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Thoughts Manifesting Lickity Split!

There were a couple of points in Maureen Moss’ latest World Puja newsletter I thought worth sharing.  I’ve excerpted and highlighted my favorite parts below:

On this past solstice of June 21, 2009 a major doorway opened and supported a massive leap in consciousness to those who were prepared and aware. It is evidenced that the energy just prior to the Solstice and then fully escorted in on the 21st, is powerful, fast acting and will be staying. As a result we need to know how to play properly in it.
This energy that we are in now, ready or not, is manifesting thought into reality lickity split. Mind control is a must now. This new energy pushes us even deeper into the Mystery. Learning how to live in this new atmosphere is a top priority.
This new in-rush of energy is rapidly making a clean sweep of people, situations and ‘things’ not harmonious with this new cycle of time, while simultaneously and quickly creating magical meetings to bring people into alignment with others who they will be playing with and creating with during this next cycle of time. The serendipity is almost as staggering as the wipe-outs.
Many have shared that they feel like they are losing their memories, and indeed they are. It’s not a mind dis-ease. The memories are simply former stories written and produced by a third dimensional mind. There is no further need for them where we being moved to. They are irrelevant, thus intentionally being cast out. The trick is not trying to remember them or re-tell them. Stay in the moment. That’s where the magic happens.
And still more have shared that they sense pressure inside and around their physical bodies. It’s true. The new energy on this Planet is pushing the Soul deeper into the physical body to ordain our Divine natures. Expect more, not less of this amped up energy as you descend and ascend simultaneously.
Copyright Maureen Moss 2009.

The lickity split part I am definitely seeing – not just in myself, but with clients as well. 
Which does indeed make it feel top priority to get a good handle on where we point these powerful minds of ours, huh?
I guess that means the good news is our payoffs come faster than ever … and the even more good news (because we’re surely not looking at it any other way) is that we have great inspiration to consistently stay on top of our manifesting game!
Your thoughts?

  • June 28, 2009