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The Skill of Observation

The Skill of ObservationIt might seem like “observation” isn’t something we have to practice or get good at.
After all, it just happens. We don’t have to practice it – it’s automatic. We see, we hear, we smell, we perceive.
It just happens – it’s not something we have to direct.
Or maybe the muggle view of observation skills is about being able to notice details that others might miss. Like in Sherlock Holmes fashion.
But it means something else altogether for conscious creators.
Because we know that observing something makes it real. (Whereas non-LOA savvy folks think it’s real, therefore they observe it. They’re passive witnesses to what’s so in the world.)
Not for us, though.
Conscious creators know that whatever we look at, we bring to life. The way we see things serves as a vibrational instruction as to what comes next.
That’s why observation is a skill.

The Observer Effect tells us that the act of looking at something changes what we see. The act of observation quite literally creates our entire world. Our reality depends on what we look at and how we look at it.
From Joe Dispenza: “… our observation has a direct effect on our world. If we keep it very simple then people can get about the business of beginning to practice the skill of observation.”

So what is the skill of observation? And how do we practice it?
Here’s my take on how we become highly skilled observers:
For one, we learn how to spotlight our favorite parts, and dismiss our not-so-favorite parts.
We know what to bring to the foreground and what to send to the background. Like an artist who knows optimal placement of things for maximum desired effect.
It’s not that we’re down to our last $20 in our checking account. It’s that we have money in the account!
It’s not that a love interest is ignoring us. It’s that there are a handful of other delightful candidates for fun romance! (And anyone who asks about the one prospect gone awol will hear all about the others we are enjoying.)
In short, we have eyes for the gifts.
That’s what my friend Ming did when her money stone went missing during our visit. She didn’t “lose her money stone.” Rather, she left a magical money attractor with me. Somewhere. We don’t know where. Exactly. But it’s here somewhere.
It’s not the seven job interviews that didn’t go anywhere that we get hung up on. It’s the one we’re in the running for that we dwell on. Or the one we know must be right around the corner that we think about.
In fact, that’s another skill of observation – being able to see what isn’t so yet.
We see the success when everyone else thinks it’s a pipe dream. We hear the applause before anyone has gathered. We smell the mountain air while we’re still breathing city fumes. (Or vice versa, depending on your dream!)
In short, we know how to recognize a topic or perspective that doesn’t serve, and are willing to turn attention elsewhere.
Like when a friend is getting riled up about a subject that isn’t likely to have a happy ending, and we gracefully change topics. Or when we’re scrolling online and see a facebook friend post, “This made me sick to my stomach,” and we scroll right on by. Or when an ex makes insistent attempts to engage drama, but you just let it go.
We don’t get stuck where some people do. Skilled observers are very conscious about where we invest our attention.
Bottom line, conscious creators know how to powerfully engage our imaginations and tweak our perceptions to make our dreams manifest. That’s the skill of observation.
How are you practicing it today?

  • October 25, 2016