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Mollie's Money Manifesting Mantra

Mollie Player runs a true law of attraction stories blog, which is where this income manifesting success story came from.  Thank you, Mollie!
law of attraction success story: a money manifesting mantraWhen I first started applying the law of attraction to my life in January, one of the first affirmations I said had to do with work. And guess what?
It worked. Read that totally awesome post here.
But I wanted more. Previously I had asked the universe for “steady work,” but now, I was going for an upgrade. This was my revised work-related affirmation, said in late February:
“I make X dollars per week.”
Better, huh?
Now, I didn’t sit down and do the math to try to figure out a reasonable financial goal. I just came up with a number that sounded great while still being in the realm of possibility (i.e. faith), and went with it.
And whaddya know: This one worked, too. The same thing happened.
I have reached my weekly earnings goal every week since.
I finally did do the math just the other day, and this is what I came up with: On average, my income more than doubled to meet the new quota and–here’s the funny thing–I came within $50 of that new goal–the one I set arbitrarily, not based on anything more than instinct.
Lesson? Time to upgrade again.
Mollie Player's true law of attraction storiesMollie Player is a freelance writer living in Seattle, Washington. She is the author of Happines is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto and How to Get Happy: Overcoming Depression Without Experts or Medicine.
For more information about Mollie and her work, visit www.mollieplayer.com.
PS – if you liked Mollie’s money manifesting story, you might also enjoy Danielle’s doubling her income affirmation shared here at the true LOA stories blog.

  • June 3, 2012

Creating Multiple Revenue Streams??

Next weekend is the Martha Beck coach convention in Keystone, Colorado, which I won’t be speaking at for reasons worthy of an LOA discussion.
You regular readers know that deliberate creation is my professional passion.
It’s what gets me excited about “work” and leveraging the law of attraction is how I’ve created success: by paying attention to how things feel and learning to manage energy in a way that lines me up for what I want.
So when Martha’s group asked me to speak on how coaches can create multiple revenue streams, I was thrilled!  Who wouldn’t want multiple income streams?!
(Indeed, it was a topic I suggested they cover, since I see many coaches struggling as they rely solely on private client coaching income.)
But a potential scheduling conflict prevented me from confirming right away that I was available.
As I thought about it more, I realized I couldn’t deliver the presentation they wanted.
Because what they wanted wasn’t anything I knew how to do.  At least, not in the way most people think about it.
Meaning, I couldn’t instruct people on what actions to take to make multiple income streams happen for their business.
I don’t know what those actions are! And even if I did, I’m smart enough to know it’s not the actions that make the difference.

Even though I have several revenue sources, I don’t know how people who don’t use LOA make that happen.  I’ve no clue!

My experience in creating multiple money in-flows is this simple: “Do what feels good.”
And Martha Beck didn’t ask me for an LOA presentation on creating multiple income streams.  Yet there isn’t any other way I could talk about it.
Because that’s exactly how it came together for me: feeling good along with an intention for big fat fun easy cash is how Universe hooked me up with all of it.
“Go have fun, let Universe connect the dots.”  I don’t know how well that would land with a non-LOA audience.  hee hee
Here’s what I did:

  • I leveraged law of attraction to draw in perfect clients for one-on-one coaching income;
  • a client practically insisted on publishing pray rain journaling for me to create my first product income (I’m still in huge love with him for that);
  • every single corporate gig I got was from them approaching me (either they read my newsletter or blog, heard about me from a friend, or saw me present at another gig);
  • each and every speaking presentation I’ve had was from simply saying yes when someone asked if I was willing;
  • it was at one of those speaking gigs that the editor of one of the most sought after publications in town asked if I wanted to write for them (you mean I would get paid to write about LOA for you?!  Uh … yes!!!)
  • those folks whose products I was already recommending sent me completely unexpected money for it (getting checks from “out of the blue” from Mike Dooley is super cool);
  • my own readers were recommending my stuff to their friends long before I had a formal affiliate program in place.

I didn’t “make any of that happen.”  I don’t know where normal people go to get corporate coaching gigs – I went to Universe.
I don’t know how to properly run or participate in an affiliate program – I just do what feels good and money comes from it.
How do you get paid speaking gigs?  Don’t ask me, I just said “yes” when asked.  How did I get Catalyst to publish my stuff?  Simple answer: I turned it in after they asked for it.

I just did my thing, purposely having a good time, paying attention to (and following) what felt good, and it all came together.

That’s my presentation on how to grow multiple income streams. Decide you want it, do what feels good and follow inspiration.  Don’t sweat the “hows” or get caught up in figuring it out yourself.
It’s a short talk.  And a highly effective practice.
You can apply it to anything you want, in fact.  Relationships, jobs, new places to live, whatever else you can think of that you want.
Action is highly overrated for making things happen to get what we want.  The more effective approach is vibration management.
And I’ll give that talk any day.

  • June 5, 2010