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How Fast Can It Happen?

how fast can it happen? Manifesting timelines exploredIt’s a common question among both experienced and new manifesters: how fast can it happen?

I get lit up every time I run across a reminder that it can be instant; or that life transformations can take place in as little as 30 days.

My own personal experience has proven how quickly Universe responds to my shifted vibe:

  • my first pray rain journal entry delivered exactly what I wanted in less than 2 hours
  • my first scripting exercise netted spectacular results in under two days
  • I manifested chocolate out of thin air in minutes
  • I turned around a screwed up dating vibe with a 10 minute visualization that resulted in HUGE success within the hour
  • I’ve willed phone reps to give me good answers while on hold

So I personally know that it can happen FAST.

On the other side, I have a couple of manifesting projects that have been in the works for years.  Literally, years.

What I’ve learned from personal experience as well as working with hundreds of other deliberate creators is that the speed of manifestation is impacted by these things:

  1. how badly we need it (less attachment is better)
  2. how much contrast has been engaged (more is good)
  3. how well we can disengage from current reality (if we’re stuck on ‘w
  4. hat is,’ it’s going to go SLOW)
  5. how much we believe in it

Maybe a smart math person here could put that in some type of formula:

Speed of Manifestation is inversely correlated to level of need (i.e. attachment), exponentially connected to prior contrast, divided by the reality disengagement factor times belief.  ha  (I’m not the smart math person.)

But I am a smart and experienced deliberate creator.

I know that my past contrast works to my benefitwhen I let go of that contrast. (Contrast meaning the “sucky stuff” or the “don’t want” of life.)  That’s why the scripting and journaling worked so quickly – I was coming from huge contrast in both those experiences.

I know that needing results sends a contrary signal to Universe, blocking the very thing I want.  (Which is why present moment appreciation is such a powerful manifesting aid.)

I know that seeing “what is” is also a hindrance to results. (Start seeing what you’re creating, not what you’ve created.)

And I know that the more I believe/expect it, the faster it unfolds.

So to allow for fast manifesting, you want to incorporate these elements as much as possible:

huge desire, little attachment, and a strong focus on and belief in success.

With those elements in play you are guaranteed to turn some heads at your crazy fast manifesting skills!  I’d love to hear your stories of fast manifesting, if you care to share …

  • April 2, 2012