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Gratitude with a Twist

Seems like Thanksgiving is a holiday made especially for deliberate creators, since we excel at the appreciation vibe. In fact, let’s have a little thankfulness work out right now, just to show how good we are at this stuff. Play with the nine questions below to help stretch your gratitude muscle. (Answer privately if you […]

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  • November 27, 2013

Unhappy Thanksgiving: When to Be Ungrateful

If your inbox looks anything like mine, it’s filled with tips and reminders for practicing a deeper level of gratitude and appreciation in honor of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday. Last week I sat on a Gratitude Panel; tomorrow night I guest on an Appreciation & Gratitude radio show; this morning someone shared with […]

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  • November 22, 2010

Your Manifesting Technique Losing Juice?

Have you found yourself super excited about a new manifesting method, diligently practicing it every day, only to get bored with it before the month is out? If so,  you’re not alone. In fact, I experienced it myself this year with 29 gifts, and the 40 day abundance mantra.  It happens with pray rain journaling, […]

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  • November 7, 2009