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Magic Wand Best Practices

Magic Wand Best PracticesNot every conscious creators employs a magic wand, but for those of us who do, it’s worth a review of best practices of this ancient art.
Here are the top five tips I was taught and/or learned along the way. (Some of them the hard way.)
We’d love to hear your best practices, too!
1. Keep your wand secure.
It is essential that untrained others don’t have access, as they will likely be sorely tempted to give it a practice wave or two. While it’s unlikely they’ll do much damage, it isn’t worth the risk.
2. Regular use is optimal. 
While it’s true that a magic wand grows more potent over time, this tip is actually shared with the user in mind. The more you use it, the more proficient you become.
Some have asked whether it’s possible to overuse their wand. In my experience, overuse is not detrimental to the wand, but sometimes the user. Don’t grow dependent. The power is in you.
3. Keep it in pristine condition.
Don’t let your wand get dusty or brittle; room temperature storage in a velvet-lined wooden container is optimal. (The Container Store had a delightful stock last time I was in.) Using your wand after it’s been exposed to extreme temperatures for extended lengths of time may result in glitchy manifestations. If you suspect your wand is experiencing fluctuations due to environmental mishandling, see a Certified Wand Tuner pronto.
4. Use its proper name.
Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed mine does not appreciate nicknames. While you may not prefer its true name, your wand does. Call it by its proper name, if you haven’t already been doing so, and you’ll see enhanced results with that added respect.
5. Don’t wave angry.
Or under the influence. Just don’t. Some of you may have learned this the hard way, too. If you haven’t, take it from us. Your results will reflect your state of mind, and anger/befuddlement is not something you want magnified through magic. Calm, clear-headed, sober waving only is the way of the experienced wander.
Bonus tip: while I know most practitioners use the complementary astro-season method for choosing their most effective type of wand material, you may want to experiment with the Triple M method (Magic Materials Match) for best results. Although a seasoned witch friend swears anything other than the blind choice (aka random alignment) method is less than ideal.
(Yes, I’m just having a little fun here, but that’s the whole point, right?) 😉
Thanks for reading, happy wanding and please share your favorite wand tips in the comments!

  • September 1, 2016