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Manifesting with Symbols

Manifesting with SymbolsWe know the name of the game in creating the reality we prefer is harnessing our focus in a way that aligns us with our desire.
One of the easiest ways to achieve that is by engaging the power of a manifesting symbol.
This symbol can be something that represents (and reminds you of) what you’re creating.
It’s different than images you might use on a vision board or in a mind movie, because it lives in your 3D space – and it isn’t so much a picture of what you want as an object that expresses the vibration of it.
Also, you may be the only one who understands the significance of the symbol, so it’s more subtle than posting affirmations on your mirror or refrigerator where others might see them.
It’s also different than practicing ‘immersion,’ where you fill your environment with physical cues that replicate/reinforce the reality you’re manifesting.
Your symbol could be an object for your nightstand, an item that you wear, or even something that you smell.
In fact, good places to incorporate your objects are where you’ll see or experience it regularly – on your key ring, rear view mirror, work desk, etc.
Anything that has meaningful significance and represents to you the thing you’re manifesting would work.
Here’s an example:

I had a client who was creating a big professional achievement (finishing her doctorate). For her, the essence of that desire was based on feelings of success, empowerment and independence.
On the lookout for a potential symbol of that manifestation, one day she noticed a pewter statue of Diana the Huntress while browsing a gift shop. For her that was the perfect embodiment of the qualities of her desire.
She took it home and placed it on her desk where she wrote her PhD thesis. Every time she felt frustrated or discouraged, Diana the Huntress would reconnect her with feelings of empowerment and success.

It wasn’t the only manifesting tool she used to become a doctor, but I was impressed with how effective it was!
Other examples of how to incorporate this type of LOA magic in your world:

If I were creating financial freedom and to me the vibration of that was primarily security, I might use a deadbolt as a paperweight for my financial docs. Or if the vibration was freedom I might leave a frisbee on the table where I put my keys each night.

If I were manifesting body health and for me the vibration of that was peace of mind, I might burn the same incense they use at my yoga center, because I’ve come to associate that with peacefulness. Or if the vibration was achievement, I might hang a banner from my favorite winning sports team.

To anyone else, it looks like I’m a fan of incense or sports, but to me, each time I notice my symbol I’m reminded of where I’m headed. It helps keep me on track vibrationally.
You can tell this manifesting tool is important to customize, since we each have a different association with different symbols and objects.
But when you find the right one it can be a powerful way to activate the vibrations that align you to your desire.
If you have ideas or experiences to share, please post!

  • December 29, 2014

Manifesting Tool: 3 Answers to 3 Questions

Manifesting Tool for Rich Visualizing: 3 Answers to 3 QuestionsOn the Periodic Table of Manifesting I included a tool for conscious creators called “3As to 3Qs.”
That stands for three answers to three questions.
Let me explain …
I borrowed this straight from the Psych-K process for instantly rewriting beliefs.
What I found was that this part of their protocol created exceptionally rich visualizations.
And as conscious creators we all know the power of a good visualization!
This is really simple to practice.
Here’s how it goes:
Think about whatever you want – whether it’s having all the bills paid in full, rockin’ it out in your old skinny jeans, enjoying a loving relationship with a new sweetheart, or whatever.
With that desire in mind, give three answers to each of the following three questions:

  • What do you see that’s evidence this has happened?
  • What do you hear that proves this reality unfolded?
  • What do you feel (as in kinesthetic touch) that shows you achieved this?

I often remember the questions in this shorthand version: what do I see? what do I hear? what do I feel?
Ideally your answers are so obvious and direct that a five year old could make the connection.

Example: what would I see now that all the bills are paid in full? I’d see “paid in full” zero balance statements in the mail. I might see zero balance boxes on the online account.
What would I hear that proves I can fit in my skinny jeans? Maybe my girlfriend saying, “Wait, are those your jeans from last year? You look fabulous!” I might hear myself saying, “Oh my word, they fit! woo hoo!”
What would I feel when I’m enjoying a new relationship with a sweetie? I’d feel his hand in mine as we walk the dogs together. I’d feel extra weight on my key ring because it’s got his house key on it. Maybe I feel the engagement ring on my finger.

Who knows? You get to make it up for yourself.
Getting the hang of it?
Remember that the test of your answer is that a stranger could tell what it means. Someone looking from the outside in would be able to recognize what was happening for you.
Like, think of the desire for fully paid bills… if I say I’ll see myself sighing contentedly on the couch feeling great relief – what does that mean?
That could mean I’m happy because the neighbor’s dog stopped barking, or maybe because I just farted.
You want your answers to be obviously directly connected to your desire.
Notice I said this process was “simple” but not necessarily “easy.” Sometimes it takes a little work to come up with those nine answers!
In fact, the more difficult it is to answer, the further away you are from it.
Finding nine answers will plug you in nicely to your desired reality.
That’s what we’re looking to accomplish – creating a familiarity with our dream come true. So it becomes something that feels normal and expected.
Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean about what a powerful tool this is for creating a vibrational shift!

  • December 22, 2014

Work Wonders with These 2 Questions

Manifest Magic: Work Wonders with These 2 QuestionsBashar tells us that the process of manifesting isn’t a matter of figuring out how to create something from nothing.
Because what we want already exists.
So it’s not like we have to try to make something happen – because that something is already happening.
(You’re already rich, beautiful, healthy, successful and loved by all in a parallel reality. Whatever you want is already a done deal.)
All we have to do is get ourselves where that’s happening … which we do by becoming the same energetic frequency of our desire.
Here it is in Bashar’s words:

Manifestation is not bringing something to you that you don’t already have. It’s revealing to you what’s already there (by matching its frequency).
The way you match its frequency is by acting on your highest excitement.
You cannot experience what you’re not the vibration of first. You have to be the vibration of the reality (you desire) or you cannot experience the things that are germane to that reality. It’s simple physics.
Be the vibration first, then you will be inspired and attracted to the synchronicities, thoughts, and ideas that come hand in hand with that vibration.
If you are not that vibration, then all the doors that may be right there in front of you will be completely invisible to you.

That’s why when we’re thinking about what we want, whatever that might be, it’s important to ask if we know how to be that now. Do you know the frequency of your desired result?
Lots of us know the frequency of the contrast (“ugh, not this!”), or the frequency of the desire (“man, I really want that”), or even the frequency of the effort to get there (“I’m gonna make this happen”).
But do you know the vibration of having it? That’s what we want to nail.

  • If you want more money, do you know how to be rich?
  • If you want helpful support, do you know how to be well supported?
  • If you want a more relaxed schedule, do you know how to relax now?
  • If you want better relationships, do you know the vibration of love?
  • If you want a big problem to be resolved, do you know the feeling of relief?

Because our desired result can’t reveal itself to us until we’ve gotten there first energetically. And many of us have been practicing the opposite vibrations for a while.
So if you’re really good at feeling restricted, or broke, or busy, or unappreciated – or whatever you’ve got going on contrast-wise, that’s important to change.
What do you want, and how does that feel? Answering those two questions will work wonders in your world.
The other day I wasn’t feeling very financially savvy or abundant, so I turned it around to feel on top of things, very financially fluent and prosperous. In short order Universe changed everything!
Last night I started looking for a cat gone awol, who revealed himself shortly after I replaced my “Where are you?!” vibration with the “There you are!” declaration.
It’s Manifesting 101, but easy to forget.
What do you want, and how does that feel?
You’ll be magic when you work these two questions.

  • May 3, 2014

Manifesting with a Success List

manifesting with a magic success listIn the $1,000 money manifesting post I mentioned a technique used to help line up with creating a financial windfall: a

Manifesting Success List.

I like that alignment method so much I thought it deserved elaboration.

First off, we know that we get what we vibrate.

So to get what we want, all we have to do is figure out how to vibrate it.

A lot of our desires are just that – desires.  Things we don’t have yet.  Things we want, but don’t feel as “real” or “done.”

In our minds we think of them as “out there” – in the hopeful future.

Which is where they stay if we don’t learn to expect or believe in them as real.

When we change our vibration from “wanting” to “having,” Universe has to deliver the goods.  We’re home free when we begin thinking about our desire as a “done deal.”

That’s where the Manifesting Success List comes in.  It’s a way to sort of trick ourselves into thinking of the yet-to-be-manifested desire as if it’s already done.

Those of you who read my newsletter know what I’m talking about here.  (I wrote about this over the summer.)

It’s where we create a list that mixes in real life already-manifested successes with our newest hopes and dreams.  The “realness” from the already-here items have a contagious influence on the new things – to help make them real sooner rather than later.

Here’s how to do it …

Write down two or more of your favorite recent manifesting successes.  That is, things that have already come to fruition in real life that you feel really good about.

Then in the middle of that list write down the thing you’d like to happen next.  So we’re tucking our new desire into the midst of “done deal” energy.

All there is left is to put the list somewhere you’ll see it daily.

I started mine with a super cool contest win that had seemed very unlikely.  And I added the feed lot horse rescues that meant a lot to me.  Both items were huge wins in my mind, full of good energy.
I actually wrote my new desire at the end of the list, but I think it’d work better placed in the middle.

Also key is to write each item down using past tense, like it’s already happened.

Here’s what happens each time we see the list – the new desire starts to take on a “done deal” feel.  It starts to have an “of course-ness” about it.

When I first put my list together, the new desire stood out like a sore thumb.

But as time went on, and I remembered that once upon a time those other things on the list were big fantasies, too – it made it easier to expect that this new one would come to pass, too.  The items on the list started to feel more the “same” each time I looked at it.

So the success vibe from that unlikely contest win makes it easier to believe in a thousand dollars out of the blue.  And the high I still felt from the horse rescues helped align me to expecting tripled ebook revenue.  Pretty cool, huh?

As the new things manifest, you can add new desires to the list.  Those new desires take on a “realness” imbued from the already manifested dreams.  And pretty soon you’ve got a very powerful magical list going.

I keep my list on the white board on the refrigerator, but anywhere you’ll see it regularly will suffice.  Also, some of my items were written in code so as not to disturb others who might read it.  (As in ex-beaus reading about new super hot dates.)

The time frame it’s taken for my list items to manifest seems to range from a couple days to a couple months.

And get this – when I look at my manifesting success list now, I can’t really remember which ones were “seeded” successes that had already happened and which ones were yet to unfold.  That’s how “together” they feel now.

Which is the whole point of this manifesting technique – to turn those unmanifested desires into “done deal” vibrations.

Universe can’t help but prove us right when we send the signal that says “got what I wanted.”

We know not all manifesting tools work the same for everyone, so only play with this if it feels fun and light.

If you’ve got suggestions on other ways to use lists in attracting what we want, please share.  Or if you have stories from using a list like this, we’d love to hear that, too!

  • October 20, 2013

Slipstreaming in Deliberate Creation

using drafting in deliberate creationEarlier this week I was talking with Master of Creation member Anna D, who shared an impressive story about sidestepping a potentially challenging encounter that I was sure I wouldn’t have handled nearly as well.
Ditto when I spoke with Sophie (of Sophie’s Bliss), about her expert management of another vibrational challenge that I could see myself going splat with.
I knew the next time my panties were in a twist on a topic my fellow creators navigate so well, I would follow their example.  Kind of like “drafting” – I would follow their lead, getting behind someone who knew the way, to help me reduce my own resistance.
The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  Ease and flow, right?!
In trying to brush up LOA drafting, I couldn’t find anything on the subject.  (If you know of something on this topic, please share!)
Here’s what Wikipedia said about drafting in general:

Drafting or slipstreaming is where two objects align in a close group reducing the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead object’s slipstream. Especially when high speeds are involved, drafting can significantly reduce the paceline’s average energy expenditure required to maintain a certain speed and can also slightly reduce the energy expenditure of the lead vehicle or object.
Drafting is used to reduce wind resistance and is seen most commonly in bicycle, car racing, and speedskating, but also cross-country skiing, running, and swimming. 

And I may add (for fun consideration) … in deliberate creation.
I wasn’t sure what slipstream meant until I looked it up (also from Wikipedia):

To slipstream refers to the act of following closely behind another person in order to pay reduced attention to the direction, route or hazards, (e.g. while consulting a mobile phone), or in order to gain a competitive advantage or quicker journey time, (e.g. following closely behind a high speed emergency vehicle). It is particularly used in the context of walking closely behind another person to avoid bumping into objects, or other pedestrians, to avoid stepping into hazards such as puddles or dog feces, and to follow their lead on other hazards such as steps, curbs, ice, inanimate objects, warnings and stop signs.

What might that look like in application of real world manifesting?
The other day I was in a conversation where I could feel my blood pressure going up and the words in my head lining up in sharp formation, if you know what I mean.
But someone else present expressed a very different energy.  She was calm, cool, supportive.  Open and secure.  It was lovely, even if unfamiliar.
Smart girl that I am, I got behind our lovely leader and kept quiet until my energy softened, too.  I drafted off someone else’s good vibe.
At a recent in-person meeting, I noticed there were different energies flowing in the room.  I purposely sat next to the person who seemed exceptionally good at letting potential challenges roll off them like water off a duck’s back.
I’ll do my share of leading when I’m up, but if there’s a chance to improve my vibe by lining up behind someone else, I’m all for it. 
Big thanks to the many creators here in this community who give me a break from making my own rough way and let me step behind them to benefit from their positive energy.
Do you ever draft off someone else’s good vibe?

  • April 30, 2011