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Manifestor vs. Manifester

manifester vs. manifestor definedA few years ago I queried fellow creators about the proper spelling of one who manifests: is it manifestor or manifester?

More people search google with the -er spelling, but here’s how actual manifestors weighed in:

  • Greg suggested since a manifestor is also a creator, it should be spelled -or.
  • John pointed out that neither version appears in Websters dictionary, so we get to pick. (Yay for being on the leading edge!)
  • All but one conscious creator expressed their personal preference for the -or version.

The other day, though, after Cassie asked the question on an LOA coach training call, Lisa gave us a response that settled the question once and for all:

Something ending in -er is usually a thing, like a toaster or a duster. Words ending in -or usually reference a person, like governor or doctor. Therefore, I am a manifestor.

The rules on -er vs. -or suffixes basically say Latin roots get the -or ending and English derived words get an -er ending.

Since manifest has a Latin root (from manifestus, meaning “caught in the act; obvious”) it seems yet again that the -or ending is confirmed.

Yet dictionary.com has a reference to manifester with the -er ending under its entry for “manifest.”

So now you know the situation, in case you’re an LOA geek like me and were wondering.

Regardless of how we spell it, though, everyone is a manifestor / manifester.

Each of us creates our reality. Whether we know it or not. Whether we like it or not.

However, not all of us are doing it consciously.

Here’s to those of us who own our power to create reality consciously and deliberately!

  • February 14, 2015