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Your 2016 LOA Leaders

Each year we invite law of attraction mavens from across the globe to report their most inspiring manifesting resources, whether it be books, blogs, coaches, etc.

Whatever’s helping you master the game of consciously creating reality, we want to know about it.

We compile this list of LOA Leaders each year for three reasons:

  1. to share the good stuff
  2. to acknowledge those who lead the LOA way
  3. and because it’s fun to spotlight LOA change-makers!

Every year you guys introduce us to new players and content. That’s my favorite part of this process – discovering the websites and LOA parties of fellow creators who are raising the bar in the game of conscious creation.

So without further ado, and with many thanks to everyone who took the time to send in votes, we are delighted to announce your 2016 LOA Leaders:

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Blog
Best LOA Blogs

Raise Your Vibration Today by Andrea Schulman
The Heart of Manifesting by Sarah Prout
Law of Attraction by Joe Vitale

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Book
Best LOA Books

Hustle Believe Receive, by Sarah Centrella
Getting Into Manifestation Zone, by Richard Dotts
Score Your Soulmate, by Lisa M Hayes

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Coach
Best LOA Coaches

Cindie Chavez, Love & Magic Coach
Janette Dalgliesh, Identity Shift Ninja
Nancy Barry-Jansson, Affirming Spirit

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Program
Best LOA Programs

30 Day Joy Challenge by Amina Makhdoom
Flowdreaming by Summer McStravick
Intention Masterclass by Lynne McTaggart

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Channeler/Speaker
Best LOA Speakers/Channelers

Abraham by Esther Hicks
Joshua by Gary Bodley
Communion of Light by Frank Butterfield
No doubt you recognize some consistent favorites, but hopefully there’s something new for you to explore here on the latest LOA Leaders list.

And with that we are officially accepting votes for next year’s list! 🙂

PS – to those of you who voted for this blog, thanks for the acknowledgement! We prefer sponsors not to be award recipients, and I am a co-sponsor this year. But it still made me smile every time a vote came in for Good Vibe Blog. 🙂

  • May 28, 2016

Your 2015 Award Winning LOA Leaders

2015 Law of Attraction LeadersThanks to everyone who cast votes for your most impactful LOA Leaders of 2015.
That’s what these LOA Leaders Awards are all about – spotlighting those who enhance our conscious creation skills, whether through coaching, writing or speaking.
As your submissions arrived from all over the globe, we met some new players. That’s one of the pleasures of hosting these awards – finding new sources of inspiration for our manifesting game.
Perhaps you’ll meet some new resources as well on this year’s list!
We also saw some old favorites continuing to dominate your ballots. It’s a delight to recognize those consistently delivering leading edge content for conscious creators.
So without further ado, we offer huge congrats and many thanks to your award winning 2015 LOA Leaders:
Best LOA Blog 2015Best LOA Blog:
Manifesting and Law of Attraction by Hemal Radia
Beth and Lee’s Blog by Beth and Lee
Lucky Lady 711 by Kathleen Miller

Best LOA Coach 2015Best LOA Coach:

Rita Hurry, Law of Attraction Coach
Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Coach
Melody Fletcher, Energy Coach

Best LOA Book 2015Best LOA Book
E Cubed by Pam Grout, Pam Grout
A Perception of Reality, Gary Bodley
The Millionaire Course, Marc Allen

Best LOA Program 2015Best LOA Program:

Manifesting Manual, Jafree Ozwald
The Parlour, Jacqueline Gates
Money Money Money, Cassie Parks

Best LOA Speaker 2015Best LOA Channeler/Speaker:

Abraham, Esther Hicks
The Teachings of Joshua, Gary Bodley
The Founders, Daniel Scranton
Congratulations again to all the award recipients and nominees, and to every conscious creator out there who helps make manifesting that much more mainstream.
The LOA Leader Awards are sponsored by Good Vibe Coach Academy, a law of attraction based coach training program. As organizers of the awards, we exempt ourselves from recognition, but do appreciate the thanks many of you shared with us.
More information about LOA Leaders (including voting and prior recipients) can be found at: http://loaleaders.com.

  • June 10, 2015

Your 2014 LOA Leaders

Best of Law of AttractionWe tallied up your votes from all over the world, including Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Netherlands, Venezuela, Romania, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Greece and more to identify your favorite Law of Attraction leaders for 2014.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) Leaders Awards, sponsored by Good Vibe Coach Academy, are intended to recognize and thank those making a strong impact in the deliberate creator community, either through their channeled work, published books, group programs, public blogs, personal coaching, or speaking events.

The LOA Leaders Awards are designed to recognize and honor industry leaders who further the work of conscious creation by:

  1. inspiring others to embrace their powers to create reality,
  2. educating co-creators in the skills of manifesting, and
  3. walking their talk by living the art of conscious creation.

The top LOA Leaders in each category are determined by emailed votes collected throughout the year from conscious creators across the globe. This year we saw record-breaking voting levels and are thankful to everyone who took time to submit their nominees.

2014 LOA Leaders Award recipients are as follows:

Best LOA Speaker/ChannelerBest LOA Channelers/Speakers:
Abraham by Esther Hicks
Eloheim by Veronica Torres
Communion of Light by Frank Butterfield

Best LOA Books:
Choosing Easy World, Julia Rogers Hamrick
The Magical Path, Marc Allen
Mastering Your Everyday Superpower, Janette Dalgliesh

Best LOA CoachBest LOA Coaches:
Eva Gregory, Divine Guidance Coach
Kate Corbin, Gold Star Coaching
Matt O’Grady, LOA Business Coach

Best LOA Blogs:
DeliberateBlog.com by Melody Fletcher
PamGrout.com by Pam Grout
AffirmingSpirit.com by Nancy Barry-Jansson

Best LOA BlogBest LOA Programs:
Angelic Abundance Activator, Sage Kingsley-Goddard
Money Money Money, Cassie Parks
Profit Quest, Jeanna Gabellini

Congratulations to all our 2014 Law of Attraction Leaders Award nominees and recipients.

Your contributions to raising the awareness and mastery of manifesting skills are appreciated by conscious creators everywhere!

More information about LOA Leaders Award voting and prior recipients can be found at: http://loaleaders.com.

  • July 7, 2014

Meet Your LOA Leaders

The votes are in and tallied for our LOA Leaders in the world of deliberate creation!
Thanks to everyone who helped organize this annual awards program designed to recognize and celebrate those who are furthering knowledge and inspiration for conscious creation.
(This program is sponsored by Good Vibe Coach Academy, which means Lisa and I are exempt from voting or winning.)
Recipients of the LOA Leaders Award are determined by community vote.  Anyone can vote who is familiar with the players and material in the world of law of attraction.
So without further ado, please join me in congratulating our 2012 winners in each of the following categories:
LOA Leaders: Best LOA BlogBest LOA Blog:
StoriesandTruth.com by Mollie Player
DailyAlchemy.com by Michelle Dobbins
LuckyBitch.com by Denise Thomas
DeliberateBlog.com by Melody Fletcher
PamGrout.com by Pam Grout
LOA Leaders: Best LOA BlogBest LOA Coach:
Matt O’Grady, LOA Business Coach
Jeanna Gabellini, Masterpeace Coaching
Nancy Barry-Jansson, AffirmingSpirit
Anisa Aven, Conscious Creation Coach
Drew Rozell, Very Cool Life
LOA Leaders: Best LOA BookBest LOA Book:
How to Allow, Susan Young
Feel It Real, Denise Coates
Ask and It Is Given, Abraham-Hicks
Get Rich Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield Thomas
The Science of Making Things Happen, Kim Romaner
LOA Leaders: Best LOA SpeakerBest LOA Speaker/Channeler:
Abraham by Esther Hicks
Teal Scott, Spiritual Catalyst
Mike Dooley, Speaker & Author
Bashar by Darryl Anka
Ramtha by JZ Knight
I personally met a couple of fabulously inspiring (new to me) players on this LOA awards list, and I hope you do, too.
If you’d like to cast a vote for your favorite candidates for 2013 leaders, visit the site for judging criteria and process here.  (Feel free to suggest a new category if you like, too.)
Thanks again to our participating judges, and big congrats to all our LOA Leaders who are making it easier and more fun to successfully manifest what we want!

  • June 15, 2013