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How to Release Attachment

how to release attachmentAs many a conscious creator has experienced, the feelings of need and attachment can kink a lot of manifesting parties.

The more we want something, and the more our happiness depends on getting it, the more we push it away.

Seems like a rather cruel system when you think about it. The stronger the desire, the longer it takes to get here? How rude.

But that’s only when we’re attached to the results. That is, when we need this outcome in order to feel happy or satisfied.

It is possible, believe it or not, to have a strong desire for something without needing it.

And when we hit that energetic combination, that’s the manifesting sweet spot.

It’s one reason why we’re so good at manifesting the “little” stuff we don’t care too much about, and why the “big” things are so long in coming.

Because we’re fine either way with the “little” things, right? It’s no big deal if it happens or not. The things we really really really want, though – that can be a different story.

When our entire happiness is dependent on whether this desire comes to fruition or not – that is not vibrational alignment. That’s like vibrational limbo. It’ll slow your manifesting to a crawl! In fact, you may as well rely on action to make it happen when you’re flowing that kind of energy.

So, strong desire can be a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with really really wanting something.

Remember that strong desire and strong belief are the two keys to successful manifesting.

But don’t let that desire squash your good vibes now.

When you can really really want something, and

  • still know that you’re okay whether it happens or not, and
  • enjoy life now in lots of other ways, and
  • trust that if this good thing doesn’t happen something else fabulous will …

… that’s when you’ll see success.

The remedy is to be able to let go of attachment to results, to release need for this particular outcome, while still flowing a healthy desire.

Abraham has described this as a “loving what’s here and looking forward to what’s next” kind of perspective. That vibrational stance allows you to benefit from strong desire without kinking the manifesting party.

Here’s a compilation of  articles on the subject, designed to support your alignment by releasing attachment:

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My quick take on how to resolve this vibe-kinker:

  1. appreciate lots of other things in life
  2. enjoy whatever I can here now
  3. trust that Universe knows how to delight me in a wide variety of ways, so I can loosen up about how that happens
  4. I sing Bobby Pinson’s “fine either way” chorus to myself, to remember that no matter what happens, it’s all good. I’m just fine no matter what.

This is a concept worth mastering as a conscious creator, since it makes a big difference in our alignment.

If you’ve got tips to share, please do, since this is a subject that many a creator grapples with. Thanks in advance!

  • November 30, 2013