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Bless It Real Good

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Could magical change be as simple as focusing your mind in the red hot moment?

Turns out it’s not magic after all – it’s the technology we all have within.

Tune in for a reminder about how you can engage your focusing power to create minor and major improvements throughout your day …

  • August 5, 2018

More Powerful Than You Realize

Conscious creators know thoughts turn to things.

That’s old news to us.

We’re all about learning to better harness that power in creating realities we prefer.

But sometimes when it seems like our best thoughts (like for financial windfalls or true love) are slow to materialize, it’s easy to think our other thoughts aren’t doing much, either.

A while back I read The “I Am” Discourses, and even though I already knew thoughts become things, that text left a lasting impression about the power of even idle and undisciplined thoughts.

Whatever thoughts we launch into the world come home to roost, sooner or later.

And still, as I’m currently reading The Secret Life of Plants, it’s struck me yet again how crazy incredibly powerful our thoughts are.
Listen to this …

Just as a little experiment, a woman named Vivian who was friends with a researcher plucked two leaves from a plant in her garden, and placed one on her bedside table and the other in her living room.

Each day she “willed” the leaf next to her bed to continue living, and ignored the other.

As you’d expect, the ignored leaf turned brown as it began to decay.

But the leaf that received her positive attention each day was as “radiantly vital and green as if it had been freshly plucked” – even two months later.

She kept a leaf alive by willing it so.

I’ve got live, rooted, regularly watered and fertilized plants that aren’t doing that well!

I realized that when I water the plants each week, even though I feel love and appreciation for them, sometimes I worry over leaf loss or pest symptoms. I wonder whether they can survive or whether I should just toss them.

Not realizing the plants are listening.

They’re listening to me say that they’re in trouble, and they might not make it.

Instead of hearing me give instructions to thrive and grow and be radiantly alive.

And here’s the thing – we know it isn’t just plants responding to our thoughts.

It’s our entire world.

From The “I Am” Discourses:

Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her … The time has arrived when all must understand that thought and feeling are the only and mightiest creative power in the Universe.

Anyone who read Dr. Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water also knows how our thoughts affect the crystaline structure of water itself.

This is why Abraham regularly advises us to get as picky about what we think as we are about what we wear or eat.

Sometimes when we find our current conscious manifesting projects are slow to come about, it’s easy to forget the power of each and every thought we think.

But if we truly understood our creative power to turn thoughts into things, we’d learn some thought discipline in a hurry. Abe says if you got hit with a brick every time you entertained an unhelpful thought, you’d figure out in a hurry how to focus your attention on better thoughts.

Another excerpt from The “I Am” Discourses:

It is very easy at times for the student to think that his acts or thoughts are under cover and not known, but … there is no act or thought that can be hidden, because everything you think or feel is registered in the etheric world about you, as plain as the nose on your face.

When I realize that my plants are picking up on my slightest of thoughts, it makes me wonder what my animals are picking up. And my human companions.

And I realize I’ve got some cleanup to do.

  • March 19, 2018

My Stylist Can’t Do That For Me

Once upon a time I had my hair done at the salon.

As in, February.

That’s forever ago in hair time.

And it showed.

For a variety of reasons (my stylist had a baby and quit, I got a new foster dog that isn’t housebroken, I don’t actually enjoy sitting in a salon chair for hours on end, etc.), I wasn’t making time for my hair to get professional attention.

And I was not loving how I looked.

The grey regrowth wasn’t my favorite, my ends looked ragged and untended, the color had faded.

Plus I got a sunburn on the lake and my nose was peeling. Had a breakout when I skipped my skin care routine a couple nights in a row.
Long story short, I looked like a hot mess.

At least, I felt like one.

For a while. An uncomfortably long while.

I practiced that vibration of not loving how I looked for several weeks – before I did something about it.

My LOA savvy friends might inagine that “doing something about it” means regaining my alignment by finding better feeling thoughts, or by activating the vibration of feeling beautiful with any one of many manifesting tools at my disposal, but alas.

You’d be wrong.

How I wish you weren’t.

No, what I did was take action.

(Yes, I took action with that messed up vibe. In hindsight I am SMH too.)

So I booked an appointment with a new stylist at a new shop.

And I took that action out of resistance to how I looked.

Not out of self-care; not even out of looking forward to feeling good about I looked again – but rather to stop feeling this bad about my situation.

Savvy creators already know how this story ends, right?

Whenever we take action out of resistance to what we don’t want, especially after we’ve been practicing an unhelpful vibe a while, it likely doesn’t turn out well.

Even despite the fact that I briefly practiced feeling delighted with my hair before I walked through the door, what happened to me in that salon chair was so bad that I took photos to document it.

And posted some of them in a one star review I published online.

I was HOT (and not the good kind).

I couldn’t believe they let me walk out of the shop looking like that. (Long dye marks along my jawline and throat, not to mention a black tipped ear and a ridiculously smudged hairline.)

And that was just the beginning of what was wrong.

Even more infuriating was that I paid money for this to happen.

I texted my mom. I vented to a love interest. I posted at GVU.

I felt that ‘mad’ out all the way. (It even made me laugh how upset I was – over hair!)

After I was done being mad I could see things differently.

I could see that I did get a decent trim. She did solve my grey roots and overly blond problem, which I had asked her to do.

But more importantly, how did I think my stylist could make me look good while I was busy feeling bad about how I looked?

My stylist can’t do that for me.

The same way money can’t make us happy, lovers can’t fulfill us, and professional achievements can’t make us feel successful.

Our vibe rules.

We can only get more of whatever we’re focused on.

So change starts here. Not in the salon chair.

Change happens by finding a way to feel better – before external circumstances warrant it.

Or even by finding a way to perceive external circumstances in a way that helps us feel better now.

I did wonder¬†why my intention to walk out there feeling like a million bucks didn’t work.

But here’s the thing …

It did.

I had a briefly good vibration about feeling great, and I had a brief experience of feeling great while I was still sitting in my stylist’s chair looking in her mirror. At first brief look, I liked it.

It wasn’t until I got home and saw the stray dye marks as well as the ridiculous … wait, I’m not going to describe the rest of the problems in detail, because I at least know that much. I already vented it out to people who love me enough to let me do so.

My point being: my brief “feel good” vibe couldn’t override the weeks I’d been flowing “ugh, you look like hell” vibe.

So within an hour of posting my negative review I deleted it, realizing this wasn’t my stylist’s fault.

This was a vibrational misfire on my part, and one that I alone am responsible for. Not my stylist, not the person who recommended this shop, not the salon owner who reassured me she was booking me with a good stylist.

Not in a judging, blaming way. But in an empowered effective way.

THIS is the story that is more appropriately reported online. Not the one about the unprofessional salon or the sloppy stylist, but the one about how we ourselves are responsible for what happens – based on what we’re vibrating.

So here’s to little things like hair mishaps as reminders to tend the focus above all else.

I’ll take it from here. ūüôā

  • July 8, 2017

What To Do with a "WTH?"

WTHEarlier this week a new client asked how to handle it when our intentions don’t come to pass.

Some people use the possibility of foiled intentions as an excuse for not practicing deliberate creation.
That’s not how we really want to play it, right?
Like, Tiger Woods doesn’t stop swinging because he might not make every shot and Mick Jagger doesn’t stop writing songs because one might not become a hit. There’s still plenty to enjoy!
We simply take our occasional disappointments in stride, shake ’em off, move on, and celebrate the successes that DO unfold. (And pretty soon we don’t even see them as “disappointments.”)
Which is what I got to practice when I learned a coaching award I intentionally set my sights on isn’t coming my way. My initial “WTH?!” response was quickly followed by wondering where I missed the mark.
After all, I wasn’t attached to the outcome (although my irritated dismay at the results would reveal otherwise), I didn’t overdo it with the manifesting, I acted as if and visualized occasionally, reminded myself of the reasons it could happen (amping up belief), and activated the vibration of acknowledgement (which is what I really wanted).
Which just brought me back to thinking, “What the h*ll?!”
Yesterday a former client sent a similar email after learning her desired manifestation didn’t come to pass either.
My suggestion to her is the same I gave myself and what I would say to anyone else in these circumstances:
1) If it didn’t happen it’s because we’re not lined up with it.
And that’s not a big deal. Let’s relax and remember life is still good (just look around to see evidence as to why that’s true).
After all, vibrational misalignment might not be a bad thing.
For example, in this case it turns out the award is going to someone who has a stronger focus on business than coaching (that’s not the case for me, so I don’t fit the profile of who they were looking for); and that the audience plays a part in choosing the winner. (I really don’t like popularity contests or soliciting votes.)
I’ve seen this with clients who were unsuccessful at manifesting a particular job or lover, only to later discover a person or opportunity that was even better for them than they originally set their sights on.
Expecting McDonald’s to deliver a gourmet meal isn’t exactly paving an easy path. Rather, we can just line up with “gourmet meal” and trust Universe to deliver it, not getting hung up on how or where or who it comes through.

Also, I recognized minor counter-intentions during the manifesting in realizing I didn’t want to deal with a winner’s spotlight. Do I need to get my hair done? Am I expected to promote this award as a recipient of it?

(Hm, starting to see why this didn’t come together for me.)
2) You’ve still got it banked; don’t give up on what you want.
If you imagined it, Universe put it together and it’s patiently waiting for you (in a vibrational state). It doesn’t disappear or go to waste – that energetic investment will be rewarded sooner or later. (Even if it’s when you croak, as Abe says, before you get lined up.)
“Acknowledgement” is what I thought that award would do for me, and when I recognize how I already experience that, as well as additional ways I could let more in, I realize there’s no such thing as “losing.”

PS – thanks to Paul and Kim for sending really nice acknowledgments my way this week. You reminded me I already have what I said I wanted!

Not to mention lots of us think it’s “over” before it really is.
My ex just called to say his credit card company refused him the additional credit he needed for an expensive truck repair he had scheduled at the shop today. He couldn’t see any other way the money would come to him in a few hours. (No time to find extra work, no work to be had even if he had the time, no one was in the mood to lend or give or pre-pay the money, etc.)
The smart guy¬†recognized he was digging himself into a vibrational ditch with his fretting routine, so he said he wasn’t going to worry about it any more and hung up. Five minutes later he called back to say someone voluntarily out of the blue just gifted him more than he even needed for the repair within minutes of making the decision to stop worrying.
Amazing how shortsighted we can be sometimes, huh?
When I asked higher powers about it (just got a new oracle deck that I’m loving!) this is the message that came (my summary in parentheses):

  1. The fruits of your labor are manifesting. Behave as though the desired change has already come about. (You’ve planted a seed that is still unfolding.)
  2. The process has begun; things are not as they appear to be; let the desire take you further down the road. (It’s not over just because you can’t see it.)
  3. Normal methods and views are no longer applicable. New ways of seeing and operating are needed; move to a new vantage point.

Another tip came in from Alan Cohen’s email today, quoting A Course in Miracles:
“In any situation in which you perceive something missing, what is missing is what you have not given.”
Not exactly sure what that means yet, but what I’m most interested in exploring are YOUR perspectives on this topic.
How do you handle it when the intention (supposedly) doesn’t come to pass?

  • October 10, 2009

How Simple Is It?

In this five minute workshop excerpt, Abraham says we are making too much of all this.

It’s this simple: find something to be happy about, focus on it, and be happy.
Abe also recommends holding these two simple intentions:

  1. I want to feel good as much as I can feel good.
  2. I am determined to tell the story of how I want it to be.

We’re also advised to stop answering questions like “How’ve you been?” and “How are you?”
Rather, the better question to answer is “Hey, where you going?!”¬† Because it allows us to begin telling the new story.
From the clip:

“Your old story is counter-productive to what’s in your vibrational escrow.¬† Don’t tell the new story because you’re trying to use it to get where you want to be.¬† Tell the new story for the joy factor in the telling of it.”

Find something to be happy about and focus on it.
Hmm.  Pretty simple, huh?

  • May 6, 2009