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Lisa's Identity Check

If you’ve ever concluded divine timing was taking longer than expected, it might be worth checking the vibe to see if who you’re being is the holdup …
Lisa Hayes shares how engaging a handful of new “data points” as part of her identity shift is manifesting her wildly successful new book. Here’s Lisa:
Identity Shifting for Manifesting SuccessA full year ago I was inspired to write a book.
I started on January 1st and gave myself a daily writing goal. I stayed on schedule and by February 10th it was finished and off to the publisher. I thought it would be published and to market by April.
It wasn’t.
A lot of things got in the way. Life caused me to miss important editing and marketing deadlines. My publisher was patient, but gently let me know every time I missed a deadline that we were pushing it back, not by days, but maybe months.
Weeks and months did pass and I made peace with the fact it would launch when it was time. I told myself I couldn’t control that timing, and it would be perfect whenever it happened. I wasn’t exactly procrastinating. I just figured the stars weren’t aligned.
A few days ago as I was pondering my new year plan and decided to take it in a different direction this year. Instead of making a bunch of plans or picking a word, I opted to tease out a new identity.
Who would I be if that book was a wild, game-changing success?
I started making a list of what I call data points. I am still shooting for 100. I haven’t made it yet, but the list is growing.
I asked myself questions like:

  • How would I manage my schedule differently?
  • What would I wear?
  • What thoughts would I think?
  • What would I eat?
  • What would my office and home look like?
  • What behaviors would be different than they are now?

I thought about the deep penetrating details of who I would be. I got gut check honest with myself.
The big shocker in this process was an eye opener …
I am nowhere near as close to being that woman as I thought I was.
I know the drill when it comes to identity shifting and honestly, I was doing a half-assed job. Basically, I was fooling myself because the evidence in my physical world told a very different story.
I thought I was doing a pretty good job of being a wildly successful author – but there was no book in sight. That kind of evidence doesn’t lie.
So, even though the list isn’t complete, last week I started getting very deliberate about making some changes and upgrades. I’ve been very intentional about things in a way I wasn’t before. It’s taking some effort, but I’m better off for it in a number of ways.
A couple days ago I got an email from the publisher scheduling a final conference call with the marketing department for next week. A smart girl would have noticed the evidence shifting in response to my identity upgrade. I totally missed it.
I just kept adding data points to my list and incrementally implementing changes in my environment, my behavior, and my thoughts. It started to feel like a game to check the boxes I could, day in and day out.
I can’t say I’m there yet, but I do know I’m closer.
Want to know how I know that??
Last night I was searching on Amazon for another book, completely unrelated, written by someone else, that I wanted to send to a client. I was having a hard time finding it.
As I was typing in every key word I could think of, guess what book came up in my search.
My book, I wrote, that wasn’t even suppose to be there yet.
Mic drop moment.
I shot off an email to the publisher who responded by telling me the printing house must have been ahead of schedule. He didn’t even know it was there. He told me we’d proceed with our promo plan for early next year as planned.
Here’s the thing … All those months it wasn’t the stars that weren’t aligned. It was me. I had a lot more control over the timing than I wanted to admit.
Identity is a powerful thing. It’s also specifically unique. What I believe might be a behavior or a belief for a crazy successful author might be very different that what you think it might be. There is no one recipe. However, I do have beliefs, and until I started conforming to them, nothing was ever going to shift.
The minute I got honest about where I was with my identity and putting the pieces to shift in place, the wheels on the bus started turning pretty quick.
Simple? Yes.
Easy? Not always.
Worth it? Hell yeah.
What you want to do next year doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant.
My question for you is this:
Who do you want to be in 2016?
Instead of planning the what, I highly suggest you start becoming and morphing into the who.
It might just save you some time. It would have saved me a year.
Lisa Marie HayesLisa Hayes is the Love Whisperer and author of Score Your Soulmate, apparently now available on Amazon. 

  • December 19, 2015

Janette's Identity Shift Challenge

When I saw Janette Dalgliesh post this LOA alignment challenge to her private Identify Shift Ninja group, I knew it had the potential to be a game-changer for our manifesting success. Janette generously gave permission to share it here:
Identity Shift Challenge: Your Ticket to AlignmentIf there is anything you want to change in your life, you’re seeking to shift identity into that version of yourself.
Shifting identity takes you another step toward alignment, so you become that girl with the healthy body, that guy with the fabulous relationship, or that woman with the kickass business.
But it can be tricky to get into that new identity while you’re spending 24/7 living (and maybe hating) the life of your old self.
So what’s a conscious creator to do?
The first thing is to be at peace with your current self (because hello – what we resist persists).
For more on that, read this and maybe this for starters.
Next, you need to find ways to connect to that new identity right here, right now. The magic lies in your brain and your spirit, and activating both to get you lined up may be easier than you think. The keys are repetition, and juiciness.
I’d like to invite you to join me for a 14 day Identity Shift Ninja Challenge (because who doesn’t love a challenge??).
Here’s how we do it:
Step 1: Find three things/people/activities/locations that activate your new identity.
I like to call these things “anchors” because they anchor us into that new identity. Look for something you can connect with every day (so don’t say “the ocean” if you live in the mountains). Make ’em juicy and doable!
For example, if your new identity is “rockstar web developer” the three things might include a badge with that label (made by your kid or a leading silversmith, doesn’t matter); a short FB post rich with helpful tips; and 30 minutes reading up on the latest WordPress plug-ins.
If your new identity is ” bestselling author” the three things might be drinking coffee from a mug that says AUTHOR; maintaining or setting up your Amazon author page; and two hours of writing.
Step 2: Do/wear/play with those three things daily for the next two weeks.
Note: you can do your three things more than daily if you like, and you can have more than three things, but you must connect with all of them them, at least once, every single day.
My new identity is ‘lightworker making a difference’ and my things are:

  • wear my EASY necklace, to remind me that I’m a brilliant lightworker who knows how to thrive by following her highest excitement (ie taking the easy path) – also to remind me I live in Easy World
  • one hour of research or reading into brain science or astrology or tarot or numerology (upskilling like a rockstar!)
  • thirty minutes of intuitive practice (on top of meditation) to keeping amping up my connection to Source (this practice is a mix of things, based on my own spiritual lineage)

That’s it. Who’s with me?
Share your three things in the comments, and let’s go!
Janette Dalgliesh, Sweet Relief CoachingAnd by the way – if you’d like to be a part of my Identity Shift Ninja group, you’d be very welcome to the party.
Access is free, but you need to be my FB friend to join. So hit me up for a friend request (unless we’re already connected!) and then send me a private message to request the sekret knock for access.
Identity shift, engage!

  • April 22, 2015

Waking Up As If

Waking Up As IfYou know how after something big has happened in your life, when you wake up the next day it takes a minute to get used to the idea?
Sometimes it even takes longer than that to get used to the change?
Like after you quit your job, when you wake up on Monday, it’s sort of a surprise to remember you don’t have to go to work.
Or when you get married, it takes a minute for it to sink in that you are a wife now. Your name is Mrs. somebody!
Or after you move, when you first wake up in the new place you’re like, “wait, where am I?” Oh yeah, that’s right, I live here now.
Even after the calendar turned, it took a couple days to remember it’s 2015, didn’t it?
Okay, so I’ve been using those early morning moments to remind myself something that instantly changes the tone of the day.
I remember that all my dreams have already come true.

There’s nothing I have to work on today.
There’s nothing I’m waiting on to happen.
There’s nothing to reach for.

It’s all already happened.
All my dreams have come true.
I have every reason to feel satisfied and fulfilled.
Because it already happened. (Even when I’m not exactly sure what happened, just knowing that it already has shifts my vibration.)
Can you feel how an identity shift like this creates vibrational alignment to whatever we want to manifest?
I’m finding it a powerful ticket to “wake up as if.”

When my gremlin mind pops in with any negative input, I just conjure evidence to support the thought.
After all, lots of dreams have come true in my life – I don’t wake up to an alarm, I get to stay at home with the dogs all day, the money situation is well in hand, there is no man I have to answer to, I’ve got a gorgeous view of this beautiful world and I have an amazing life. So shush it, gremlin.

Which means when I get out of bed in the morning, I’m starting the day as the girl who got what she wanted.
When I do this I notice there’s less striving, less urgency to my morning. Less “should dos” and more “what would be funs.”
I feel like the cheshire cat, wearing a delighted smile and not wanting for a single thing.
All there is left to do is live happily ever after.
Which doesn’t mean I don’t do anything that day.
It just means everything I engage is with a higher vibration – the energy of satisfaction and fulfillment.
Kind of a cool thing to remember. 🙂

  • January 11, 2015

Smokin' Hot Manifesting via Identify Shifting

identity shifting as manifesting technique

my Rockin’ Business Owner (also smokin’ hot!)

“You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are.”
That’s what Wayne Dyer shared in an interview where he said the law of attraction has been misstated.
He’s saying that it’s not about what we desire, it’s about what we vibrate.
Conscious creators already know that there can be a difference in what we want versus what we’re instructing via our vibrational signal.
(Example: someone wants to be healthy and fit, but is focused on disease and discomfort. Big gap.)
And we know closing that gap is how we create what we want.
One way to close that gap was the subject of a GVU call last week: how to shift our identity.
Because at the core of our vibration is how we see ourselves. That is, who we know ourselves to be. (What our self-identity is.)

When I think of myself as someone who isn’t good with money, I’ll inevitably manifest a bad experience with money. Or when I think of myself as someone is good at getting what she wants, more often than not that’s what happens.

So ‘who you are being’ is worth paying attention to – and learning to manage – since it’s where our manifestations are sourced.
We talked about different ways to shift our identity on the call, and I wanted to share one of those here.
A fun way to shift who you’re being is to try on a new identity using a label you create that matches your desire.
For example, when I was feeling a bit frumpy and unattractive recently, I gave myself a new “Smokin’ Hot Girl” identity.
I tried it on sort of like you would an outfit – mentally becoming a “smokin’ hot girl.” I wore this identity throughout the day, asking myself “what does a smokin’ hot girl do next?”

It turns out smokin’ hot girl does some things different than I do, including what she wears, what she eats for breakfast, and when she likes to take her showers.

But it isn’t even the new actions that make the difference – it’s the energy we’re BEING that changes things. So even if I didn’t do anything different, the vibration has changed – and that’s what matters.
I didn’t have to consciously be ‘smokin’ hot girl’ for more than a day before I started to feel it in my bones – and see it in the mirror.
That identity shift was so much fun that I created another one to play with for business success: Rockin’ Business Owner.
It so happens that when I turn on my rockin’ business owner identity, we spend a lot less time on emails and facebook. We have a laser sharp focus that easily knows and maintains our highest priority. (It was a cool thing to experience!)
One of our GVU members brought this point home (about the importance of identity) when she quoted Jim Rohn as saying, “Whether you win or whether you earn a million dollars, best you quickly learn how to be a millionaire, or you will lose it.”
I know that becoming someone that doesn’t seem ‘real’ or ‘true’ yet is kind of tricky. But if deliberate creation was easy everyone would be doing it.
You’re officially invited to play with identity shifting for bullseye manifesting with whatever you’ve been wanting to create. Find the label that nails it, and then try it on a couple times throughout your week and see what shifts.

  • November 15, 2013