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How To Manifest a New Job

how to manifest a new jobIf you’d like to replace your present job or are unemployed and looking, here are 7 proven law of attraction tips to help you manifest new work.

All of these tips come from deliberate creators who used them successfully!

First up …

If you’re currently employed, do your best to:

Love the job you’ve got.

I know, I know. You’re thinking if you could love the job you’ve got, you wouldn’t need a new one.

This can be a little tricky – but it’s incredibly helpful to minimize dread for your current work.  The reason is because “like attracts like” – so if you’re hating your job, that’s going to continue to manifest – even in a new one.  You’ve got to change the vibe first, not the job.  Otherwise it’s just out of the frying pan and into the fire.

You can manage your vibe by finding things to appreciate about your current position. It’ll make all the difference in the world.

And for those of you wondering if finding ways to like your job will just keep you stuck in it, read this post.  (It’ll do the exact opposite by helping you align to work you love even more!)

Just remember: the best way to get a new job is to love the job you’ve got.  It’s highly aligning.

If, on the other hand, you’re currently unemployed, an important tip is to:

Appreciate your down time.  It’s easy to be stressed out while you don’t have work. But that stress sends a signal to Universe that it has to match. (One way or another.) So finding a way to relax, trust, and maybe even enjoy this time off would be ideal.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be taking action to get a new job.  Just do your best to minimize complaints or feeling stressed about your situation.  Fear, anxiety and resentment can serve as blocks to manifesting your dream job.

So try to limit your freak out time. It’s normal to be worried when we’re without work and the pressure is on, and it’s natural for that stress to increase the longer we’re out of work. But that’s why you’ll want to consciously manage the “freak out” factor. Feel your feelings, and then get lined up. This is vibration management 101: find thoughts that feel better. You can do that.

You’ll notice both of those tips – whether for the employed and looking or unemployed and looking  – is to ENJOY. Appreciate. Find something good where you’re at right now. The more you resist your present circumstances, the longer you draw them out.

* * * * * * * *

Tips for all job hunters (whether currently employed or not):
Watch Your Language

Stop talking/thinking about how much you hate this job, need a new one, or are scared that you won’t find one.  As you speak, so shall it be.  So dial in on thoughts that serve you, okay?

Instead of, “I’m never going to find a new job” switch it up with something like “My time will come” or “Things have a way of working out.”  Just soften up how you’re speaking and thinking about it, so you give Universe something to work with.  If you keep saying, “This is impossible” it surely will be.  (You can find help with new thoughts here at the New Job activation.)

Open Your Mind

Be open about how your new job might show up.  Let Universe surprise and delight you in just how easy it can be to get a new position.  I’ve heard many success stories from fellow creators about how it came “out of the blue” in a way they never would have expected.  The more open we are, the more fun Universe can have with us.

Get to “Work”

This tip might sound contradictory to the “enjoy your down time” tip above, but it doesn’t have to be – and it can incredibly powerful to let the new job in.  I’m talking about behaving like a happily employed person does.  Meaning, wake up, get ready, and get something done with your day.  Make sure you’ve got the wardrobe you’ll need, and brush up on any required job skills.  It’ll help you feel confident and ready, and it sends the message to Universe that you’ve got something to do and somewhere to be.

“Acting as if” can be a great way to create the vibrational alignment that requires a job to manifest in your world.

Stay Cool

When you see a possibility you’re excited about, don’t get attached.  Sometimes we slip into scarcity thinking that this is our only shot, and we better make it work, and all is lost if this doesn’t happen.

But that vibration not only prevents other opportunities from revealing themselves, it also makes us an unlikely match for getting hired.  (Desperation and neediness are repellent energies.)  Keep those unhelpful vibes at bay by reminding yourself you live in an abundant world with lots of possibilities.  If not this, something better.  That’s how the system works.

Choose Inspiration Over Desperation

The more nervous or anxious we get about finding new work, the more likely we take actions that don’t help.  Unhappy energies don’t lead to happy endings, no matter how much action you take to “make it happen.”  So get lined up first by visioning your desired end result, feel the joy of it in advance, and then take action that feels good.

Thanks to Good Vibe University members for sharing their best job manifesting tips for this post.  You can read other great LOA articles on job manifesting here and here.
We’d love to hear your success stories and best LOA friendly pointers in the comments, too!

  • February 23, 2013

Activate: New Job

manifest a new jobAs part of our vibration activation series, this post by Greg Gibbs is designed to help you manifest a fabulous job.

Use it when you want to align with getting a promotion or creating new work.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

(Share your favorite stories about manifesting new jobs in the comments to give this vibration extra strength.)

Enjoy the vibration of your fabulous new job:

This situation has been in the works for a while, that’s for sure.  I had my share of challenges when it came to getting work that I loved, but it’s all paying off now.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure things would work out, but it’s all unfolded so perfectly!  All I can say is it was SO worth the wait!

In fact, I couldn’t have asked things to turn out any better.  In hindsight, it makes perfect sense why things happened the way they did.  I’m so glad I didn’t give up, because …

… I simply LOVE my new job!  It’s like it was MADE for me!  I honestly couldn’t ask for more.

This position and its responsibilities are perfect for me right now.  It’s almost like I wrote up a dream job description for myself!  I mean, I’ve enjoyed other jobs before, but this is amazingly delicious.  It’s like Universe custom-made this one for me it’s so perfect.  There are so many aspects of this position that match my skills and experience.  What I also love are the aspects that I don’t know much about yet, but I am so looking forward to learning more.  Yay for more expansion!

And yay for the people I get to work with! It’s like they all tumbled out of my vortex!  Several of them it seems like I’ve known all my life.  We get along so well already!  There are some I haven’t met yet, but I’m looking forward to developing, fun, productive relationships with them, too.  Everyone is so like-minded here yet it is such a rich, diverse collection of smart, intelligent people from all over the world who “get it.”  There’s a strong sense of collaboration, respect, and support.  Not to mention appreciation!  What a great vibe this place has.  And who would’ve thought I’d work for a company that was genuinely interested in employee opinions and asked us about our own intuition/guidance?!  Miracle!

And oh my, I’m being paid fabulous money to work here, more than I expected and certainly more than I needed.  What a nice change!  Getting paid to do things that are fun, natural, and easy (for me)!  And the benefits are great, too.  Universe has outdone itself!  The bonus program, the training, the mentoring – it’s totally blown me away.  And  that I get to create my own hours?!  I’m in heaven!

The location is perfect, too, and my work space is better than I’ve ever had.  These guys love their technology, too – all the best tools are here to help boost my creativity and productivity.   Experts abound to show you what you need to know, all patient, kind, and happy to support.  Each moment I think it can’t get better than this, it does!

I have to admit, I do deserve this.  I did the research, I opened myself up to endless possibilities, I dared to dream and think outside of the box.  Most importantly, I did the “work” for this job, well before it showed itself to me.  I did the alignment and kept myself steady for as often as felt good each day.

I did my best to feel and allow my way into this new job knowing that Universe would do its part!   I played with the driftwood and the contrast it brought—I loved how that helped me to push the envelope and go for what I really, truly desired. No compromise.  It was easy once I aligned and allowed it.

I love my new job!!

Thank you, Greg, for a fabulous new job activation.  🙂

Gregory Gibbs is a life coach and faculty member at Good Vibe University (hosting regular Pure Awareness calls and presenter of The Grid series).

  • October 3, 2012

Activate: Nailed the Interview!

vibration activation: nail the interview!As part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help you nail the interview!
Use it when you want to give a great interview and manifest a wonderful job offer.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
(Change words or phrases as is helpful to support your best feeling on the subject.)
Enjoy the vibration of a perfect interview:

I’m excited for this interview.  This job is perfect for me!  I like what I know about the company, and the job description almost matches my ideal job word for word!
In fact there are a couple things about it even better than I imagined!
This job has got my name written all over it.
So I show up with time to spare, and I’m looking great.  Wearing a sharp outfit that I feel very confident in.  I look the part.
I can tell right away as I walk through the building that this place feels good to me. It’s busy, but not chaotic.  People are interacting, but not noisy.  It’s modern, open, clean, well-decorated.  (I bet the bathrooms are nice, too!)
I can hear a couple employees joking around with each other as I get off the elevator to find the receptionist.  There’s a light vibe flowing here – I like this place already!
While I’m waiting for my interview, I’m noticing how confident I feel! My vibe is UP, for sure, but I’m also calm, cool and collected.  What a nice energetic combo!
It kind of feels like I belong here.  I bet my car even likes her parking spot!  We’ll be spending more time here, I’ve got a strong feeling.
It’s time for my interview now, and it starts off great. I’m at ease, the interviewer is likable and smiling, as soon as we shook hands I knew this was going to be a great meeting.
We’re chatting effortlessly as we settle in for the conversation, and I realize he’s glad to be talking to me.  (!!)  This isn’t a chore for him, he’s not just going through the hoops, he’s actually interested to be talking with me!
Good sign!
In fact, as the conversation goes on, I realize he’s almost kinda sorta doing a sales job on me for working there!  He’s sharing the high points of the job, the company, the co-workers.  It’s almost like he’s recruiting me!  Wow.  This is cool!
I’m asking smart questions, getting really encouraging answers.  This job is looking better and better!
And the things he ask me are perfect questions for me to be addressing!  I mean, I’m looking REALLY good here! These guys are going to spot me as their perfect candidate no problem if it keeps going like this!
But it gets even better … he asks me if I’m considering any other offers right now.  That can only mean one thing.  He’s wondering whether he’s looking at a bidding war with me, or whether he has to make me an offer before I accept someone else’s.
I love that he assumes I’m in demand and can have any job I want!  woot!
Okay, there’s only one thing left to find out about, but I know I’m not supposed to ask.  What is this going to pay?  Because so far I love everything I’ve heard!
And he asks me what my compensation was in my last position.  I tell him.  He shares that this position is well within that range with some upward room.  Okay then.  All systems go!!!
I’m thinking he may as well ask me to sign an offer letter right here right now.  lol  I’m clearly the one for this job!
And I suspect he knows it, too.
As we say goodbye, I know he’s not just shaking my hand never to be seen again …  he’s shaking the hand of a future colleague.  I like this guy.  This company is going to make me a great offer, I can feel it!
This job is mine if I want it.
I nailed this interview!!

  • August 7, 2012

Q&A: Vibrational Job Hazards?

avoiding vibrational hazards of the jobHave you ever wondered whether your job is a vibrational hazard? Deliberate creators ask for input about how to ensure what we do for a living doesn’t negatively affect us.
One person writes:

I have a friend who devoted years to working with an organization that provides support services to disabled adults.  Last week he had a freak accident that will likely leave him 80% sightless.
It reminded me about how much I struggled with my finances when I was working with the homeless.  As time has passed and my involvement in that area has lessened, my money stuff has gotten easier.  Coincidence??

Another shares:

I just finished law school and intend to work with underprivileged members of society.  Much of what I will be doing requires me to focus on ‘lack’ (lack of support, lack of financial resources, etc.).  Many of the people I know who have been doing this work for years are burned out and cynical.
I know I should focus on good things, but I’m worried that delving into this aspect of society may affect my vibration in ways I don’t want.  Is there a way for me to do this work without suffering personally?

Another example:
My former tenants used to work for a non-profit that supported people with substance abuse rehabilitation.  After several years of working in the field, their young adult son is in jail for drug related violations, the mother is (accused of being) on drugs,  and the father died in the hospital of an alleged drug overdose.
What do you guys think?
Is it possible to immerse yourself in a challenging job vibration day in and day out and yet not be affected by it?
Is there any merit to the phrase “live by the sword, die by the sword”? Would love to hear your thoughts …

  • March 12, 2012