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Greg Gibbs on 2012

Has 2012 been not what you expected?  This guest post from life coach Greg Gibbs shares his experience of the year of vibrational boot camp:

Gregory Gibbs, life coachHow many of us were super, super excited about 2012 and all it was promised or thought to bring?
Light workers or angels or Divine Beings would help us show the way to the 5th dimension, the world would change as we know it, there would be massive transformation and transcendence of the human race and for the planet, there would be massive change and upheaval, some would opt out, some would be thrilled, and some would be worried, and some would be, well, blasé about the whole year.
And let’s not forget about all of that energy shifting around for the full moons, new moons, eclipses, Saturn leaving Libra, and moving into Scorpio, not to mention all of those portals opening up on key dates (I forget them now, all a bit of blur, really), and what’s to come on the Solstice. End of the Mayan calendar and all that entails whether it’s a doomsday theory and the world will end, or it’s simply just the end of a very large cycle of time.
I, for one, was extremely excited for 2012. At the end of 2011 things, mostly, were starting to look brighter. And 2012 was going to amp up it all up.
From all the things I remember reading about planetary and ethereal energy speeding up, bodily changes commencing to activate 12 strand DNA, crystalline re-alignment, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it all. I’m going to admit it: I’m a bit of a metaphysical dope. Ninety percent of what I was attracting to read and hear about 2012 made no sense, certainly no scientific sense or seemed to have any basis in any reality that I was aware of. “My angels revealed to me…”, “last night the Pleaidean Council revealed to me…”, “the High Council of Lemuria are wanting to communicate the following important message to the Lightworkers of Earth, help is coming”? Fascinating, yet I remained dubious.
The more I read, the more I sifted, and importantly, the more I felt around inside, there was something in the ethers whether I was completely tapped into it or not. Let’s embrace it! Let’s do it! After all, I must have wanted to be here for it, or else, well, I wouldn’t be here, right?
Little did I know it was really vibrational boot camp that some of us had signed up for, and yeah, I chose not to read the fine print. Did you read it or did you skip over it like I did? Like glossing over the warnings that all kinds of nasty stuff might come up and there would be choices to make.
But, there was that sense of fabulous energy getting ready to bring about positive change that was so deliciously enticing.
And, there was a kind edge to  contrast this year, but it was equally, if not more delicious and enticing. Good days were great, bad days had me reaching for the gasoline and matches to see how much more damage I might inflict upon myself, forgetting I’d be the one cleaning up the mess, charred bits and all.
My *stuff* came up in spits and spurts over the course of the year like it did for many of us. If you were focused on your thoughts and feelings and were smart, you dealt with things pretty much in the moment with grace and clarity, and moved on. If you were like me and opted for procrastination, there would come a day (I could feel it) when it would all go south and under.
And sure enough, not too long ago, all of what I chose to put off came to a head in a powerful, amazing, disturbing, geyser-like cesspool eruption. It was horrible and painful.
After everything erupted, it was impossible to ignore it. No sweeping under the carpet this time, this *stuff* is real.
I had no choice but to be really honest with myself and confront the results of my apparent dominant vibrational state. What sane person would create this horrible stinking foul mess of (mis)creation from limiting beliefs and lack? What had I been thinking and, importantly, what had I been feeling?
That’s when I heard the angelic song of clarity and realized this cesspool eruption was a gift.
We have always had the opportunity to choose anew, to create anew, but this year’s energy in the guise of vibrational boot camp helped me get to the simple nitty gritty.
Yeah, it took me a while, but that’s okay, I got there in the end: Choose for fear, again, or choose for love in all areas in all situations.
I did what I could in the moment and choose for love for myself. That’s where we have to start if we’re not there already. I understood this at a mind level, but I had been missing the point until I felt it in my heart.
Deciding to choose for love, I feel, was what 2012 was all about: A year of opportunities to experience contrast until we got to that visceral feeling place that our choice now must be for love—and it really is only the sane choice.
We are our own light workers. This is the first step of true awakening and empowerment—authentically feeling unconditional love for ourselves and remembering who we really are. And only from love can we truly connect and channel our Divinity and to begin to transform the planet to make Heaven on Earth.

Find life coach Gregory Gibbs on facebook and at GVU as a faculty member.

  • December 18, 2012

What Is the Grid?

If you’ve been wondering what Abraham means by doing “grid work,” you’re not alone.

This guest post comes from GVU faculty member Gregory Gibbs, who shares thoughts on what the grid is and how to use it to your manifesting success:
Abraham's Grid

Lately, Abraham has been suggesting we work with emotional grids as a means to manifest our desires. They believe it’s easier for people to understand and apply, more so than some of their previous processes.

Yet, in its simplicity, some of us are scratching our heads wondering what the heck is this grid?!  Do we write it out?  What does it look like?  How does it work?

We sometimes complicate things, especially those who have habits of working hard!  But here’s my simple take on Abraham’s grid:

It’s one of the simplest means of creating vibrational focus.  Firstly, to feel good or better in any given moment on any topic, and secondly, to increase focus on what is wanted:  feelings and manifestations without getting hung up on how it’s going to manifest and what it’s going to look like.

What is a Grid?

A grid is simply a point of attraction, a point of vibration signaling to Universe.  Thinking of it as a grid is an easy way to create stronger focus and better manage your vibrational point of attraction.

There are many ways you can use the grid to get creative with your manifesting.  I recommend something that really lights you up, but not so complicated that you lose sight of what a grid’s purpose is: Vibrational focus.
working with Abraham's Grid

What can a Grid look like?

In working with the grid, it helps to visualize something grid-like – perhaps a wire frame, a building structure, or even a skeleton.  Something where you create the foundation for your  desired manifestation to grow from.

Think sci-fi and animation movies where characters, objects, landscapes, etc., start as wire frame ideas, and then are filled in with textures, colors, shading, lighting, etc. to bring them to life.

Or how about a supporting structure for houses, buildings, cars, boats, etc.?

For quantum physics freaks and geeks, you could think of a grid as your own area in the quantum or unified field.

You could go 3D and think of empty Rubik’s cube or even a transmission tower. (Thank you Jacqui and Nicole for those ideas!)

A grid might even be a space in your brain, heart, or body.

You can draw or write something out on paper to get you started, but I think it’s easiest to create a grid in your mind. Be playful and fun and don’t make it abig deal. Keep it simple at the beginning, as it’s only a focus point.

Seeding the Grid
Emotions are the seeds for your grid. Find an emotion or two that represent how you will feel when a manifestation unfolds. Abraham has been telling us this for years, and it’s that simple.

We simply reach for and maintain the feelings of how we think we will feel when the manifestation comes. When we consistently feel the emotions first, then the manifestation must come. It is Law. (I love that, It is Law – you can’t get this wrong!)

Feeding the Grid
Feelings are the fuel of your grid. You can imagine that your grid lights up a bit or pulses a little with the energy of the emotions that you want to start feeling. Allow the emotions to just float out onto your grid.

You can then start amping up your grid by feeling the emotion any number of ways.

Whatever grid you are creating, if you can easily feel an emotion from another source, do that. For example, if thinking of your lover puts you in state of joy, use him or her. If thinking of your pet puts in you in state of bliss, use that. The feeling is the most important thing, not so much where it comes from. If you can feel an emotion from the get-go, that also works!

Fill in your grid with some recent examples of manifestations to milk the feelings to bring you more of the same. I love this example from Jeannette: she specifically seeded her “helpful people grid” with recent examples of experiencing delightful, helpful, customer service folks.

As you feel an emotion, stay with it for a bit.   (17-68 seconds would be great!)  Imagine that the more you are feeling the emotion authentically, the more that your grid begins to light up, vibrate, pulse, and broadcast your signal. As you feed the grid with your feelings, the more strength the signal has, the more you empower Universal attraction.

Filling in the Grid
This is the easiest part. Universe does ALL of this through manifestation. How fabulously wonderful is that?  The first manifestations are likely emotional ones, where you’ll notice it’s easier to feel better.  Then you’ll get new ideas, insights or inspirations, or you might come across useful information.

In general, your entire vibration will be at a higher level, sending a more aligned signal to Universe. You are becoming a more powerful vibrational match to many things that are in your vortex – you are becoming a cooperative component!

Why The Grid Is So Powerful
By feeling the emotions, all else drops away and in that powerful moment, you send a very strong signal to Universe to bring more feelings and more things. Your now is where your power is.

By focusing on feeling the emotions, you get out of worrying about or trying to figure out the how’s, who’s, and when’s.

By focusing on feeling the emotions, you are less likely to entertain limiting beliefs and more likely to suspend the need to believe that the manifestation is possible for you.

You can be as general as you like and stay there. If getting specific lights you up, go for that. If it feels awkward or forced or that you are pushing to feel specific, cut yourself some slack and stay general.

Grid Summary
The construct of the grid is a great manifesting tool and I think is the easiest process Abraham has offered thus far. What I have presented here is my interpretation with some insight and experience from others. I invite you to share your thoughts below, have fun playing with the grid, and keep it simple.
Gregory Gibbs, Life CoachGregory Gibbs is a faculty member at Good Vibe University, frequenting the forums with high-vibing support and leading various GVU calls, amongst other things. He’s working a number of grids and spreading his wings as a Life Coach. 

  • June 17, 2012