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How to Manifest a Miracle for Someone Else

How to Manifest for Someone ElseA reader emailed this morning asking how to manifest for someone else, which is a common desire among conscious creators.

Here is one favorite practice from a fellow creator found to be exceptionally effective:

First of all, don’t tell anyone you’re doing it.

Otherwise your ego gets caught up in it and that’s not the cleanest energy. So keep quiet about it.

Second, all you do is take five minutes a day to visualize their success.

Just loosely hold it in your mind’s eye, playing with the fantasy of what you want for them.

See it unfolding; imagine their happiness. Just an old-school visualization of them getting what they want. Nothing fancy or mysterious.

Do that for 30 days straight and that’s it.

So that’s 5 minutes a day for 30 days of tuning in to their success – and your work is done.

The reason this is so powerful is because your unattached, pure energy helps crack this dream open for them.

Obviously, this isn’t likely to work on someone who doesn’t desire what you’re dialing up. (If they don’t want it, it’s not in their vortex.) So be sure you’re using this magic to create something the other person actually wants.

The beauty of using your creative powers on behalf of another is that it builds your focusing muscle, as well as your confidence. When you see the results, you can then use those enhanced skills for creating your own dreams and desires even better than before.

So this can be a self-serving process. 🙂

Here’s an example of what can happen when this is put into practice …

The first time one creator did this was for a happily married couple she knew was having trouble getting pregnant. They were a lovely couple and very much wanted to have a baby.

So she visualized a successful pregnancy for the wife.

Before the 30 days was even up, the wife was pregnant.

With another man’s baby. !!

Alrighty then.

The wife reported that it was the strangest thing – she never had any designs on any other guy. It just sort of happened out of the blue.

She had a healthy baby, the couple got divorced, and the woman is now happily married to the father of the baby.

I’m imagining wonderful things happened for that original husband, too. (Just because Universe is cool like that.)

Another creator who also used this exercise pointed his “manifest for another” power for a friend of his who wanted to be married. At the time the guy was a 25 year old virgin not getting any action at all, and before he knew it he was saying “I do” to his new love.

So maybe watch where you point this thing!

  • May 13, 2015