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Follow the Signs

The other night I played a game with a love interest called the “Back Reading Challenge.”

It’s where you spell out words on the other person’s back with your fingertip and they try to guess the word.

Whoever wins the round (we each get three words per round) gets 5 minutes of the other person doing their bidding.

For our last challenge I went 8-0 and scored a 5 minute shoulder rub, a foot rub, a scalp massage, scruffing the cat so I could clean her ears, sorting through my stack of mail, a lower back massage, 5 minutes of sweet nothings whispered in my ear (which was hilarious: “You have a nicely shaped scalp”), and emptying the dishwasher.

I am good at this challenge.

What makes me good at reading words written on my back is the same thing that makes me a good manifestor.

Let me back up …

Remember how Bashar tells us the simple formula for manifesting what you want is to follow your highest excitement?

And Abraham agrees it’s a matter of letting our Inner Being guide the way to what we want?

Right. They’re saying let inner inspiration lead us to our manifested dreams.

Sounds simple enough, but anyone who’s tried it on a regular basis knows it can be easier said than done.

Mostly because we have trouble hearing inspiration above the noise of our own monkey mind trying to figure things out ourselves.

So when you’re creating a successful business and you get in the way of inner inspiration by anticipating that you’ll need a niche, and a catchy tag line, and a good optin for growing a list, etc. you’re drowning out your ability to hear true inspiration, which might very well be different than what you were expecting.

Or when you’re creating a true love relationship and you think you should post a profile online, and start going out more, maybe let friends introduce you to other single friends … you know what? Maybe that’ll get you there. Maybe not.

You don’t really know unless you’re letting inspiration guide the way.

And if you’re not letting inspiration lead, you’re handicapped.

That’s why I won 8-0 last night, because I know how to set my monkey mind aside and listen for the rest of the clues.

Here’s what I mean …

When someone’s spelling a mystery word on your back, the tendency is to try to figure out the word as soon as you have the first few letters.
And that messes you up for catching the next ones.

Example: as soon as I “read” C, O, and N my mind started racing to come up with potential words: contact, construction, conflict, connoisseur … but when the fourth letter was a c, my brain got even more tangled up trying to think up conc- words, which it had trouble with. (It was thinking hard c, which didn’t make sense.)

That’s the same way your brain gets tangled up figuring out how to make money or move across the country or whatever your current manifestation project is.

When we get inspirations that don’t make sense, we tend to ignore them and move forward with what we think the answer should be.

Like, “This is where I offer a group program,” or “Maybe it’s time to hire a matchmaker,” or “What if I just buy more lottery tickets?”

That is not the way.

If those instructions aren’t from inner guidance, there is a guaranteed better way to what you want!

The only actions to take are the ones inspired by the part of you that knows the way there. Not the ones conjured by your manipulating monkey mind.

When we stop trying to figure it out on our own, and listen for the next clues, we’ll have a much better track record.

Which is why I reminded myself to stop trying to guess the word and just pay attention to the next letter.

The word was conscience. Which I was able to get because I was listening for the next letters rather than concluding or guessing what the word was.

“Just let it come to you,” I self-coached. “He’ll give you everything you need to know.”

Contrasted by when I gave him a word, he got distracted by thinking up words that fit and missed important letters as a result.

Even after I told him what was tripping him up, he still didn’t bank a win. Because it’s just not that easy to pause the mind’s turning wheels if you’re not already practiced at it.

Admittedly, he almost had me when he started using words I didn’t know.

(“Omophagy,” really?!)

But I know how to trust what’s given to me.

And when guidance says:

  • “relax” even when it seems I should be hustling, or when inspiration is to
  • “read fiction” when it seems like I should be catching up on Abe material, or when it says
  • “pass on that interview” even though I love talking to new folks, or
  • whatever doesn’t make sense to my logical mind …

I know how to trust what inner knowing puts before me.

Conscious creators know how to leverage this inner resource, too. It’s why we can manifest dreams come true more easily than those taking the muggle approach.

Another helpful hint (for manifesting success as well as back reading challenges) is not to skip ahead thinking I know how it ends before it’s done … like the way I tricked him into guessing Halloween when I’d only drawn the H, A, L, L, O, W, E. (The last letter was D, but he lost when he guessed wrong. I had my heart set on that foot rub!)

Ok, I’ll confess – I’ve done that in my manifesting work before. (Skipping ahead thinking I knew what guidance was going to say.)
But I’m learning how not to.

The mind tries to make sense of things. It wants to know in advance.

That’s our downfall in conscious creation as well as in back reading challenges, because we aren’t supposed to figure it out for ourselves. We’re just supposed to follow the signs.

Bashar says the physical mind isn’t supposed to know what the higher mind does. We need to stop listening to our physical (limited) mind for day to day guidance toward our biggest dreams and desires.

When you know how to curb your brain’s tendency to try to figure it out, you give yourself a tremendous manifesting advantage.

It works for conscious creation as well as back reading games. 🙂

Be willing to not know in advance, pay attention to the next clue being offered, even when it doesn’t make sense, and trust you’ll find your way there.
It’s a winning formula all around.

  • July 4, 2017