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Manifesting the Best for Others

Regular readers will recognize Dr. Ian from the post comments where he responds to many LOA questions. He was kind enough to give this guest post that offers an alternate perspective on co-creation.
Enjoy Dr. Ian Roebuck:
Give what you want to receive.I have over the past years of my life come to realize a very important part of manifesting my desires for what I want or need, is to manifest my desires for what other people need or want.
The old passage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” has for me taken a further turn in manifesting and conscious creation. “Prefer others above yourself.” Not to love as yourself, but prefer your neighbor’s needs above your own.
How is this possible? Many of us have discovered how to manifest a desire into reality, but what about our neighbor who is blind to this process at the moment?
I have discovered that once we get to know our neighbor we begin to realize those material things which they may desperately need. Now I am not talking about changing their life path and what they have to discover on their own, but simply helping them with the basic needs of life, which to me are warmth, shelter, a minimum amount of food and water, and health.
Do you want those things for yourself? Of course, and probably more. Then do you not want them for others?
In manifesting them for yourself, and for manifesting other things, there is this spiritual principle I believe that ups the energy of your manifestation.
It is like a transformer that steps up the amount of energy and vibration you are releasing into the universe and makes it even higher. The desire to help another (and if possible help them more than your own self) will bring an increase in your own ability to be a conscious creator.
The Source, the Universe, or whatever Higher Power(s) you may view, It certainly has shown a desire to help you, and I believe wishes you to do the same in some small way for others.
How does this work?
In short, visualize and manifest as you normally do, only visualize it for someone else.
Now the only caveat to this is do not over do it! Don’t try to make them a millionaire, or the like, but simply visualize them having the basic necessities of life itself. See them as having food, shelter, and health – beyond that they need to do their own work.

If you desire these things, and attempt to manifest them for your neighbor, your own manifesting power will be increased. It is a spiritual principle that I have found aids me in my own conscious creation for things that surround my life.

I have always found when I give that it always comes back to me in one form or another, and most often with an increase. Like any other manifesting tool, for some it will work, for others another method may be more effective at any given time.
I am interested to know if you have tried this, and what the results have been for you.
Dr. Ian RoebuckDr. Ian RoeBuck is a Level III Pure Reiki Healing Master, a Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach. His main website is ianroebuck.com.
He also offers a free report on “32 Mistakes that Limit your Power to Change your Destiny” which you can download here.

  • July 17, 2015