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Eyes for the Gifts

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A Gladinator is one trained to see the positive in any situation. It’s a superpower for conscious creators.

If you don’t already have eyes open to the gifts, let this inspire you to cultivate this potent manifesting skill so you can count the blessings just as easily in challenging times as prosperous ones.

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  • August 1, 2016

Get Your Gladinator On

The GladinatorAre good tidings in the air, or is it just me?
That’s what I wondered after a morning filled with pleasant surprises and delightful discoveries at every turn.

A local botanical garden I didn’t know about! Offering $5 classes! I just signed up for companion planting! woo hoo!
And a boutique chocolate store just blocks away, with to-die-for almond clusters that were so good they were gone in five minutes!
Lovely emails from lovely people sharing such nice things. (You guys are the best!)

It made me feel a little spoiled, like I might be Universe’s favorite.
Am I exceptionally lucky, or is everyone having this good a time today? (I mean, it could be astrological, I suppose.)
But then I realized it’s more likely that all of us are always being showered with the goods.
It’s just that some are better at seeing it than others.
Which made me glad that on this day I have eyes for the gifts.
I don’t see this stuff on all days, in all moods. But lots of times I do.
That’s what Grant Mattos called it during his exit interview after his best friend betrayed and blindsided him on Survivor.
“My eyes are open to the gifts.”
I love that quote so much it’s still on my white board all these years later.
Because that’s what I want – eyes for the gifts. No matter the circumstances, I want to be able to see what’s going right.
You know what I call that?
A gladinator.
And Pollyanno is the pro at it.
A gladinator is “one who is trained and skilled to see the positive in any situation.”
(I just made that up.)
It’s not a talent everyone has. It’s cultivated. You could call it a superpower.
Sometimes it takes years of practice before seeing the good becomes second nature and no longer requires conscious effort.
But it’s a practice worth engaging.
Because we get what we look for, so when we develop the habit of looking for what’s going right, we end up seeing lots of things going right in the world.
And that is a beautiful thing.
I want to be someone who is good at seeing the blessings and the benefits. The silver linings and the bright sides. That’s what I want to have eyes for.

The same way my dad is really good at spotting at deer on the mountain … while driving, at dusk, he still sees them.
I can’t see anything there – just trees and bushes for me. How is he seeing deer?
But he’s a hunter who has developed hunter’s eyes. He knows their ways and where they’re likely to be. He’s studied them, so he’s good at it.
Sometimes if I look long enough and he points in their direction, I can see them. Sometimes.

It’s the same with the good news and what’s going right.
Sometimes it’s tricky to see. Sometimes others can see it easily and we’re totally blind to it.
But that doesn’t mean it’s not there.
That can offer some comfort when we’re not able to see it. Just knowing it is there, and that when our mood shifts (which it always does) we will be able to see it. That eases some of the angst, right?
Having said that, there is a time for rotten moods, bad days, hissy fits and crying jags. We weren’t meant to be perpetually happy 24/7.
But we can stack the deck in our favor by developing eyes for the gifts in life.
Which just takes practice.
So this is your official invitation to get your Gladinator on by making a point of looking for what’s going right and celebrating the wins – big or small – as you find them.
It’s a day in day out practice that makes all the difference.
In fact, you can practice right now by sharing some of your good news in the comments.
PS – if you’d rather hear this subject in my own words, the latest podcast is here.

  • August 1, 2016