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The Role of Meds in Good Vibrations

Can you medicate your way to happiness?Can you medicate your way to a good vibration?
Before we talk about the role of a doctor’s prescription in managing our emotional energy, let me say first that I don’t really know what I’m talking about here.
This is not my forte and I am not a qualified professional for this topic.
So please take what I say with a grain of salt.

In fact, it’s more important that you make up your own mind about this and tune in to your own inner wisdom, rather than being led by others’ limiting beliefs.
Which is rather my point about the whole thing.

Here’s what I’ve seen in some LOA circles and individual conscious creator minds when it comes to medicating moods …

  • Shame or judgment about “resorting” to a prescription in order to better manage moods.
  • Feeling like if one is really a powerful creator, one should be able to fix this without medical intervention.
  • A belief that anti-depressants are ineffective or reliant on the placebo effect, so why bother.

And I’ve also seen, for some, tremendous upliftment when they get a prescription that suits them.
Sometimes when you’re asking for relief from depression, and when you hold intentions to feel better, sometimes Universe (or your Higher Self, you might prefer to think of it as) might answer that with an introduction to meds. It may very well be the path of least resistance for some.
I think it’s smart to be open to all inspiration that Universe/your Higher Self delivers.
Here’s my thought on this subject before I turn it over to you guys for input …
If someone found their way to feeling better via Wellbutrin or Zoloft (or whatever Rx the doctor writes), that’s as much worth celebrating as someone who found their way there via a new puppy or a new playlist or a new fling. Let’s not judge.
Several of my most successful co-creator friends found an anti-depressant made all the difference for them.
If you found your way to feeling better via a daily regimen of pills, and you’re feeling like you gave up on LOA by doing so, I think you’ve got it wrong. That does not make you a failure of a conscious creator. Quite the opposite – I’d say you succeeded in getting back to good.
One final thought: I’ve noticed that it isn’t so much we judge others’ path to feeling better as we do our own. If you’re someone who has been resisting this particular path, I wish you ease, clarity, love and support.
Good things come to those who are open to them.
When you're open to all inspiration, the path of least resistance might surprise you.

  • June 2, 2014

Q&A: Does Sex Drain Creative Energy?

law of attractoin and sex: does sex drain creative energy?Great question in from someone using the money mantra that I don’t feel super qualified to answer, so I’m calling in you guys (aka the Big Guns).
The question is: are our attraction skills more powerful when we refrain from sexual intercourse?
For those who might think this an odd question, it isn’t.
There are multiple law of attraction instructors (including Napoleon Hill, James Allen) who suggest that best practice is to suspend all sexual activity to be more successful at creating what we want.
(Just realized what a conundrum that would be for one who was manifesting more sex.)
Some say it drains energy and dilutes focus when we have sex; others say it’s a powerful way to create vibrational alignment.
I actually haven’t practiced this (deliberately or consciously) myself, so I wanted to check in with you all.  Have you noticed a difference in your manifesting results related to your sexual activity (or lack thereof)?
I found a couple articles on whether sex hinders the law of attraction here and here, but would love to hear your opinions and experiences.  Thanks in advance for sharing!
(And much appreciation to the lovely reader who sent in this most excellent question.)

  • October 26, 2013

Line It Up First

Get vibrationally aligned before you take actionAn easy routine to get stuck in is spinning circles in our minds trying to figure something out.
Whether it’s how to make some money, or drop 15 pounds, or what to do with that guy you don’t know whether to date or write off  – it’s easy to fall in the habit of figuring it out yourself.
And if we’re flowing contrary energy – which is anything that feels like stress, tension, anxiety, frustration, fear, etc. – then any actions we take WON’T HELP!
We gotta line the energy up before we do anything.
So first take a minute to clear out the negative energy.  Just a pause in the action and a couple of deep breaths will help.
Then get vibrationally aligned.
There’s more than one way to get lined up, but here’s one I used today myself …
I got super kinky while contemplating a potential business venture, realized I was spinning in not so fab energy, and took a deep breath to help get clear it.
To get centered in good energy, I asked these questions about what I wanted:

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What does it feel like?

(A derivative of the psych-k questions.)
In fact, I’ll do this process again now on a lost cat from one of the neighbors that I’m sort of worried about.

Long haired tabby Anikin is on her way to the shelter where hopefully her family will pick her up, but I was feeling anxious about sending her in.  What if they didn’t claim her?  Would the shelter call?  Should I have kept her here and tried to find her folks myself?  What if no one follows through and I’ve sent Anikin to her death??

NOT the sort of thoughts that inspire good energy or any vibrational alignment to a happy ending.
But awareness is the first step!
Next up, I’ll clear it out with a deep breath and maybe even shake it off physically.  Take a walk, stretch a little – get the body in on this gig to clear the vibrational air.
Third, dial in on what I want.
What does it look like?  
Anika is home sweet home!  So happy to be there!  And her folks are thrilled to have her back!  Everyone’s happy to be reunited.  I see her rubbing up against her favorite person and they’re all smiles that she’s home safe and sound.
What does it sound like?  
The animal control officers are telling the family what a lovely cat she is, and that they should update her tags with current contact info.  Anika is purring away to be back in her own bed, eating her own food, patrolling her own house again.  I even hear the daughter saying how nice it is that other people helped get her sweet kitty home safe and sound.
What does it feel like?  
It feels like a relief.  It feels like a happy ending.  It feels like all is well.  It feels like a lightness in my heart again.  It feels like an appreciation for all the cooperative components that helped Anika get home sweet home.
And just like that, I’ve switched the vibration from anxiety to relief.
That’s how we get lined up.  Doesn’t have to be fancy.
Once we’re in alignment, we can check in on whether there’s any action to take.
For that I love Sophie Mihalko’s process: ask kitty whether there’s anything she needs from me to support her highest well being.
(Sophie says you can ask your business, you can ask your body, ask whatever/whoever’s involved.)
When I’m seeing sweet Anikin in her happy ending, I’ll get very different inspirations than when I’m dwelling on worst case scenario thoughts.
And those are the only actions that will serve any of us – myself and that super sweet cat – the ones that come from my alignment vs. my contrast.
You got anything you’re feeling contrasty about?  Try this process – it makes all the difference in the world.

  • January 3, 2013

Q&A: Why Do Negative People Get Good Things?

why do bad people get good things?Loved this question from a fellow creator who wondered why people with negative energy (complaining, mean, angry, etc.) manifest good things like material goods, relationships, and successful careers?
We’ve all seen examples of it, right?

  • the high anxiety neighbor who wins a vacation trip to Europe
  • the mean-spirited uncle who gets richer every year
  • the old college roommate who is worthless on the job but gets promoted regularly

What gives?  If like attracts like, how can they be doing so well?  And why does it always seem like nice guys finish last?
Turning it over to you smart readers to weigh in on this one:  How is it that people with such negative energy manifest such positive things?
Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!

  • June 21, 2012

How to Catch a Dog (& Anything Else You Want)

how to get what you wantHave you heard the colloquialism that a chased dog will always run? Owners of adventurous dogs have likely experienced the truth of that!

But it’s not just true for dogs. Chasing anything will send it running in the opposite direction!

That “graspy” chasing desperate type energy is not a super attractive vibe.

In fact, I just emailed a family member suggesting he make peace with impending divorce – because clinging to his marriage was making his wife want out all the more.

The saying about how a chased dog will always run reminded me of the trick that savvy dog owners use to get a dog on the run to return home.

You simply get in front of the dog so they can see you, then run in another direction.

They follow. They can’t help it. Even if they’ve fallen for it a hundred times before, they have to join the running pack leader. It’s what they do.

So instead of chasing stinkerhead Koda through the neighborhood when he sneaks out an open gate, I know my job is to get in front of him and start running. Neighbors might think I’m nuts as I run barefoot across lawns and down streets in a totally different trajectory than my dog, but that’s okay. This is no time to worry what neighbors think.

(Just like in LOA work.)

I get out in front, get his attention, and start running in a direction that leads us home. (Even a big circle works.)

I can run right into the garage or backyard or front door and he gleefully follows.

Unless I turn around to try to catch him. Which sends him in a different direction immediately.

Or if I lose speed, he loses interest. It’s got to be a full on sprint to keep him engaged!

I’ve learned not to look back to make sure he’s following, because a leader of the pack doesn’t wonder about that. I have to run with confidence that he’s right behind me.

And it works like a charm! (I’ve done this with enough dogs to know its reliability.)

This is very similar to engaging the energy of whatever in the world we want to come to us.

  1. Get out in front.
  2. Be someone they’re happy to follow.
  3. Show it a good time and it’ll join the party!

How does that work with men in the dating world? Have a good time with or without them. Let them follow your fun lead.

How does it work with money? Don’t make your happy life dependent on it showing up – get out, do your thing and money will find you.
The same with health, jobs, success, etc.

We lead with the energy that requires it to line up with us.

Joy, happiness, freedom – all those vibes work great for getting what we want to follow us home.

Or in the case of dogs, simple running will do.  😉

My invitation to you is to see where you’re “chasing” and start leading instead. You’ll like what happens next.  🙂

  • August 25, 2010

Energy Dynamics in Relationship

Last week I had a seemingly random thought about how it was time to call an old friend I hadn’t spoken to since last year.
So I dialed him up and asked how he was doing.
He was taken aback by my call, which he explained at dinner a couple nights later.
Apparently just a few hours before I rang, he’d been thinking of me.
In a not-so-nice way.
He had said to himself that he was done with this “one way friendship” where he has to make all the efforts to connect and I only respond occasionally to his messages.  He was fed up that I never took the initiative to reach out.
So it spooked him a little when I rang just a few hours after he mentally wrote me off.
He thought this was more evidence that women respond best when treated somewhat disdainfully, because they dismiss “nice guys” who do all the right things.
And he shared a bunch of examples from his own life and women he knew to prove his point:

  • Like, how when he shows up at the club not looking or smelling his best, women are all over him.  But when he cleans up nice, he doesn’t get any attention at all.
  • Or when he shows no interest in a girl, she’s practically pounding down his door.  But when he says and does all the right things, she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

I know there are dating experts out there teaching guys to “pick up chicks” by being somewhat condescending and withholding to women.  And getting results from it.
But I don’t think the proper conclusion here is that women need to be treated poorly in order to capture and maintain their interest.
The only reason anything changes is because the energy changed.  And there are lots of ways to create those energetic changes.
Like giving up your resistance about being the only one who calls – that’s one way to shift the energy.
(As proven last week, it gets results.)
Changing the story you tell is another way to shift the energy dynamics.
(Maybe instead of saying “She never calls,” it might behoove one desiring change to entertain a story that goes more like “She’s probably thinking about me even when I don’t know it” or even “She’s good about staying in touch.”)
Another way to shift the energy dynamics in the relationship is to … well, this is where I open it up for conversation with you.
How do you shift the energy when the relationship could use some tweaking?
Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • March 23, 2010

Q&A: Possible to Keep Vibe Up?

This great question from Laura allows us to explore how best to manage one’s energy while in the challenging stages of a manifestation. Here’s Laura:

I was wanting to work as a coach but unemployed when a job came along that seemed to have potential, so I took it.  It was immediately apparent that it was totally out of alignment. (Inconvenient hours, irregular schedule, no energy to do anything after work.)  I would tell myself that I was an amazing coach and that the perfect job was coming, but …
… it was very hard to keep the energy up in that situation. It became even more clear when I got sick and was in bed for 3 days!  So I decided I needed to remove myself from that situation to clear the energy and get back on track. I quit yesterday and already feel tremendous relief. So, here is the question: 
Is it possible to remain in a situation that is so far from what you are trying to manifest and still keep the vibe strong enough to move beyond it?  Or, it is just more energy expended that ends up showing up as resistance?  Would love to know your experience with this and I am sure others would too.

This is Jeannette again and I can sure relate to Laura’s question.  While wanting to start my coaching practice, mentor coaches advised I not give up my day job.  But while working that job, I was so unhappy that nothing good got invested in my practice.  It wasn’t until quitting that I felt the relief that allowed me to begin stepping into alignment with success as a coach.
Putting that kind of financial pressure on myself wasn’t any sort of pleasure, but would it have been possible to manage my vibration at work to make for a smoother transition into coaching?  Knowing what I know now, I may have handled things differently back then.
But I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about situations like this!  (Thanks in advance for your insights and shared experiences.)

  • June 20, 2009

How Does Your Question Feel?

question-mark“Why not me?”

That’s the question I happened to hear in two different client sessions this week. 
One client asked it with an air of hope and optimism; the other with a sense of despair and frustration.
It struck me how the same words, the same question, had such different vibrations associated with it.
Why not ME??
Why NOT me?
hee hee – I  love how this deliberate creation work calls for a willing awareness of the energy flowing amidst all these words.
The “why not ME??” client was focused on how things seemed to be happening for others but not for her.  She felt overlooked and falling behind.  (Until we refocused, of course, which she quickly engaged.)
The “why NOT me?” client could see lots of reasons why things should be and could be coming together for him.  He could have been singing the “future’s so bright, I have to wear shades” song.  His energy felt like it was a no-brainer that success would find him.
So my question to you:
How does your question feel?  Are your words encouraging an empowering feeling within?  Or a limiting one?  Are they positive, or are you headed for trouble with them? 
Pay attention .. and celebrate your ability to fine tune your way through this manifesting process.
Fun stuff, huh?!

  • February 12, 2009