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Moneyfesting: the Art of Manifesting Money

moneyfesting: the art of manifesting moneyThis month at Good Vibe University we launched a new course called Moneyfesting: the Art of Manifesting Money.
It’s my playful approach to creating financial abundance.
The first of our six call series focuses on spotting and dropping our anti-money habits.  Do you know what yours are?
Very often allowing more money into our lives isn’t about engaging a new process or manifesting technique, but rather just dropping our current habits that block it.  When we identify and drop those habits, money flows in naturally and swiftly.
Money is already trying to get in our world – we’ve called it through contrast and it’s doing its best to make its way in.  (And it’s much closer than we realize!)
All we have to do to let it in is stop doing whatever we’ve been doing to block it.  That’s all it takes to let money roll in.
Do you have any of these Anti-Money Habits?
1. Think/Speak It Away
We reinforce our present financial reality by noticing and talking about it.  (And especially feeling frustrated, resentful or scared about it.)  By giving attention to our present “reality,” we turn away all the other money that wants to be there.   Because we’ve just declared it doesn’t exist here.   Money can’t be magical with us when we’re not giving it room to play!
2. Worry It Away
Often we look into our future and anticipate bleak finances.  By entertaining negative fantasies about our financial doom and gloom, we keep money locked out of our present experience.  This is especially true for those of us who are good at knowing what could go wrong, which is a powerful anti-money habit.
3. Neglect It Away
Some of us take for granted the financial abundance we already have.  (And if you think you don’t have any, you’re definitely doing this.)  We are swimming in abundance of all kind – including financial abundance.  Until we have eyes for it, it’ll continue to be invisible to us.
4. Disallow It via Unworthiness
If we don’t feel worthy of financial well-being, it can’t be part of our experience.  Those who engage this anti-money habit find themselves working really hard for money, trying to prove their worth through struggle and effort.  Unworthiness is a huge anti-money habit worth remedying.
5. ‘Stranger Danger’ It Away
Many of us aren’t comfortable with things or experiences that are foreign to us.  When that’s the case with money, we unknowingly block money from our existence by being unfamiliar with it.  Do you know how to be rich?  It’s an idea worth getting used to so you are a better energetic match to the money you want.
6. Depend It Away
When we make money responsible for our emotional or physical well being, we give it an impossible job which keeps us from true wealth alignment.  Money can’t make us happy – that’s our job.  When we learn how to feel now how we would feel then, we open the door to financial abundance.
7. Manage It Away
Those who treat money like a scarce resource may not realize we’re pushing money out of our world by believing in its limitedness.  That’s a very common anti-money habit, and one worth reversing in order to allow effortless cash flow into your life.
The bottom line is that anything we know or entertain about money not being here is what keeps more money from flowing in.
When we recognize how we might be doing that – and then drop that habit – money resumes its rightful place in our wallets, saving accounts and piggy banks.
If you’d like more support spotting and dropping your anti-money habits, tune into the Moneyfesting series at GVU.  (Everyone is invited to the live calls; members get access to archived call library and forum support.)

  • September 14, 2013

Money Manifesting Playlist

manifest money through musicWhat if manifesting money was as simple as playing a new song?

Sound too easy?

But of course it can be that simple, because whatever helps get our attention on what we want is an effective manifesting aid.

This song does that for me (compliments of Sexy & Sober Shannon’s pinterest board):

I especially appreciate the alternating lyric: “Money keeps coming to me”:

As I was posting this in the “just for fun” department at Good Vibe U, I realized it also belongs in the Money Manifesting department, too.

Because it’s a legitimate focusing tool.  I know the power of songs to shift the vibe

Right before my boyfriend broke up with me, I cautioned him not to listen to this song too much.  He didn’t take my advice, and a week later we were done.

One might argue that telling your boyfriend what to listen to is not particularly conducive to a good relationship.  Or that he was listening to the song because he was already in the mood to break up.  Fair enough …

But I still believe there’s a strong connection to what we’re replaying in our mind and what happens in our lives.  And that replay counts whether it’s a mantra, an affirmation, a song, an image, a person, or whatever grabs our attention.

So with that in mind, I propose a money manifesting playlist!

Here are a few money songs I collected, but we’d love to hear what you’re using to get in the vibration of financial abundance.

this music takes a different approach to shift into alignment (uses the 528 hertz frequency for vibrational healing):

In fact, maybe someone could write a “guest post” collection of other playlists, too: one for thriving business, one for happy relationship, healthy body, maybe peaceful planet, etc.

In the meantime, please share music you’ve found to help vibrate abundance.  Thank you!

  • March 8, 2012