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3 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Their Body

In honor of my latest ebook on Manifesting the Body You Love, I’m sharing three things I wish everyone knew about their body.

After more than a decade of working with fellow creators to manifest physical changes in their body, these are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

1. Your body is working for you, at all times, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

“Symptoms” and illnesses are not a sign of failure on your body’s part. They are actually in service to your healing and your highest good.

Any time we feel inclined to judge or criticize something going “wrong” in our body is a sign we’re operating under an illusion.

Our bodies aren’t betraying us. Rather, they’re either in the active process of healing or they’re simply following our own bad instructions.

The good news is we can change those instructions. In fact, even judging it as “going wrong” is an instruction the body has to follow!

2. Your body is capable of more than you’re allowing.

We limit what’s possible in our bodies by what we believe. Most of us have been trained into a very narrow thought stream about what our bodies can and can’t do.

When we drop those constraints about what’s possible, our bodies rise to the occasion.

And that’s when things get really fun. There are plenty of people already proving it!

3. Your body knows best.

Anyone who doesn’t know your vibration is not in a position to know what serves your physical form best. (And no one knows your vibration better than you.)

That means anyone writing a prescription, creating a workout, or offering diet instructions should take second chair to your body’s own wisdom.

That’s not to say that muggle experts don’t sometimes present us with just the solution needed, but you don’t know for sure until you check in with your body.

The thing is our bodies are telling us what they want every moment of every day. They’re constantly calling us forward on the path of well-being, when we take the time to listen. 🙂

When we learn to trust that our bodies know how to thrive, and we let them lead the way, our experience of our physical selves gets better than we ever dreamed.

Here’s to partnering with our bodies and loving them into their highest expression, rather than that other routine we may have been doing for so long.

You’re invited to check out the ebook and give your body some love today. 🙂

  • December 27, 2017

When LOA “Doesn’t Work”

In this guest post, Love & Magic Coach Cindie Chavez shares how she used law of attraction magic on a failing relationship.

Here’s Cindie:

Have you ever felt frustrated because that thing you’ve been envisioning is not happening?

Sometimes we start learning about magic, or law of attraction, or some other way of facilitating conscious creation and everything seems possible. The sky’s the limit!

Then we get down to the business of conscious creation.

We visualize, and meditate, and “act as if” and imagine what it will feel like once that thing we want manifests.
And it feeeels so good … until it doesn’t.

Until things go wrong.

For instance, take the time when I was in my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad marriage. I was a few years into learning about Law of Attraction. I was consciously creating some pretty awesome stuff.

Miracles seemed to happen on a regular basis. Wow. THIS was the life for me! Opportunities were everywhere, synchronicities were everywhen. Wow. VERY cool. I was really digging this conscious creation stuff.

Except my marriage was pretty rocky. Well, abusive actually. Painful. Stressful. No bueno.

But hey, I was working miracles with this LOA stuff, so … maybe all I needed to do was work some of this magic on my relationship.

Commence LOA on relationship program. Insert disc. [sound of metaphorical hard drive whirring] and then…

total system crash

Wait … what the %^&$#?

Did something go wrong?

Yeah, the relationship got worse and worse. Until it came apart.

Seriously. It flew apart like a model airplane flying into the side of a mountain.

So what happened? Why didn’t this LOA stuff work to fix my relationship?

Well, actually – it did work. It just didn’t create the outcome I expected.

You see, I began to get very clear on what I wanted …

  • I wanted a marriage where I was loved, respected, cherished, cared for, appreciated, adored.
  • I wanted a relationship where I was both heard and seen.
  • A relationship where deep conversations and raucous laughter were a regular occurrence.
  • I wanted a relationship where there was plenty of hot sex, warm hugs, sweet kisses and tender lovemaking.
  • I wanted a relationship full of mutual pleasure, and yeah, mutual lemonade making on the occasion when life handed out lemons.

That was what I was envisioning. THAT was where I was aligned vibrationally.

And guess what – it’s pretty obvious now that my ex was not a vibrational match to this relationship I desired. And so, pretty quickly things fell apart.

It wasn’t because LOA didn’t work. It wasn’t because my alignment was off or my vibration was wonky. Not at all. The Law of Attraction worked perfectly, just as it always does.

The clearer I got about what my ideal relationship looked like, the further away my vibration was from his vibration.

That was the magic part. The magic did work. The magic worked perfectly.

And, you’ve probably heard me say that magical activities work even better when we couple them with mundane activities that support our magic.

For example – you can meditate on the perfect job, and then it helps to also send a resume, right? You can envision a beautiful painting, but then you need to take out the paint brushes and get to work on it.

So, here’s the mundane activity part – I spent a few years studying communication techniques (including conflict resolution and even hostage negotiating!) and through all of my learning I devised a very powerful method to communicate what I wanted and needed.

I learned a few simple tools that supported my own self-knowledge and my ability to express what I desired. I learned how to set boundaries and how to ask for specific outcomes. And even though I would put this little process I’ve created in the “mundane action” category – it works like magic.

And … it works if you’re single or in a relationship, it works if you’re discussing with another person or brainstorming with yourself, it works to bring clarity about relationship stuff and clarity about your own stuff.

So I put together a little do-it-yourself workshop for you so you can learn this powerful process, too.

It’s comprised of a 2-page worksheet and a 38 minute audio where I lead you every step of the way through this simple process – and I’m making it available this month as a “pay what you want” offering. I call this workshop The Voice of Love, and once you use it I think you’ll agree that it works miracles.

Jeannette again: I’m a fan of Cindie’s work, and believe whether you tune into her Voice of Love workshop, or browse her blog, or plug in via her facebook group, that our lives are better off for having her positive influence in it.

  • November 20, 2017

Best Way To Manifest What You Want

What’s the swiftest, most reliably effective way to manifest what you want?

You likely know the answer to that question better than anyone else does.

Because it might not be the same answer for all of us, all the time.

Sometimes the best way might be to let go and forget about it.

Sometimes the best way is to commit to a more aligned focus.

I’ve written before that the best way to get what you want is to love yourself.

But I have a suspicion that there’s one answer that would serve us all exceptionally well in nearly every circumstance.

That is to love your life.

To do more of what you enjoy. To minimize tolerations and maximize fun. To engage what makes you smile or laugh, and to amplify what makes your heart sing.

That’s what I suspect could be the best ticket to aligning to what we desire.

Which is the same message we hear all the time – emphasizing the power of appreciation and getting happy.

But truly prioritizing a good time could very well be the trick that helps all formerly elusive desires manifest.

We don’t have to know about vibration. We don’t have to be aware of thoughts and know how to shift them. We don’t have to converse with higher power every day asking for guidance.

It could be as simple as following our hearts and having fun. Whatever that means for you.

I’m not just theorizing, though …

I’m putting it to the real life test.

By turning an already good life into something even better. By intending and expecting and choosing whatever makes my heart soar.

So far that’s included:

  • clearing the air with an ex
  • expanding my musical horizons, and listening more often
  • saying yes to more fabulous food options
  • making time for engaging stories (thank you, Hulu!)
  • picking up new hobbies (paddle boarding and target shooting)
  • arranging dog care (thanks Grammaw!) so it’s easier to get to live concerts, the drag races, gem faires, and weekend hiking trips
  • got my own sex pillow (thanks, Karen!) and also might have sexted someone for the first time (more fun than I realized!)
  • volunteering at my local wildlife rehab center, and lots more.

My colleague Lisa Hayes was the one who suggested this to me. And I think she was right on the money.

And here’s the thing …

Having a good time isn’t even something we have to figure out or coordinate ourselves.

A simple intention to experience more life joys and delights is all it takes to get results. (That’s all I started with, and the surprise joys were rolling in within hours!)

You’re invited to join me in this “loving life even more” experiment …

See what you can say yes to that brings higher levels of happiness and enjoyment in your life, and see if you also notice lots of other things starting to go your way, too.

Either way, I figure there’s no way to lose on this gig. 🙂

  • September 23, 2017

How Are Your Thoughts Looking?

Even savvy creators fall for it …

When we want to drop weight, common wisdom has trained us to clean up our diet and increase movement.

After all, everyone “knows” you can’t lose weight without watching what you eat and/or making an exercise commitment.

It amazes me how often skilled creators default to muggle weight loss methods, even though they know we live in a vibrational world that arises from our thoughts.

Granted, whatever we believe strongly enough, we will see evidence of.

So some people do get results by restricting calories and sweating up a storm.

But for those who are looking for more efficient results in manifesting physical change, it’s worth starting with what matters …

Our thoughts. That make up our vibration.

Instead of swearing off pancakes and vowing to take the stairs, start with an inventory of your thinking.

  • Are your thoughts sexy and healthy, or are they flabby and critical?
  • Is your self-talk creating a thriving body, or is it sabotaging your physical prowess?
  • Are your dominant feelings ones of self-loathing and discouragement, or are they appreciative and encouraging?

This is where savvy creators begin  with the vibration – long before we do any evaluation of food and movement.

We start by making sure our thoughts are lined up with what we want.

Because that’s what really matters.

Are your thoughts those of a healthy, beautiful, strong, energetic person? Or are they thoughts of a critical, tired, out of shape person?

You can’t get the body you want while thinking thoughts about a body you hate.

That’s not to say you can’t get results by taking a traditional focus on food and exercise, but best leverage comes from vibrational tweaking at the start.

Once you know what lean/healthy/sexy/strong/or whatever-you-want-your-body-to-be thoughts are – and that’s what you’re thinking more often than not – then it will occur to you to make helpful changes.

You’ll make those changes from inspiration, not willpower. It will be enjoyable, not a slog.

But making those changes without having the right vibration in place is pointless.

(Which is why there are so many frustrated and disappointed dieters out there.)

We start with the vibration. Not the diet. Not the exercise.

We cultivate the feelings of what we want, and then listen to inspiration for what comes next.

Sometimes just changing the instruction you’re giving your body is enough to create the change. (I’ve seen it happen!)

Sometimes your inner guidance will show you the next step to getting there.

Like that time I consciously dialed onto body love instead of body loathing, and shortly after I got all lit up about a NutriBullet. (I still love my NutriBullet!)

It would be easy to say that thing changed my life, but the truth is, the new vibration changed my life. The vibration of love instead of loathing; the vibration of healthy and beautiful instead of declining and out of shape.

So the next time you’re in the mood to manifest physical change in your body, start with an inventory of your thoughts.

That’s where savvy creators start.

PS – if you don’t know the thoughts of body love, one of these vibration activation scripts might help: healthy body, weight loss, feelin’ sexy. You might also enjoy this podcast.

But however you do it, giving your body the love it deserves is the best way for it to love you back!

  • July 15, 2017

Giving Up Lands Her Perfect Husband

Lisa Hayes has quite a love story. If you haven’t heard it, you’re in for a treat about how she went from rock bottom to over-the-moon happy with her new guy …

Ten years ago I spent my last Valentine’s Day single and it was a whopper.

I’d gone through a horrible breakup a few weeks before. We are talking about a record-breaking bad breakup.

I wasn’t heartbroken. I was emotionally bankrupt.

I had hit what I would categorize as an emotional rock bottom. I got there by making a too many bad decisions for too long. I was a mess.

On that particular Valentine’s Day I was in no mood for romance and I was jonesing for it like an addict all at the same time.

Fortunately for me, my best friend from high school was also post-breakup and didn’t have anyone on her dance card for V-day that year either.

So when she visited we got ourselves a bottle of wine and a notebook and went to work on “the list” to create our next relationships.

You know the list. It’s the list of qualities you’re looking for in a match.

Almost every woman I know has made that list.

I’d made it at least a dozen times before. Obviously, it hadn’t worked – at all.

I’ll fast forward six weeks from that Valentine’s afternoon when we made our lists. I met the love of my life.

He was such an exact match to that list that I recognized him immediately. We fell in love at first sight. We’ve been together every day, ever since.

So why did it work when I was at my most pathetic after my worst breakup when it hadn’t worked before?

I’ll tell you why and you probably won’t believe it because it goes against everything you’ve ever learned about how to attract anything.

It worked because I’d given up.

I didn’t think it would work. I’d done it before with train wreck results. I had no reason to believe doing it again would be any different.

I did it for fun to pass the time. Nothing more, nothing less.

I had a bottle of wine with a friend. We laughed and had a blast. I was just tipsy enough to be totally honest with that list about what I really wanted. I had zero attachment to it because I didn’t really believe it was within reach.

I got crystal clear about what I wanted that day and felt exactly zero angst about getting it because I had surrendered to the idea that I’d be single forever.

Sometimes it takes completely letting go to let the magic happen.

A smarter person than I was would let go before hitting rock bottom. However, even if you feel like you’re cruising for rock bottom you can still take heart. There is a lot of freedom in giving up and miracles happen when you least expect them.

Lisa Hayes, Love Whisperer

This Valentine’s Day I am wishing you lots of love, miracles you don’t expect, and some wishes you’ve long since given up on. It’s easy for me to see all of that happening for you. If I can get to happily-ever-after from rock bottom anything is possible.

Lisa Hayes is the Love Whisperer who helps clients leverage Law of Attraction to get the relationships they dream about and build the lives they want. Find her online at LisaMHayes.com

  • February 13, 2017
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