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How To Have What You Want

Here’s an easy way to have what you want:

Speak it so in the form of an “I Am” declaration.

That’s all it takes to offer the vibrational instruction that changes the course of events.

It’s what I’ve been using when I notice things are not going how I prefer them to go, and thus my attention is on things not going my way, which makes me a co-creator to the very outcome I don’t want.

But by declaring, “Wait a minute. I am having what I want!” – speaking those words (even in the midst of the contrary thing) and feeling what they represent, means I am no longer a match to things going wrong.

Instead I am a match for things working out.

I’ve been playing with this little spell in a variety of ways the last couple months, and find the “bossiness” of it rather satisfying.
“I am having what I want.”

Like I’m a diva or a princess who is used to getting what she wants.

I say it when the fork is stuck in the dishwasher and I’m frustrated it won’t come out. Sigh. And then I remember my new trick: “I am having what I want.”

I feel the energy turn. Just speaking the words dials me off of angst and onto relief.

I close the dishwasher because I’m done fooling around with this frustrating thing. I’m having what I want, after all. And as I close the dishwasher door, I hear the fork clatter free.

Just like that.

I say it when I can’t find a graphic designer for the next project on my plate, and I’m feeling stymied yet again by lack of support. “Wait a minute. That’s not me. I am having what I want!”

And in that moment I feel inspiration to play with the project anyway, doing whatever parts I can do myself right now, and very soon I realize holy crap, I don’t actually need a designer for this after all. Way to save $2k and 2 weeks, girlfriend!

A friend said it when she was fed up with bad dates online, and declared she was done with this routine. Instead she is having what she wants!
When her tinder date cancelled for the night, she curled up on the couch with microwaved popcorn for a Netflix binge (she loves both those things), and took a call that night from an old friend back in town wondering if she might be interested in getting together again.

That girl is definitely having what she wants, last time I heard!

Don’t dismiss this manifesting technique because it’s so simple … all the best manifesting methods are!

If you’ve played around with this spell, or something like it, we’d love to hear how it’s working for you in the comments. 🙂

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  • February 3, 2018