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When Expectations Don't Match Results?

Law of Attraction Mystery: When Expectations Don't Match ResultsYou don’t have to play this LOA game for long before you bump into a situation where it seems like there’s a discrepancy between our expectations and results.
As in, you totally expected to get the job, but didn’t.
Or you didn’t think that anything good would happen on that date, but it was amazing!
Sometimes what we expect and what we get don’t seem to match up.
But how can that be if our reality is unfolding according to our thoughts?
I usually attribute it to misconceptions about what we’re really vibrating or to the buffer of time, but does that always explain it?
Play along for a second, please, because I’d love your opinion about this …

Yesterday a friend  shared about how she was looking at a particular “fad” diet she felt major skepticism about, but after all the rave reviews eventually got curious enough to try it.
She’s now experiencing amazing  results, reporting “no way” is this just about her vibration. This very LOA savvy creator insists there has to be more to the story – chemical or biochemical – because it isn’t just about the emotions.

I just chalked her experience up to lack of awareness about what her energetic focus really is, because it’s always about the vibration. No exceptions.
But then I thought about this subject again today when I wondered whether I needed to tell my two exes what to expect with the new crystals I gave them.
I myself have amazing results from playing with these crystals – but would they, too, if they didn’t expect to?
Did I get great results because I knew what the crystals were supposed to do? Or would they still work for someone who doesn’t know what the rocks do?

This is why the FDA requires double blind tests on new drugs before they go to market, right? Because drug makers have to prove there really is something happening above and beyond the placebo effect.

And yet, I’ve played with enough crystals to know that even when I didn’t know what they “did,” I got results. So how could it be my “knowing” what would happen when I didn’t actually know?
Maybe Bashar can shed some light on this (from his clip about Permission Slips):

The power does not exist in those objects or rituals – no real effect comes from them. We understand of course that in physical reality when something is crystallized in a physical way of course it has its own attributes. Such things as crystals are obviously representative of certain kinds of energy patterns, yes.
But nevertheless the point is that regardless what attribute the object, idea, tool or technique may have inherently … it still doesn’t really create any effect within you or do anything for you unless you choose to match the frequency of the idea it symbolizes for you.
So you are generating the effect yourself out of your own energy but what you are doing is relying on your belief system (which sometimes can be unconscious) to attract to you the symbol that best reflects the vibration within you, that will allow you permission to be yourself.

Does that mean my friends don’t have to consciously know what the crystals offer in order to be affected by them?
Or maybe that those rocks can sit in their pockets all week long and not have a single solitary effect on them if they weren’t already lined up with something good happening.
In my fad diet friend’s example, I could say that her vibration obviously shifted when her skepticism turned to wonder, and that’s what allowed good results.
But I’ve had a couple dramatic experiences myself when I was just playing with an LOA exercise that I didn’t really think would do anything (I was just doing it so I could say I did) – and yet it totally rocked my world.  In those situations, I suspect it was my lightness and lack of attachment that allowed positive change.
Curious to hear your thoughts on the topic …
Have you ever had the experience of getting results different than you expected? If so, how’d you explain that as a deliberate creator?

  • March 27, 2013

What Would Make It An "Of Course"?

“So happy and excited” – that’s what many expect we’ll feel when our big thing manifests.
But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.
Because by the time our big thing is happening, we’re not usually bouncing off the walls with excitement. We saw it coming, we got used to the idea, we came to feel the inevitability of it –  which is what vibrational alignment feels like.

“Of course. I’ve been expecting you.”

So, if that’s how we feel right before it happens – that “of course” kind of expectation, it makes me wonder what would it take for us to feel that “of course”-ness about our current desire right now?  Because we know once we get there, we’re home free.

Abraham is quoted from their Caribbean cruise March of last year: “Whatever is manifesting in your experience is a perfect reflection of what you’re expecting.” So our expectations are critical.

A fellow coach spoke with me as I was writing this post about how excited she’d be to have her group teleclass fill up. I remember thinking I’d be excited about filling my first class too, but that’s not what it ended up feeling like.
By the time it got there, it felt more like, “okay, that’s cool, makes sense … next up!”
When I moved into a beautiful home with a great guy, it didn’t feel like ‘YAY!! All my romantic dreams have come true!” It more felt like, “ahhhh. This is it. Nicely done.” It felt very natural and had an “of course”-ness about it.
(Isn’t it funny how our miracles don’t always feel so miraculous by the time they happen?)
All this leads me to ask how can we best leverage and implement the power of positive expectation?
With current manifestation projects, I ask myself if they have an “of course” feeling about it. And the answer is … uh … well, not really. Not yet.
What would it take to make it feel like an “of course” situation? What would help me feel complete and confident knowing that it’s happening?
I suspect the answer to those questions provides us good material for our manifestations. That’s where we may very well find some newly inspired action, or new aligned thoughts, or even more discernment about what’s standing in our vibrational way.
I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What would it take to make your dream come true seem like an inevitable outcome?
  • What would you have to do different?
  • What would you have to feel different?
  • What would you have to believe different?

Would you need a new sense of confidence? Some tweaking of a belief or two? Or maybe there’s a bold action calling you.
I know this much: when we get to the place of feeling “of course” about our desire coming to fruition, that’s where we’ll see big things happening.

  • June 13, 2009