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Activate: House Sold!

use law of attraction to sell your houseAs part of our vibration activation series, this script is designed to help sell your house.

Use it when you want to align with finding the perfect buyers in swift fashion.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

Enjoy manifesting a SOLD SIGN at your house:

Oh my gosh, it totally worked out! I knew it would! Eventually – sooner or later – I knew the perfect buyers would find their way to me and would fall in love with this house.

I knew it could work out just like this! Some folks told me not to get my hopes up, and to gear up for a long process – but I knew it could be better than that! And that’s exactly what happened …

… it all came together.

All I needed to do was chill out about it for a minute, and that’s when good things started happening.

I knew to not get attached when people came for a viewing; I knew that it was all unfolding perfectly.

All I needed to do was trust and enjoy. And I’m pretty good at that, when I want to be.

I had a great realtor, and these buyers are so easy to work with. I got what I wanted out of the deal, and I am so happy to turn my house over to the new owners!

In fact, the closing process went more smoothly than I’ve even heard of! Super fast, super fun, everything coming together the way I knew it would.

I was so silly for having any worries in those early days.

And it worked out in perfect timing, just like it always does.

It feels so good to hand this property off to the new owners! They love it, I love them, and I’m happy to be moving on to my next adventure in life.

Yay, us! It feels so good to have this house sold!!  woo hoo!!

Just a reminder how reading a script like this helps you sell your house – getting into the FEELING space while VISIONING what you want as a done deal is what cues Universe to get the wheels rolling. It’s that simple: focus your attention and then let’r rip!
You can also listen to this script here.

  • September 25, 2012

Activate: Perfect New Home

Manifest the Perfect New HomeAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help manifest your perfect new home.
Use it when you want to align with finding and acquiring a fabulous new residence.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
Share your favorite stories about manifesting new homes in the comments to give this vibration extra momentum!
Enjoy the vibration of your perfect new home:

As soon as I walked in, I knew this one was different. It felt like mine. My name may as well have been painted over the front door – that’s how MINE this house is!
It’s like I felt a “click” as soon as crossed the threshold. I am home!!
It just feels so RIGHT. It feels so ME. Clearly, we’re a fit!
So many of the things I wanted are in this house! Universe must have been taking good notes when I was conjuring up my dream home.  😉
But there are even more things I love that I didn’t realize I wanted!! This house is beyond perfect!!
It feels so meant to be. It’s really sinking in: this is my home. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for.
I’m officially claiming it: I am home sweet home! This is the headquarters from which I will build the next chapters in my happy life. This is where I will laugh and love, dine and recline, dream and relax, build and prosper. I’ve found my home!
And I’m getting all the right signals from the person helping put this deal together – she’s confident we can make a great deal here and from the few details I’ve picked up, I can understand why. Heaven knows those guys know how to make it happen, so I know all I have to do is follow their lead and let this purchase come together effortlessly and smoothly. After all, this is where I belong!
I trust the powers that be that this adventure will continue to unfold nicely and will usher me into this fabulous new environment. I’ll be laying my head down under this roof in no time.
Thank you, Universe, for delivering me such a beautiful place to call home! I LOVE it!

If you’ve got a home sweet home story of your own, please share it with us in the comments. Thank you!

  • September 22, 2012

How to Sell Your House Fast (LOA Style)

how to sell your house fastI just read Barbara Corcoran’s article on Oprah.com about How to Sell Your House Fast in a buyer’s market. I get asked this question a lot and was curious about what the experts recommend.

As expected, Barbara suggests pricing it right, and making aesthetic changes like eliminating clutter and lightening up the place.  Maybe redoing cabinets and getting new towels for the bathroom.

Regular readers know what I’m going to say about that.

If you want to sell your house fast, the best way to do it is to get aligned fast.

That means paying attention to how you feel and what you’re thinking; checking to see if those thoughts are leading you to the outcome you want; and then redirecting if appropriate.

Typical example, if I do all the right things (pricing it right, cleaning it up, updating key features) but I’m anxious about what might happen if it doesn’t sell, and I repeatedly think about how the neighbors couldn’t sell theirs, and I listen to my sister-in-law about how unlikely it is we’ll get a decent offer in this market – those thoughts and feelings stand in the vibrational way of the results I want.

Lots of folks aren’t trained about how important their vibration is in regards to what happens next.

But your vibration is all that matters.

So if you really want to sell your house fast, you’ll do something like this:

1) Dial in on what you want, rather than what you fear.

Holding pictures in mind of the outcome you desire isn’t as natural as it sounds.  The higher the stakes, the easier it is to entertain visions of what we don’t want.  Those mental pictures and thoughts serve as instructions to the vibrational universe to create circumstances to match.

So get your instructions straight.

What’s the thought you’ll think when your house sells fast?  What will you see when your house is sold?

Think those things and see those pictures NOW.

And after that:

2) Do what feels good.

When you’re properly dialed in on the outcome you want (imagining it in your mind and feeling it a done deal in your heart), you may find yourself inspired to do something.  Honor that inspiration, whatever it is.

That inner nudge or voice within may say “buy a new shower curtain,” or it might say go for a joy ride.  It might say “lower the price” or it might say do cartwheels in the backyard.  It might say clean out the closet or it might say sit down with a new book.

There’s no predicting what that inner wisdom will say.  (It might even say listen to Barbara Corcoran!)  But honoring that wisdom, after you’re properly dialed in on what you want (rather than what you expect or what you fear), will inevitably lead you to exactly the outcome you desire.

Get dialed in on what you want, then do what feels good.  You’ll be surprised how well that works!

Because it’s easy to overlook this vibrational mismatch, it’s worth mentioning that needing your house to sell fast, or feeling desperate about it, is one of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t.

Release your attachment to your house selling fast, and – believe it or not – it’s much more likely to do just that.

Because the vibrational signal of  “need” just ensures we continue to create circumstances that keep us in a state of “need.”  Universe is blocked from satisfying us when we’re signaling need instead of satisfaction.  That’s why they call it the “law of attraction.”

So if you want it to happen fast, practice feeling now how you would feel then.  That vibrational instruction will serve you, no matter how old your cabinets are or how dingy the bathroom.

Back in 1992, Abraham said the best way to get a buyer for your home is to focus on the love you have for your home!

Here’s the exact quote:

“In the moment that you go back and begin vibrating in the glory of that beautiful place, remembering how you felt as you first discovered it, remember the joy that you found within it, focusing upon the positive aspects of it, writing lists of the positive aspects of this glorious place, your vibration will go to the boundaries of the universe far more than any editorial that any real estate agent could put out for you. And those who seek that which you have, and there are many of them, not only that you seek those who have cash, you seek those that are ready to make a deal. You don’t seek those who are dreaming but are not yet ready. You want a ripe tomato, you see.

“And so as you focus upon all of that, it will unfold for you. You have had enough wanting within you to shoot you to the moon. In other words, you are not short on wanting. It is the allowing part that we are adding emphasis to. Just relax within this, and remember how good that spot is, and you will attract very quickly someone to that spot. Good.”  – Abraham

If you’ve got a story about using deliberate creation to sell your house, I know other home owners with houses on the market would love to hear about it here!

  • October 7, 2010