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Vibration Activation: Satisfaction & Fulfillment

Vibration Activation: Satisfaction and FulfillmentMany of us know what it’s like to want something and to strive for it. (Endlessly. Frustratingly.)
Some of us know that vibration so well that we keep our manifestation at bay because we’re not in alignment to having it.
If you’ve gotten really good at “wanting it,” it might be worth practicing “having it” instead.
That’s what this vibration activation is designed to help you do – turn on the frequency of satisfaction and fufillment so you become a match to having instead of wanting.
We can go about that two ways …

  1. We can imagine that our desire has manifested, and practice pre-enjoying that reality, or …
  2. We can find fulfillment in the things that already exist in our 3D life.

Either way, we become a better match to receiving what we want.
Let’s take a stab at the “having it” vibration with that second approach. Enjoy this little script to activate fulfillment and satisfaction in life as it is now:

Mmm. Here where I stand, as I look around right now, I see that life is good.
I see what’s gone right instead of what I don’t like.
I see what’s present instead of what’s missing.
It feels good to acknowledge what’s already here.
In fact, the more I look, the more I find – of ways Universe has delivered past dreams and desires. I am blessed in so many ways!
It’s funny how easy it is to look forward to what’s next, losing sight of the gifts already here. But as soon as I decide to see it, I recognize how amazing life is right now.
I can easily count a dozen blessings, and each one in itself is cause for celebration. My life is full. My heart is satisfied. This is enough. Indeed, it’s plenty already.
And the more I love what’s here, the better I get at receiving the next delightful things.
I am living a dream come true. Sometimes I lose sight of that, but it doesn’t change the fact that life is wonderful, right here and now.
In so many ways, I’m already experiencing what matters most. I know it’s natural to continue dreaming new dreams, but I can do that in full appreciation of what already is.
Whatever I thought I needed next in order to be happy, I was mistaken. Life is good right now.
My heart is full and life is amazing. It’s good to be me!

A powerful way to continue this vibration next would be to revel in something you’re completely delighted with. See you in the comments with anything you care to share! 🙂

  • August 15, 2015