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The LOA Expert You Must Hear

Don’t we all appreciate finding an expert leader to show us the way?

Someone we can look up to and trust that will help us live up to our potential?

Someone who we know has our best interests at heart, and that we’ll be tremendously better off for having tuned into?

Yeah, that’s a treasure trove of a resource!

When you find someone like that you absolutely must share the goods.

That’s why I’m posting today to clue you in to the most leading edge manifesting expert best equipped to guide you to your highest happiness and success.

In fact, you’ve probably run across this resource before, without even realizing just how amazing they are, and how well-positioned and perfectly experienced to give you the best advice and guidance you ever dreamed of finding.

And even better news – you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

I hope you already know who I’m talking about, but if you don’t, I’d like to invite you to meet this person by visiting the nearest mirror.
Yes, it’s you.

Or rather, your higher self.

Aka inner guidance or inner being.

I’m talking about the part of you that’s connected to Source energy and knows exactly what you want and how to best get there.

There isn’t any other guru on the planet that knows better than you do.

All you have to do to tap this divine expert guidance is to go within and listen.

The reason I’m saying this is because many of you have shared how much you love my podcasts and how you keep them on autoplay in the car or while cleaning house.

Which, I’m flattered by, but also slightly alarmed about.

No one should listen to me that much!

I’m not that smart. Not nearly as smart as your inner guidance is.

So let’s all make sure we’re taking the time to hear our absolute best most trustworthy reliable expert – our inner guidance, along with our favorite Abe clips and other valuable LOA resources for good measure.

But let’s not leave out the most important part. YOU!

Or maybe this post is just for me, because I notice I make time to listen to others who inspire my manifesting success, but I haven’t yet prioritized the input that truly serves me best.

Until now.

I’m officially committing 15 minutes a day to just get quiet and let Universal wisdom make itself heard within.

All the coolest people I know meditate daily; Abraham keeps telling us to meditate; and this guy made a compelling case in his regression session.

So I won’t ignore the messages any more.

I’m a week in on a daily meditation practice. Just 15 minutes. No big deal. Anyone can do that, right? Even me.

If you’re not already tuning in to your absolute best LOA expert, I’d invite you to make a standing appointment and prepare to be blown away with how wise and uncannily on target your higher input is.

So yes, we all love hearing a respected teacher’s wisdom about how to live our highest potential, but make sure your own wisdom gets a strong say, too.

You know way better than the rest of us combined. Your own guidance rocks the house like no one else can!

  • June 26, 2017

Time for a Team Meeting?

How to Connect with Your Team for Divine SupportFor those of us who tend to roll solo, taking care of business on our own and reluctant to ask for help, it’s likely we could use a reminder about the power of team support.
I’m not just talking about friends, family or employees willing to lend a helping hand, but an even higher, more well-resourced support system available to each and every one of us whenever we call on it.
We all have a variety of exceptionally skilled, powerful, divine helpers standing at the ready to support us with whatever we ask.
They can do whatever we can imagine:

  • pave the way to our dream come true
  • deliver inspiration and brilliant ideas
  • answer big questions
  • bring 3D helpers and assistants
  • convey helpful resources
  • smooth out the day
  • give us a reason to laugh
  • reallocate time

… whatever you can think of requesting, they can help with.
But we need to ask and be open to receiving their support.

If you’re wondering whether to start online dating or not, they can help. If you’ve got a big bill you’d like help getting handled, they’re happy for you to put them on it. If you need to get a message through to someone you can’t talk to yourself, you can ask your team to talk to his team. Or even if you don’t have a specific question or request, but just want to open to high level input – that’s a great reason to connect.

Your divine support system consists of whoever you invite and call on, which for me includes Angels, Guides, Universe/God, my Higher Self, as well as my virtual mastermind members. (Including Florence Scovel-Shinn, aka “Flo” in our intimate circle.) I often call on my Inner Business Guru as well (compliments to Jeanna G for introducing me to that resource) and sometimes my Universal Manager (thanks for that intro, Abe) and loved ones who’ve crossed.
With that much high powered support, it means all of us can be well connected when we remember to call on the team.
If you haven’t done that lately (or ever), now is a great time to connect.
There are no rules about how to meet with your team. Do whatever feels right to you. Or follow suggestions from the experts.
Here’s how I meet with my team …

I prep the same way I would meet with any highly esteemed guests, meaning I make sure I’m presentable and feeling good. (I want to be in a good mood, so I set aside any stress or problems that might get in the way of our clear communication.)
I clean up the place like I would for any company that was stopping by. (Maybe your team likes to gather at the local pub, or a church setting?)
Then I find a comfortable spot for us all to gather, making sure to have a way to take notes throughout the meeting. (I prefer pen and paper over laptop. I’ve found relying on memory a bad plan.)
A few weeks ago it was so beautiful outside that I hosted the team meeting on the back patio. With the birds chirping and the breeze flowing it felt like a perfect place to welcome divine beings to brainstorm.
Then I close my eyes, breathe in some light (so I’m at a good vibration for hearing everyone), welcome them all in, thank them for being there, and introduce the purpose of the gathering.

After that it’s just a matter of staying open to whatever messages arrive.
Sometimes those communications arrive instantly, and sometimes they show up later.
In this particular meeting I solicited suggestions for moving forward on my current manifestation-in-progress (biz evolution). They said four very clear things:

1) you’re doing great (a helpful reminder since I sometimes gloss over present success).
2) relax about it (you don’t have to work for it).
3) partner up (you don’t have to go it alone).
4) own it (as in, acknowledge your expertise and worthiness).

On the partner up instruction, I told them I’d love that and was very open to the idea, but could they please send some referrals. (“Tell me who, please!”)
They said they have been sending referrals, and I instantly suspected I might know who they were talking about. (A new guy on my radar who rang my bell the week prior.)
So I asked they make those referrals more obvious, since sometimes I have to hear things twice to really get it.
With that it felt like we were done, so I thanked them for their support and sent huge love and appreciation their way. Also asked them to let me know if there was anything I could do for them. (Feels silly to offer, but I hate to just be a taker in these gatherings.)
Went back to my regularly scheduled day and within minutes they had the referral on my desk. (In my inbox, specifically.) Delivered with exceptional clarity. Just like I’d asked. Seriously unmistakable.
The team delivers when you take the time to check in!
Make sure the power players on your side aren’t going untapped. They’re here for you, rooting for your success, they can do magical and miraculous things, and they want to help.
There are many ways to connect with our personal teams, so I’d love to what you practice for tuning in to divine wisdom, support and insight. Thanks for sharing your methods and experiences with us in the comments!

  • May 31, 2014

Holy Hannah, This Stuff Works Fast!

money-faucet1Those of you who read Pray Rain entries or have been in group mastermind conversations know I’ve been getting healthy reminders from Universe to follow intuition- regardless of how much sense it does or doesn’t make.

Which I thought I was already pretty good at, but apparently there’s a whole new skill level for me to master.
So when I started feeling an urge to offer an “open” course on manifesting money, I paid attention.
“Wouldn’t it be fun,” I thought, “to offer a course on money where everyone could benefit?  Especially the folks who think they have no money?!”
That DID sound like fun!  It was a clear call from inspiration, even though my “logical” brain (i.e. gremlins) said ridiculous things like:

  • “You can’t do this for free, girlfriend, you do still work for a living!” and
  • “People will totally take advantage – you’ll have twice the participants but make half the money” and
  • “People will think you’re doing it because you can’t fill a group if it costs money” and
  • “People who don’t pay much won’t get good value”

But I remembered the price I paid for ignoring intuition and not following my heart before, and it isn’t going to happen again!
So in yesterday’s ezine, I let guidance run the show and unveiled a new group Money Course starting July 8th that has a structure different than my typical offerings: YOU set the tuition, and you pay it when you’re ready.
It felt good, open, liberated and loose.
(No coincidence that’s the vibration around Money that works really well, too!)
Then this morning I woke up remembering the tail end of a dream where I was looking for something in the corner of a room where nothing should have been.
To my delight, what appeared before my very eyes was a cool … well, I don’t know it was.  A decorated pen or colorful mini-umbrella or something.  Whatever it was, I was delighted to find it there, and as I reached down for it several more appeared out of thin air!  Just as beautiful, just as dazzling, just as delightful.
Right where they shouldn’t have been.
I knew instantly angels were telling me I was on the right track with this offering that might seem like it would result in less income and tenuous value, that there would actually be more beautiful surprise gifts involved with it.  (Angels get through to me best in dreams.)
Cool, huh?!
And this morning, right after finishing a meeting with my mastermind group where I talked about my new approach with this Money Course, I opened an email from Paypal which revealed the biggest single lump sum deposit my account has ever seen.
(And I’ve done corporate gigs before!)
It was from a private client who was paying for services in advance.  It surprised me so much I tweeted this:

“Holy mother of God. Just got a HUGE paypal pmt from a client who is apparently paying in advance. For life. That – or she made a typo! lol”

But then I realized what was really happening.  Universe was giving me not just great confirmation of how well it works to follow intuition and be loose and open and trusting, but it also gave me a great opening story for the Money Course!  (hee hee)
If you’re interested in having some fun with me and Money next month, be sure you’re signed up for the ezine to get details on it next week.  (Sign up links are at the top of this blog’s sidebar and on the Good Vibe Coaching site.)
The extra cool part of this is that while vacuuming today, I got another clear hit from angels that this isn’t my course.  Apparently it’s YOURS.
Can’t wait to see where you take us with it!
(In fact, if you’ve got ideas, please share them here.  Thank you!)

  • June 17, 2009

Escaping the Familiar Trap

peanuts.jpgLast week a consistent theme popped up in my work with clients, which is a heads up that it’s part of my work as well. That theme was caring what other people think.
Letting others’ thoughts and opinions sway us is a common trap for losing the “feel good” vibe, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced.
Whether it’s neighbors frowning about the state of the yard, grandma’s look of shock about daughter’s new tattoo, or the wife’s opinion about changing jobs – daily life is rife with opportunities to be waylaid by what others think is best for us.
As long as we factor in other people’s opinions in our decision-making process, we’re handicapped in two ways:

  1. either we miss our true and authentic mark, or
  2. we don’t enjoy it as much because we’re worried about what “they” think.

I’ve found even when we believe we’re immune to others opinions, there are pockets of life where we’re unknowingly affected.
Example: years ago my six year old neighbor confessed to me she knew why I was getting divorced: “You made an affair.” I smiled at her misquote of what she probably heard from a parent, and laughed at what my living situation must look like to others. (My ex-husband rented the basement from me during and after our divorce, which didn’t preclude us from dating others.)
But when I took a post-divorce boyfriend car shopping with me, I came home with a heavy duty super cab long bed four wheel drive truck. In other words, a vehicle that the men in my life strongly approved of.
How is it I could laugh off the neighborhood thinking I’m an adultress, but shelled out many thousands of dollars on a vehicle that barely fit in my garage, let alone any parking spot in the city?
Simple: I didn’t care what neighbors thought about my love life, but I strongly cared what my love life thought about me – and my car.
Abraham repeats this advice often: leave the peanut gallery out of it!
In order to find our “feel good” vibration we have to follow our own hearts. And that very likely takes us in a direction that – sooner or later -someone in our life won’t approve of.
As long as we care more what others think than what our own guidance calls us toward … well, to put it simply: we’re handicapped.
My success in coaching didn’t come from listening to the “experts” who told me not to rely on electronic marketing to get clients; not to use music or pictures on the site; whatever you do, do NOT use a flash site; not to call myself an attraction coach because no one would know what that was; not to quit my day job before I had income from coaching flowing in; to be sure to tell everyone what I was doing so they could become or refer clients; to attend lots of networking events and speak wherever possible; etc. etc. etc.
They weren’t the “peanut gallery” to me, but rather highly respected people – many of whom I actually paid for their opinions. But I at least know enough to do what felt good, and that was very often not what they thought I should.
Took guts, but the payoff was (and remains) huge.
For my client who is upset because her mother thinks she’s ruining her children’s lives (by investing spare time and money in her art), or for my friend who is not enjoying planning her wedding (because her in-laws have pre-conceived notions about what it should be), or whatever situations where we find our “feel good” slipping away because we’re caring what others think, there is a simple remedy:

Get okay with yourself. Often the people in our lives mirror our own unacknowledged insecurities. When you find yourself fretting over what someone else thinks, check in with yourself about what you’re okay with.
And bask in your own self love. Lots of self love and appreciation does wonders for not giving a rip what anyone else thinks.

Not caring what others think doesn’t mean you can’t be a considerate and loving member of society. It just means you don’t sacrifice who you are in the process.
So if you find yourself not singing in the shower because your sweetie thinks you sound like a moose in heat, or you don’t dance because you never learned how, or whatever else is holding you back because of what others might think – set yourself free.
Follow your feel good, and as you love yourself for it you’ll find more often than not so does everyone else.

  • April 27, 2008