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Perhaps Nothing’s Gone Wrong

I spend a fair amount of time with fellow creators who want help with a manifesting project gone wrong

the lover isn’t appearing, the new job isn’t coming together, nothing’s improving on the health front, the clients aren’t coming, or whatever’s desired just isn’t happening.

Sometimes it is because we haven’t yet found the alignment that allows things to move.

But sometimes it’s that everything is working out perfectly. We just don’t know it yet.

Take the case when I started looking for a new house a couple years ago.

I’ve witnessed occasions when fellow creators manifested their dream home in a matter of days. I consider myself a master manifestor. (We all are.)

So it seems like this should have been easy peasy.

Delivered to me on a platter. Without lifting a finger. Ta da! There it is.

It would be my best manifesting story yet.

Except it didn’t work like that.

Not even close.

I spent a lot of time looking at houses. I drove all over the state looking for my new home.

I made offers on three different places that didn’t come to fruition.

I went through two real estate agents in the multi-year process.

It would be easy to conclude I sucked at manifesting that house.

But the opposite seems more true from where I stand now.

Here’s why:

When I first started looking at houses, it was out of resistance to where I currently lived with my ex. (I loved my house, but didn’t like living with my ex, who refused to leave.)

So I was looking for a new place, but it was begrudgingly. With resistance.

Also when I started looking, I was trying to find something just like my current place. I wanted the same gorgeous place in the suburbs, but with a different address.

Found a place close to home I liked quite a bit. Half acre in a dead end circle, nice place, neighbors had goats. (Big plus for me.)

Made an asking price offer (to the owner who had a copy of The Secret in her library, I noticed); and she responded asking for more. I was ambivalent enough about it that I bailed because it felt upstream at that point.

In the process, though, I realized that I’d really love to have something that had more of a mountain view. (That house had it, but only at certain angles in certain rooms.) And further away from high traffic roads. (I’ve got a blind cat who likes to go outside.)

So I expanded my search to areas further away from town.

Found a place up the local canyon and made an offer on a gorgeous little ranch house. It was more expensive on two acres, but had such stunning views of the valley! I was nervous about winters up there and what it meant to have a septic tank, but the selling agent put me in touch with other single women up there who were navigating it just fine and reassured me I’d love it.

My agent talked to their agent and I made an offer that was supposed to be easily accepted. It wasn’t. They countered for a thousand more.
“It’s a thousand dollars,” my agent pleaded. To me, though, it wasn’t a thousand dollars. It was a sign.

This wasn’t my house.

The search continued. Without an agent.

At this point many months had passed and I’m now driving all over the state in search of my new home, since I feel newly liberated to look beyond the bounds of what I’d initially considered.

  • I felt comfortable spending more money.
  • I didn’t have to be close to town. All I needed was internet and phone.
  • I wasn’t afraid of septic tanks or propane.
  • I felt confident I could survive a Utah winter as a single girl in the mountains.
  • I got okay with moving further away from my parents, knowing we’d make the drive to see each other.
  • I didn’t feel intimidated by a big piece of property any more. Anything under two acres now felt constrictive!
  • I was intent on finding something with very low traffic and more room for my four-legged menagerie.

More than anything, I realized I was no longer house hunting out of resistance to leaving my current place, but rather excited about upgrading my lifestyle. Out of exasperation at how long it was taking, my ex asked if I wanted to stay and he’d be the one who moved.

That was exactly what I wanted and intended in the beginning, but now I had my sights set on something better. I was getting out of town. !
Eventually I found a new place in the country. And a new agent.

When I walked into the master bedroom of this house, I literally gasped at the beautiful mountain view from the floor to ceiling windows. It was stunning! The other side of the house overlooked beautiful Cache Valley, where I went to college. I could easily see myself there.

I loved the area and I loved this house.

In the process of making a full price offer, the sellers neglected to answer three questions I had. (Re their internet, any known building plans next door, and something else I forget now.) They were easy questions.

They never answered and we never talked again. I thought they must have had another offer they liked better, but no, their house didn’t sell.

“Upstream,” I explained to my agent. He wasn’t exasperated like my last girl.

I put many more miles on my car looking for a new place. I literally don’t think there is a place I could go in this state where I didn’t consider it as my potential home.

Eventually I drove up a canyon that a friend warned me never to consider. “It’s a nightmare in the winter,” he told me.

But the pressure was on at home to get out from under that roof with my ex, so I was considering everything at this point.

Mind you, this whole time I’m holding the vibration of loving my new home …

I’m practicing waking up to my gorgeous views. I’m giving thanks for the abundance that this place makes me feel, and enjoying how much my animals love it. I’m loving up on my new neighbors, I’m feeling confident about my new mortgage payment. I’m doing the aligning work this whole time.

And it took me up this “nightmare canyon” my friend warned me to avoid at all costs.

There were two homes up there I wanted to see. The drive was lovely! Yes, a narrow canyon, but it was gorgeous! I liked it.

(When I told my friend how much I enjoyed the drive, he said, “Try doing it in a semi.” Well I’m not driving a semi, am I?!)
The first place I looked at was worth strong consideration.

And the second one was my home. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on it. Before I even did a walk-through, I said out loud, “HOME!”

Called my agent. Asked him to schedule a walk-through, and to plan on making an offer. That’s how certain I was of this place.

He called back minutes later. They just accepted an offer on it yesterday! After being on the market for a year! Argh – the timing!

But I knew this was my home.

I asked him to pursue it anyway. We did. The original buyers retracted their offer, and the sellers accepted my full price offer.

Within days.

I wasn’t surprised or excited. I was confident. This was where I belonged.

And every day I love this place even more. (I’m literally in tears right now typing that.) I hit the home lottery with this place!

The reason I told you this long exasperating story was that it would have been easy for me to conclude I was a dunce manifestor when this didn’t happen easily and effortlessly.

But through the process of things not working out with my first choices, I recognized new desires that took me to “even better.” I got on board with the idea that it could be bigger than I originally dreamed.

The first place I set my sights on was a half acre in the suburbs. Traffic. Neighbors. Noise. Streetlights.

As my home search evolved, I eventually ended up on several acres at the end of a dead end street, with just two fabulous neighbors, where we see moose on dog walks in the neighborhood, tons of canyon trails for us to enjoy. There’s a lake just minutes away that I learned to paddle board on this summer! The views are stunning from every window in the house. Every window in the house looks like a postcard view. The house itself is stunning. I mean, this is my home!

And I wasn’t ready for it when I went on my first house hunting expedition.

It took me time to line up with something this good.

(I was afraid of septic tanks, and canyon drives, big mortgages, and being so far away from what I was used to. But far away from what I was used to was what was calling me! It took me a while to say yes to what was deep in my vortex.)

In hindsight, I am so glad those first couple homes didn’t work out for me.

I learned how to allow an even bigger dream, which wouldn’t have happened had things gone according to plan that first time around.
So, when it seems like your manifesting gig isn’t come together as easily as you’d like, consider that maybe you’re just being led to something even better. And that it’s okay if it takes a minute to line up with that.

And even if you don’t see it like that right now, I’m holding the faith for you so your favorite dream can come true – eventually.

Because sometimes when it looks like things aren’t coming together, they’re doing the exact opposite, in even bigger ways than you intended.

  • October 7, 2017

Before Judging Your Manifesting Misses …

The first time I put an offer on a house (after it became clear that sharing a roof with my ex-boyfriend was no longer my highest joy), the place I had my eye on was just a mile south of where I currently lived in the suburbs.

It was an area I liked, had a nice half acre fenced yard for the dogs, was in a low traffic cul-de-sac, with a big office and, if you put the bed on the right wall and laid at just the right angle, you’d have a view of the mountain from the master bedroom.

But after I made an official offer based on the amount the owner said she’d sell it for, she changed her mind and wanted more. That wasn’t my favorite game to play, so I didn’t buy that house.

Several months later I was using new criteria to find my new place, and this time I was out of the suburbs and up a nearby canyon. It was close enough to town that it wouldn’t be a dramatic change in lifestyle, but this time it was two acres in a much more rural setting. It was an older house, but very charming and the perfect size for me and the animals, with a gorgeous view of the valley from the master bedroom deck.

This would be a very different gig than neighborhood living, though. It wasn’t exactly country living, but let’s just say there wouldn’t be the regular snowplow service I was used to. Could I do that? Would I need a four wheel drive vehicle?

The selling agent introduced me to other single women in the area who proved it was do-able. They loved it up there, and I decided I would, too.
My agent talked to their agent about what this would sell for, and it was understood that I’d make an offer $5k below their asking and they would accept it.

Except they didn’t.

They countered for $4k less than their asking price.

“It’s just a thousand dollars,” my agent pleaded when I balked at accepting the counter. “No, it’s not a thousand dollars. It’s a sign,” I replied. This is not my house.

It’s supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. If it isn’t, then I’m not headed where I want to go.

Where I really wanted to go was out of the house I was currently sharing with my ex! So my search continued …

I wondered why wasn’t this happening more smoothly? Why was this taking so long? What was I doing wrong to allow my perfect house to appear?

I knew those questions didn’t help it happen, so I didn’t entertain them overly long.

“Relax; let it be easy,” was the self-coaching I gave.

Months later I found a gorgeous place in a valley where I went to college, about 90 minutes away. This place was stunning! And it had 5 acres of gorgeous green land! Yes, it was on the other side of a sketchy canyon in winters, and yes it had a septic tank and well water which I’ve never done before, and yes, the winters could be hard up here, but this was beautiful country. It would be worth it.

I had three simple questions for the sellers before I put in a full price offer about internet, neighbors, and something else that was really easy to answer.

Which they didn’t.

They didn’t answer any of my questions!

Not a single one. Did they not want to sell me this thing??

Here I’d been so sure this was my house, but once again, it wasn’t coming together! sigh.

I know that unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings, and this journey wasn’t my favorite thing. So I didn’t continue along it.

By this time I had a new agent, and he didn’t say so, but he seemed a little perplexed that I gave up just because they ignored my easy questions. (Although he agreed that was weird that they wouldn’t answer them.)

About this time things were becoming extremely uncomfortable at home, so the pressure was  on to get a new place.

Am I just the worst house manifestor in the entire world? Do I have a self-sabotage program in place that’s keeping me stuck?

Those thoughts kept creeping up, but I re-engaged my best manifesting tools to find our new home once and for all.

The pressure to get out of my current gig gave me a new incentive to expand my search criteria.

I looked in an area where friends and family had advised me to skip for various reasons. (It’s expensive, it’s inconvenient, etc.) But I had a newly open mind and was looking in places I hadn’t considered before.

On my first trip out to look at a strong contender in the area, as soon as I laid eyes on it my first thought was, “Home!” I felt home!

For the first time I didn’t have to weigh the pros and cons, I didn’t have to ask a bazillion questions to ease a conflicted mind. I didn’t care what anyone else thought and I didn’t wonder if there was something better out there.

This was it.

I’d found my home. I felt it in my bones, even when my agent told me they’d just accepted an offer the day before I saw it.

Despite that fact, the buying process went smoothly, which I’ll attribute to some master manifesting on my part. And maybe some “meant-to-be”-ness if you believe in that sort of thing.

At any rate, now I live in a dream come true place. This is the “someday” sort of dream place where I figured if I was lucky, I’d end up eventually, if I played all my cards right.

But I’m here now! woo hoo!! It’s seriously so amazing I can’t even tell you how much I love it!

Suffice it to say, that as I sit here in a stunningly beautiful home with gorgeous views from every window in the house, I look back on those “failed” manifestations of prior purchases as divine blessings.

I might be living in a damn neighborhood with street lights and sirens if I had got my first wish! Barely able to see a mountain from a contorted sleeping position. With stairs that my senior dogs wouldn’t have liked!

And then I almost lived on, as my dad called it, “an overpriced, unusable two acres” in a canyon that still would have had me stuck in terrible traffic every time I needed to leave the house. And frankly, that house was well-loved, but it wouldn’t have delivered the feeling of luxury and beauty I live in now.

The other place that didn’t happen, my agent confessed to me after I bought this one, wasn’t nearly as well-built or maintained as what I’m in now. And it was in a city that has even worse winter air quality than we have in Salt Lake, on a country road that got enough traffic I’d have to keep an eagle eye on my blind cat.

And with every place that I looked, I got more clarity about what I wanted, and I also got more used to the idea of a something very new and different. I was acclimating all along even though I didn’t realize it.

It’s easy for conscious creators to blame our misalignment when the thing we want doesn’t happen. But what if it’s not that – what if it really is happening? Even when it looks like it’s not?

In hindsight, it’s clear that my highest good was unfolding the entire time, even though I couldn’t see it. Even though all I could wonder was, “What am I doing wrong?”

I share this in case you’re currently wondering what you’re doing wrong …

It might not be wrong.

In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite …

Things are probably getting even better!

Even better than you dared hope! Even better than in your wildest dreams!

I think that’s more likely true than not.

So if it seems like the world is set against you lately, take heart. It’s probably just your higher self or higher power steering you into something even better.

And pretty soon you’re going to have a dream come true story to share, too! 🙂

  • March 6, 2017

Q&A: How to LOA Your Home?

How to LOA Your HomeToday’s question is different than any we’ve fielded before, which I think will be super fun to play with.
We’re asked how to create an LOA friendly home.
Here’s Liz with a question about incorporating alignment into her physical environment:

I am curious about how one might go about setting up a home “law of attraction” style …
I am currently in the process of getting ready to move and see an opportunity to make a clean start!
I am moving into a beautiful place I immediately felt drawn to and would like to know what can I do to “Law of Attraction”-ify this apartment?   Would you have any thoughts on how to do this?  I’d love to get opinions on this … It just feels like a great opportunity to start over, and I want to make the most of it.
Thanks so much for any thoughts you’d be willing to share!!  I truly appreciate it!

What do you guys think?  Looking forward to your creative suggestions about how to LOA our physical environment!

  • June 8, 2013

Activate: Perfect New Home

Manifest the Perfect New HomeAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help manifest your perfect new home.
Use it when you want to align with finding and acquiring a fabulous new residence.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
Share your favorite stories about manifesting new homes in the comments to give this vibration extra momentum!
Enjoy the vibration of your perfect new home:

As soon as I walked in, I knew this one was different. It felt like mine. My name may as well have been painted over the front door – that’s how MINE this house is!
It’s like I felt a “click” as soon as crossed the threshold. I am home!!
It just feels so RIGHT. It feels so ME. Clearly, we’re a fit!
So many of the things I wanted are in this house! Universe must have been taking good notes when I was conjuring up my dream home.  😉
But there are even more things I love that I didn’t realize I wanted!! This house is beyond perfect!!
It feels so meant to be. It’s really sinking in: this is my home. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for.
I’m officially claiming it: I am home sweet home! This is the headquarters from which I will build the next chapters in my happy life. This is where I will laugh and love, dine and recline, dream and relax, build and prosper. I’ve found my home!
And I’m getting all the right signals from the person helping put this deal together – she’s confident we can make a great deal here and from the few details I’ve picked up, I can understand why. Heaven knows those guys know how to make it happen, so I know all I have to do is follow their lead and let this purchase come together effortlessly and smoothly. After all, this is where I belong!
I trust the powers that be that this adventure will continue to unfold nicely and will usher me into this fabulous new environment. I’ll be laying my head down under this roof in no time.
Thank you, Universe, for delivering me such a beautiful place to call home! I LOVE it!

If you’ve got a home sweet home story of your own, please share it with us in the comments. Thank you!

  • September 22, 2012