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4 Reasons You Are So Fabulous

Enjoy this uplifting guest post reminding just how amazing you are from our friend Frank Butterfield, channeling the Communion of Light:
You Are So Fabulous!Whenever we are interacting with any of our physical friends, we are always astonished by the difference in how we see you and how you tend to see yourselves.
It is certainly our pleasure to be connecting with you as you decide to embrace the delight and magnificence of who you truly are.
And, it is the case that, from time to time, we are quite amused to be reminding our physical friends of their innate fabulousness.
So, if we were to list our favorite reasons as to why your fabulousness is so very much the case, these would be those reasons:
1. You Are Where You Are
The very fact that you awoke this morning to your physical reality is proof that you can actually hang your hat on that shows you why you are such a magnificent and fabulous being of light.
If you take a moment and look around at all that you can see and listen to all that you can hear, you will begin to find all manner of sights and sounds that are quite amazing to be in and among.
You woke up for this.
You didn’t have to. But you did.
Your fabulousness called you back for another day of astonishing delight in and among all that you are seeing and hearing right now.
2. You Are Who You Are
The very concept of you is astonishing from a non-physical perspective.
When we turn our attention to you, we are reminded of how amazing it is that you took on the delicious idea of coming forth into a body, weaving a personality, and giving yourself a name.
These are all quite remarkable things, in and of themselves, but that you chose to do this, and you most certainly did, is what brings such marvel to our awareness.
We see you on the leading edge of your experience, where you are right now, and we know that you are in the middle of something truly astonishing and powerful, even if everything is quiet or even if you don’t quite like everything.
3. You Are When You Are
You jumped into a river of time when you awoke this morning!
This is amazing!
We find it quite delicious to be with you as you take your thoughts and stretch them out through time so you can see and feel what they actually are.
There is an exquisiteness that arises from doing this and that defies words but that we know you can actually tap into when you feel into what you are in the middle of.
In other words, as you stretch into your reality, like a cat stretching in the morning sun, you can feel the magic of what is happening all around you.
The exquisiteness is found when you notice how perfectly in place all of your experiences are.
Instead of everything happening at once, each moment unfolds one right after another in ways that are delicious and perfect for you right where you are.
4. You Are Who You Are Becoming
In each moment, you have a variety of thoughts.
There are some that you like.  And there are some that you don’t like.
The ones you like are wonderful. You give your attention to them and they expand and become more of themselves, like a flower of thought opening to the sun of your focus.
The ones you don’t like are wonderful. You find what you would rather bring your attention to as a result of having the thoughts and experiences that you don’t like.
How this works is so magical.
When you let it happen for you, you are deliciously aware of the magic of the you that you are becoming as a result of having givien your attention to what you like and made decisions about what is next from what you didn’t like.
Frank ButterfieldFor all of these fabulous reasons, and so many more, you are quite the magical being of light who is sitting right in the middle of a delicious creation allowing yourself to become the expansion of the Unconditional Love that you are.
And we so enjoy reminding you of this as often as we are able to do so.
Frank Butterfield is a master channel who has helped thousands experience powerful shifts in consciousness through his delicious work with The Communion of Light. Learn more at Communion of Light.

  • October 1, 2015

Not Intended for All Audiences

Ready for a breath of fresh air?  Enjoy this most excellent guest post from my good friend and colleague, Frank Butterfield …
Frank ButterfieldPicture it: The year is 2013 and the place is a Starbucks in northwest New Jersey.
After a fabulous weekend in Vermont with amazing friends alongside beautiful Lake Champlain under a canopy of golden autumn leaves, I’m zipping my way down the east coast towards Key West.
Why?  I don’t know.  It just feels better to do so.
I have my Earl Gray tea and am watching the NYC-bound commuters come in and get their morning fuel, enjoying the sight of so many handsome gentlemen, and enjoying the fact that my day has three calls scheduled and a drive down to Baltimore and anything else I care to add to the mix.
I’m reading my Facebook and a friend (an awesome coach) posts a question about clients and marketing and I write that I’ve noticed that the less I reach for clients, the better things go.
Then, BAM!
I get called out.  I am told that the way I run my business is ruining other people’s lives.
This awesome coach (he really is) is now the wing that some nestlings have found and now that they are on the right track with his program and his approach, they are sure to find flight and become the very majestic eagles they have always been destined to become.
This kicks ass!  In a major way!
Only… my process (I have a process?) and the way I do business (I have a way of doing business?) have hurt these nestlings and they must be healed.  Or, to quote verbatim, “people are going broke doing business with you.”
Wow!  OK!
Now, I don’t know who these people are specifically.  And, I don’t know what I was doing or what they were doing that caused them to go broke (they went broke?).
If they had come to me and told me this, I would have said, among other things, “OMG! You need to find someplace else that feels better! Stat!”
But, instead I have a bit of a broadside followed by shame and confusion and guilt.  Which are mine, 100%.  I can temporarily pretend they aren’t, but they are.

On the practical side, I stayed true to myself by acknowledging how wonderful it is that these folks found him and his work.  I stand behind that 110% because I know it is absolutely true.

Now, today, after sitting with this, I’ve realized a few things.
Based on what this coach said, he isn’t really that familiar with my work, even though he claimed to be.
These people who found him have done the right thing for themselves, and that is what is most important since I truly want everyone to actually have what they actually want.
What this coach has done here is help me get more clarity than ever before about my work.
I don’t market my services like anyone else I know.  I just follow what feels better to me.
I don’t do business like anyone else I know.  I just follow what feels better to me.
What I offer is very unique and not a fit for everyone and that’s exactly right.
I also now get it that he is lumping me in with other people that I am assuming would be called “Law of Attraction folks.”
In other words, we’re the people who advocate that if you just throw it over to the Universe, you can sit on the couch all day and eat bon-bons and you’ll get everything you want.  You know — like they said in The Secret.
Except, of course, that’s not what my work is about at all.  Nor is that what any of these so-called “Law of Attraction folks” are saying or demonstrating either.
What he helped me realize is that I believe in what is coming through me because I walk that talk.  I live my life according to the ideas that are coming through when I am channeling my handsome non-physical friends.
And, in fact, I’m doing exactly what I have always wanted to do — in terms of how I create money, how I live my life, and all the good stuff that I am willing to allow.
Oh, and there’s the rub: all that I am willing to allow.
If you have dilly-dallied with these “Law of Attraction” concepts, you might not get that the real “work” is to continuously open up more and more to allow what you actually want.  And while stuff is part of what I want, I’m much more interested in awareness, experiences, and qualities in the different relationships I have.
I do get all sorts of stuff that I want because I ask for it.  But then I do have to actually ask for it and I do have to actually allow it.  And, if you understand this whole intentional and deliberate creation thing, then you know that this sounds laughably easy and is fundamentally simple in concept but is a lifetime of exploration (delicious exploration, I might add) in application.
My life is infinitely better than it has ever been that I can ever remember.  And, as good as it is, it will be getting better and better.
So, I’m deeply appreciating my friend the coach for what he brought forth in his dismissal and warning.  My work is not for everyone. That’s why I offer hours and hours of free samples of what it’s like so anyone interested will know if it is for them.  But, mostly I let the Universe sort that out for me.  And that’s working better and better, the more I let it happen.
What do you do when someone comes along and tells you that you are crazy for believing that you can intentionally create your life?
Find Frankie B and his non-physical friends at Communion of Light, where those hours of free samples will deliver delightful inspiration on a wide variety of helpful topics.  Big love, Frank!

  • October 9, 2013

Emotional Guidance Scale – Frankie B Style

emotional guidance scaleIf you read comments from the prior post, you’ve already seen Frank Butterfield‘s version of the Emotional Guidance Scale.

It’s “salty,” as he says.  And not for everyone.

But if you can appreciate a few swear words, and are familiar with Abraham’s Vibrational Scale, you’re going to love Frank’s version.

First (and just to give sensitive readers a chance to stop reading now before they continue to potentially offensive material), here is the original version of Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale:

Positive Expectation/Belief

And here’s Frank Butterfield’s version, destined to become a classic in deliberate creator circles.

(You read it here first!)

Hell yeah!
Oh, ok, sure.
Hmmmm… interesting
Grrrl Please!
Jeez Louise!
Damn It!
F*ck you
F*ck me

Frank ButterfieldFrank Butterfield is a master channel who joyfully translates the energy of a collection of non-physical beings in what they refer to as a Communion of Light. These non-physical friends remind us of the profound truth of who are: beings of light in physical form who are already master manifestors.

(Frank, way to bring a sense of humor to the principles of vibration management. You rock!)

  • August 20, 2011