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It's All Happening; Choose Your Fav

Choose Your RealityThe question isn’t, “What will happen?”
The question is, “Which do you choose?”
Because it’s all happening.
Every possible version of reality we can conceive of is happening. On some level.
Abraham calls it a vibrational reality. Physicists refer to it as multiple worlds.
However you wrap your head around it, the bottom line is that there isn’t just one reality we’re all working with.
There are more iterations than we can count.
That’s why two people can be focused differently and yet both be right.
Because it isn’t the same reality for us all.
Which means that whatever you’d like to manage in your life – your job, your health, your political leaders – there are infinite versions to choose from.
You get to pick.
And you make that choice based on how you focus. Your reality matches your vibration.
If you want a change in your reality, that calls for a change in your frequency.
That’s why the most powerful thing we could do to bring our favorite dreams to real life is to find a way to feel better.
That’s all.

  • Think a lighter thought.
  • Give yourself a reason to laugh.
  • Chill out and enjoy more.

That’s all it takes to move toward your preferred version of reality.
We sometimes complicate this routine by believing we have to make things happen ourselves and get everyone else on the same page, but that’s a muggle myth.
It’s okay that others see things differently. They get to have it their way; you get to have it yours.
We were never supposed to agree anyway.
So don’t let anyone else spoil your good time. Don’t get swept up in their version if it’s not what you prefer.
We each get to choose for ourselves, and we do that based on what we think and how we feel. So pay attention to what you’re focusing on.
How easy is it to feel better right now? It’s just one baby panda clip or bear sprinkler video away.
And remember that facebook made unfollow and hide features for a reason. Using your focusing discretion makes it a lot easier to let others have it their way without it ruining your own good time.
Because conscious creators of all people know how to live and let live. 🙂

  • July 28, 2016

Righter Than You Realize

Things Are Going RightThis is the manifesting trick that changes everything when put into practice.
It’s the #1 skill worth mastering if you care about your LOA game, not to mention general life happiness …
Today I woke up – and completely took it for granted.
I woke up. Which meant I slept!
Sleeping through the night used to be a huge miracle! The kind of thing that inspired a chorus of angels singing as I phoned friends to share the news!
And here I’d just slept through the whole night. Didn’t even think anything of it.
Got out of bed. Took that for granted, too.
I got out of bed without even thinking about it. No back pain! No careful maneuvering. No wincing or groaning as I started the day! That wasn’t always the case.
And then I got on the internet. As if it were nothing. As if that’s how it always is.
But the truth is Comcast has inspired many a swear word in the past.
Then I sat in my chair without having to clean up cat throw-up. Didn’t even thank them for it. There are more days than I care to count where that is not the case.
I share this because it speaks to the point I want to make about today’s manifesting tip …
Things are going more right than you realize.
There’s way more working out for you than there is going wrong.
And when you know that, especially when you can remember it in the face of contrast – it makes all the vibrational difference.
You can’t get too kinky in your vibe when you look around and see all the rightness in your world.
And if you can’t see how that’s already true for you, it’s time to practice.
Because many of us have an unhelpful tendency to spot what’s wrong and dwell on what needs to change, rather than appreciating what’s going right.
If your first thought when you woke up wasn’t a lovely one, then I’m talking to you.
That’s a sign we have room for improvement on where we’re dialed vibrationally.
This manifesting skill is about developing the perspective of love and appreciation rather than grinding through another day of effort and angst.
And for some of us, it is work. It can take a committed practice of looking for the good news before it becomes our new habitual perspective.
(It’s why I regularly post on several differentgood news” and “what’s going right” threads in the GVU forums.)
It’s hands down the single most powerful thing you can do to support your manifesting success.
So the next time you hear yourself complaining or worried about this, that or the other, take a pause for a reality check.
Look around and tally even just a handful of things going right. (It’s impossible to list all the things working in  your favor – that’s how many there are!)
But when you can get a handle on more things going right than things going sideways, you are well on your way to happily ever after.
Because manifesting what you want can be as simple as recognizing that life is righter than we realized.

  • June 11, 2016

How Things Work Out

how things work out

photo credit: http://losethattyre.co.uk

Sometimes we find ourselves in a fix, staring straight at a problem gone really wrong.
But we’re deliberate creators, and we know we’re not helpless victims to random life occurrences.  Everything is unfolding according to our vibrational frequency.
And we know anything is possible, including a happy ending to the problem we’re stuck in.
So how do we flex our manifesting muscle to turn things around?
It starts by being able to see that happening.  To hold in mind the pictures of happy endings.
To feel the feelings of that relief.
To think the thoughts that foster that outcome.
To trust that everything is working out, and to give Universe room to do its thing.
It doesn’t happen by continuing to look at and fret about the very thing we don’t want.
We have to shift our attention off what we don’t want and onto what we do want.  Whatever that solution looks like, sounds like, and feels like.
When we do that, things work out.
I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is powerful.  And it gives us good practice to be in choice about where we point our attention.

What does it look like for things to work out?  (Maybe you’re relaxed in your favorite chair and smiling again.  Or dancing your happy dance.)
What does it sound like?  (Perhaps you hear yourself saying, “Well that worked out perfectly!”  Or your roommate says, “Good for you!”)
What does it feel like?  (Likely you’ll feel tension leaving your body.  And maybe a happy hug from a friend or a pat on the back from the boss?)

And just like that, you’re on your way to things working out.
Maybe it’s easier than we think after all.  😉

  • September 28, 2013

How to Come Out of a Spin

How to Come Out of a SpinTraffic has slowed to a crawl on the freeway. You can see a tangle of cars ahead on the right.
Eventually you pass the wreckage.
Do you look?
For many, it’s hard not to.
But how about in the other parts of life, when it seems we can’t turn our attention away from the very thing we don’t want?
Like when:

  • there aren’t as many clients as you think you need
  • or when your sweetie doesn’t say the lovely things you want to hear
  • or when the co-workers make your job harder than it already is.

As deliberate creators we know the power of our focus, and why it’s so important to look at what we want.
Tony Robbins shares the secret to life (as taught to him by one of the world’s leading race car drivers):

It doesn’t matter how good you are, you’re going to end up in a spin one day.
You’ve got to know how to come out of a spin.
All you’ve got to remember is this: focus on where you want to go, not what you’re afraid of. You go where you’re focusing.

Why do we focus on what we don’t want, whether it’s the wall, the lack of money, the unhealthy body, or the frustrating people?
At race car school Tony said he was locked into the upcoming brick wall because, “I want to see the death happen.” lol
It seems screwed up, I know, but he’s not alone. It’s really easy to end up staring straight at our “impending doom.”
But it’s a habit we can change.
Not necessarily overnight. Tony says he had the same reaction the second time his instructor initiated the spin.
But with enough practice, eventually we can get it down. So when we start to spin out we can do just what Tony learned to do:

I don’t look. I keep focusing on where I want to go. And after a while, I get confident.

Creators, that’s for us, too.
If you’re looking at an upcoming brick wall in life, you can change focus.
And that changes everything.
The more you practice it, the easier it gets.
We won’t always have a world class race car instructor by our side turning our head in the direction we want to go, but today you have me reminding you to train your attention toward the good stuff. You can find a more positive perspective on whatever’s up.
You know how to come out of a spin: just look where you want to go. And practice, practice, practice.  🙂
PS – the truth is, spins can sometimes be fun, too! Play the video on the page below and you’ll see what I mean:

  • May 1, 2013

Build Your Focus Muscle

Build Your Focus MuscleNeville Goddard says “the great secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”
He says when we experience our desire in our imagination, the desire will become reality.
We deliberate creators are well familiar with these concepts.
And hopefully practicing them!
Because as Neville writes, “we are master of our fate when we have the power to imagine what we please.”
So how are your powers of imagination these days?
If you’re like me, you’re feeling pretty confident in your ability to focus on whatever you choose.
But when I tried Neville’s exercise in The Power of Awareness to help build imagination power, I realized I could use some more workouts!
Since most of us weren’t encouraged to build our daydream muscles in school, it might be worth amping up those skills now to support our manifesting success.
To help us build our focusing muscle and our ability to pay attention in a way that serves us, here’s Neville’s exercise from the book:

To aid in mastering the control of your attention, practice this exercise: Night after night, just before you drift off to sleep, strive to hold your attention on the activities of the day in reverse order.  Focus your attention on the last thing you did, that is, getting in to bed, and then move it backward in time over the events until you reach the first event of the day, getting out of bed.
This is no easy exercise, but just as specific exercises greatly help in developing specific muscles, this will greatly help in developing the “muscle” of your attention.

Whoa, he was right.  That wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.
Neville says our attention must be “developed, controlled, and concentrated” in order to embrace our true creative power.  His promise in doing this exercise regularly is that we’ll awaken our center of power.
I’ll tell you what appeals to me about building my focusing skills – I’d be less easily swept up in someone else’s thoughts and more capable of choosing my own point of focus.  Recession?  Environmental disaster?  Political strife?  Have it your way, John Q. Public, but I’m choosing Abundance, Health, and Harmony.
How did I get so good at that?  I practiced.  🙂
Let me know what you experience if you play with Neville’s exercise – or what tips you can share to master the control of one’s attention.

  • August 27, 2012

Dancing with Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Dance between what is and what's next To some creators it seems paradoxical to embrace two apparently contradictory principles of deliberate manifesting:

appreciating what is


focusing on what’s next.

We’re told to learn stronger focusing skills, so that  we’re looking less at our physical reality and more at what’s in our vortex (vibrational reality).
We’re encouraged to visualize the end result regularly, pivot when we’re thinking contrary thoughts, and to develop a strong familiarity with our “dream come true.”
At the same time we’re told that resisting our current reality is a perfect way to stay stuck in it.  So making peace with it, or better yet – learning to appreciate current reality – is a key component of vibrational alignment.
Someone asked me the other day if those weren’t contradictory instructions.
It can sure seem that way sometimes, huh?!
I’ve felt it myself – when it seems like I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time loving my life just as is, that I start to feel a little irresponsible in not giving more attention to the big “vision.”
I can also sense that focusing exclusively on how fabulous life will be when that vision unfolds shortchanges my enjoyment of all the wonderful things in life right now.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than seeing it as a paradox, I see it as a dance:
A dance between loving life now and looking forward to what’s next.

Abraham describes it as “satisfied with what is and eager for more.”
I know from personal experience that practicing even one of these manifesting principles results in more good things.  But when we can embrace both – that’s powerful alignment!
Do you have any tips to share about how to love what is while still keeping an eye towards what’s next?
We’d love to hear them!

  • July 28, 2012

Doing Your Part to Get What You Want?

Do Your Part to Make Dreams Come True“What are you doing for your part?”
That’s one of the first questions I ask when someone says they’re not manifesting what they want.
For your part of this process, what are you doing?
It may not sound like an LOA friendly question, but I mean it in terms of what are you doing to manage your focus? To enhance your alignment?
Because our part of the manifesting process is to get dialed on the frequency of what we want. To become a vibrational match to our desire. That’s all we gotta do.
Once we do that, things start happening by themselves …

  • We get brilliant ideas (which we’re so inspired to act on it feels like joy, not “should”).
  • We get phone calls that reveal the next obvious step.
  • We read an article that offers just the next piece of info to keep the momentum going.

… or something along those lines – that’s the fairies of the Universe doing their part.
But we gotta do our part.  Which is to get lined up.
So what are you doing to facilitate that?
You’d be surprised how many LOA savvy folks know how the system works, and plug into the material in some form or fashion, but don’t do anything to manage their focus.  Sometimes it’s that there’s something kinking the alignment despite our best focusing efforts, but often it’s that there isn’t a real commitment to align the vibe.
Everything I publish – newsletters, blog posts, GVU calls, interviews – are designed to inspire you to discover your best way to alignment.
But if you’re not engaging any of them, know that’s your first step.
Tend to your focus. Your alignment.
Once you’re doing that, I know from lots of client (and personal) experience that instead of reading these emails you’ll start writing me instead – to share your satisfying successes.
How am I walking my talk? (I just wrote my LOA coaches reminding them to practice what they preach, so this has been on my mind.)
What I’m doing lately to make my (upgraded income) dream come true is playing with the grid and acting as if.
And also turning real life “reality” cues into prompts of success. So instead of the numbers confirming more of “what is,” they’re mentally altered to become a reflection of my new financial status.
It’s pretty fun.
You can hardly call it “work”!
But to whatever extent it’s an “effort” to switch your focus in order to manage your vibration, that’s what your job is.  That’s the work of manifesting.
In fact, I ran across this Abraham quote today along these same lines:

Law of Attraction does not focus you, Law of Attraction responds to your focus. It’s up to you to focus. It’s up to you to focus. It’s up to you to decide. It’s up to you to be determined. It’s up to you to make
decisions. It’s up to you. It’s up to you to focus yourself into the alignment with who you are.
Now we are not trying to talk you into being more than you are, we are wanting you to get up to speed with who you are. – Abraham, March 2011

It’s one thing to know the ins and outs of how the Universe works. It’s another to work it.
So, what are you doing to tend to your alignment? I’d love to hear your habits and processes below …

  • June 18, 2012

The Best or the Worst? You Decide

things are getting better AND worseJohn Quinones’ show “What Would You Do?” featured a setup this week where someone was stuck on the side of a busy street with a flat tire to see whether people would help.
As you might expect, the stranded cute blonde received immediate help with her tire.
When they replaced the woman with a young guy, he got help, too.  (Even if it did take a couple more minutes before someone stopped.)
But when it was a man in a Muslim cap who was stuck with a flat tire, he didn’t get nearly as much support.
It was discouraging (and even a little upsetting) to watch as people pretended not to see him.
Eventually, though, a passersby did stop.
He was a rather remarkable young man.  The kind that you’re still thinking about days later.

Dominic had a tattoo representing “mental alchemy” on his forearm, which he says is all about turning negative into positive.  His message: “Do not judge; we’re all the same;” and his policy is to practice “unconditional love for every living thing.”
The producers behind the scenes literally cheered when Dominic refused money from the Muslim actor!

So … was it discouraging that only two people in the entire day stopped to help our Muslim in distress?  Or was it fabulous that such an open-minded openly loving young person did?
As Abraham reminded at a workshop the other day, we get to decide, because both perspectives are true.
Things are both the worst they’ve ever been and the best they’ve ever been.
A man in Abraham’s hot seat wanted to correct his grandmother who believes the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  But Abraham said, “She’s right!”  Things are as bad as they’ve ever been.
And they’re also the best they’ve ever been.
It’s simply a matter of what we choose for ourselves.
Since the balance between contrast and desire will always be linked, and since expansion is inevitable – it means things are (always) as good and as bad as they’ve ever been.
Kind of gives you good incentive to focus on the best, right?
Here’s to Dominic and all those like him, who make it so easy to see that the world is changing for the better.
Happy Easter.

  • April 8, 2012