into question.
Some things are good to be sure about.

If you can know something completely positive, by all means – know it!
But some things might be worth relaxing your certainty about.
Like how long it takes to build a business, and how many fail at it.
You don’t need to know that. Screw that crap. The odds are in your favor when you’re a conscious creator.
That’s all you need to know.
It doesn’t often help to know how many people get diagnosed with those cancers, or what their life expectancies are. Maybe don’t know that. I wouldn’t.
Because when we know something for sure, other possibilities go poof. Because now we know better.
And once we know better … well, that sort of settles things.
The world has a way of working out according to our expectations.
So maybe it’s worth not being so sure what your ex was calling about. Or what that car repair will cost. Or what your boss will say in your annual review. Or whether you can afford to shop at that store. Or what the neighbor wants.
Be certain about the good things, and be open about everything else. That’s all I’m sayin’.
Because not knowing might be the best way to give Universe the opening it’s been looking for to deliver you something even better. 🙂

  • July 20, 2016