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Charging Objects with Magical Intentions

How to Charge Objects with Magic IntentionsAll day long we have opportunities to expand our reality-creating power by infusing our objects with magical intentions.
Crystals and meals are typical items to program (aka bless), but you can do it for anything – coffee cups, water bottles, eye glasses, pens, wallets, shoes, medication, jewelry, makeup, lotion, cars …

… all of it can become a magical part of your manifesting success when you charge it with a focused intention.

In fact, we often do this unconsciously. And not always to our benefit.

The other day I was ruminating on an earlier argument while making a sandwich, realizing I’d just made a resentment sandwich. (Not the best energy for lunch.)

This morning as I took two adrenal supplements, I held them in my hand wondering whether I should still be taking these. And that’s probably what they got infused with – “not sure” energy. Way to disempower a supplement!

We know everything arises from what we think, so let’s plant that power in positive ways.

Focusing intentional energy into an object is an easy way to leverage our manifesting powers. And you can do it with anything …

  • The journal I use for business planning and brainstorming is charged with brilliance, insight and enjoyment.
  • The pen I use for pray rain journaling is charged with ‘so it is’ energy to make whatever it writes come true.
  • On laundry day when replacing pillowcases the pillows get charged with sweet dreams and divine messages.
  • The car gets a ‘comfort and safety’ instruction along with a thank you each time I get in and out.
  • My shampoo is infused with ‘beautiful’ when it goes in the shower; the toothbrush gets an ‘all is well’ spell every time a new head is swapped out; and my water bottle sits on a crop circle card to get charged with whatever those messages are encoded with.

And of course I have a bunch of crystals programmed with things like abundance, insights, love, inspiration, clarity, prosperity, etc.

It’s fun to get deliberate about programming the things in our daily world with powerful instructions, but even if all you did was stop instilling negative energy into your things when you hold or focus on them, for many of us that in itself would be an improvement.

How to charge an object?

Some will tell you it’s a complicated ritual, but it can be as simple as holding (or touching) the item you want to charge while mentally sending the vibrations you want it to carry. Just flow the energy until you feel an intuitive click. That’s it.

It’s a process that serves me well.

But if you want to study with the pros, you can get more instruction here.

In the meantime, I’d love to be inspired by those of you who practice this already … what sorts of things are you charging and what intentions are you programming them with?

  • May 7, 2015