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How To Break a Bad Pattern

Anyone who’s ever been frustrated to repeatedly experience what they don’t want knows the unfun side of law of attraction.

Wherever the momentum is, it wants to continue. That’s what law of attraction does.

So how to stop that momentum?

That’s the question from today’s reader about how to break a bad pattern.

It sounded like a situation many could relate to, so I wanted to tap your expertise about what works best.

Here’s the question:

I have a question about how to break patterns.

I keep making the same mistakes (in all aspects of life, including bad relationships with men who won’t commit) and wondering if you have any clues for breaking these?

I’ve got a couple ideas to share about changing the story of who we are (because we keep manifesting whatever we think about ourselves) and also about plugging into the new routine we’d like to create, but I’m posting this here because I knew you would have good input, too.

Let’s hear your best tips for putting an end to a pattern you no longer want …

  • January 28, 2017

Three Rs of Manifesting

rSometimes I think I’m so clever …
Last week I told a client that deliberate creation was this simple:

First, you Recognize a thought that’s not serving you;

Second, you Release that thought, and

Third, you Redirect toward a new thought that serves you better.

Simple process, and works like magic.
In fact, I’ve probably done it a dozen times already today.  Once when I recognized I was thinking about how mad Russ would be if he knew Verrall was leaving special kitty food on our front porch in early morning hours; later when I thought I’m going to be tired all day because I woke up at five and couldn’t get back to sleep; and  just a few minutes ago when I wondered whether the little female kitty was also fighting off distemper virus.

(Her brother just got released from the hospital this morning after being diagnosed with distemper Saturday afternoon. That’s the quickest recovery we’ve seen/manifested for our foster kitties- YAY!  Thanks, Pray Rain Bloggers for joining me in it!)

Anyway, in each instance I recognized I was holding a thought that would take me to a place I didn’t want to go; I let it go in order to clear the slate for a new thought; then dialed up a new thought that was more aligned to what I wanted.

  • With “I’m going to be tired all day now” … I recognized that’s not cool.  A quick mental release of “Mm, not that” cleared the way for “Excited to start a new week; the energy flows great.”
  • With the sabotager thought, “Russ will be ticked if he finds out Verrall stopped by,” I released it with, “No, not that” and moved on to, “He doesn’t even know he was here.”  (That was easier to embrace than “He appreciates the help Verrall provides.”  Going with what feels best!)
  • With “I wonder if this kitty is fighting a distemper bug,” I skipped the releasing/clearing part and jumped right to, “Give up the drama, Jeannette!  She is FINE!”

And, of course, Russ didn’t know Verrall stopped by this morning (maybe because Verrall didn’t); my energy’s been great all day; and sister kitty is sleeping peacefully in my lap right now.  I’m 100% positive all is well with her!
So next time you’re thinking this manifesting stuff is too complicated, just remember the three Rs: Recognize, Release, Redirect and put them to practice in your life to create yourself a miracle or two.

  • June 8, 2009