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The LOA Expert You Must Hear

Don’t we all appreciate finding an expert leader to show us the way?

Someone we can look up to and trust that will help us live up to our potential?

Someone who we know has our best interests at heart, and that we’ll be tremendously better off for having tuned into?

Yeah, that’s a treasure trove of a resource!

When you find someone like that you absolutely must share the goods.

That’s why I’m posting today to clue you in to the most leading edge manifesting expert best equipped to guide you to your highest happiness and success.

In fact, you’ve probably run across this resource before, without even realizing just how amazing they are, and how well-positioned and perfectly experienced to give you the best advice and guidance you ever dreamed of finding.

And even better news – you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

I hope you already know who I’m talking about, but if you don’t, I’d like to invite you to meet this person by visiting the nearest mirror.
Yes, it’s you.

Or rather, your higher self.

Aka inner guidance or inner being.

I’m talking about the part of you that’s connected to Source energy and knows exactly what you want and how to best get there.

There isn’t any other guru on the planet that knows better than you do.

All you have to do to tap this divine expert guidance is to go within and listen.

The reason I’m saying this is because many of you have shared how much you love my podcasts and how you keep them on autoplay in the car or while cleaning house.

Which, I’m flattered by, but also slightly alarmed about.

No one should listen to me that much!

I’m not that smart. Not nearly as smart as your inner guidance is.

So let’s all make sure we’re taking the time to hear our absolute best most trustworthy reliable expert – our inner guidance, along with our favorite Abe clips and other valuable LOA resources for good measure.

But let’s not leave out the most important part. YOU!

Or maybe this post is just for me, because I notice I make time to listen to others who inspire my manifesting success, but I haven’t yet prioritized the input that truly serves me best.

Until now.

I’m officially committing 15 minutes a day to just get quiet and let Universal wisdom make itself heard within.

All the coolest people I know meditate daily; Abraham keeps telling us to meditate; and this guy made a compelling case in his regression session.

So I won’t ignore the messages any more.

I’m a week in on a daily meditation practice. Just 15 minutes. No big deal. Anyone can do that, right? Even me.

If you’re not already tuning in to your absolute best LOA expert, I’d invite you to make a standing appointment and prepare to be blown away with how wise and uncannily on target your higher input is.

So yes, we all love hearing a respected teacher’s wisdom about how to live our highest potential, but make sure your own wisdom gets a strong say, too.

You know way better than the rest of us combined. Your own guidance rocks the house like no one else can!

  • June 26, 2017