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The Answer To What You Should Be Doing

For any conscious creator who ever wondered what they should be doing, here’s an LOA flow chart to answer that question every time …

We know that taking action without alignment is pointless.

So getting ourselves lined up is the first order of business, and then it’s simply a matter of doing whatever feels best. (Because that’s where the continued alignment is – in what feels better.)

So here are a string of questions to help you know exactly where you’re at with the whole thing.
(And yes, I totally geeked out on this.)

Do you know what you want? Are you intimately familiar with that desire? Meaning, can you talk about it, see it, and feel it?

If so, you’re good to go. The answer to the question what should you be doing is whatever feels best or sounds good. Inspiration speaks clearly when we’re focused on what we want.

If you cannot answer the questions about what you want and what that’s like, that’s what you should be doing. Getting clear on that before you take any action.

Pretty simple formula for success. 🙂
LOA flow chart

  • September 22, 2015